Summoner of Sounds is designed to be a series of interactive community events where video game music will be celebrated by the means of craftsmanship and community interaction.

Community members with experience in music production will be dared to participate in challenges testing their ability to perform well as a versatile video game composer, while the game developers with other areas of expertise are encouraged to to analyze the challenges, and provide the composers with commentary, feedback and constructive criticism.

Table of contents:

  • 1. Event Outline

  • 2. Event Schedule

  • 3. Licensing Rights & Submission Guidelines

  • 4. RMN as a Platform. What do I have to gain?

  • 5. Post-Processing Submitted Material

  • 6. Role of the Composer - Becoming the Summoner of Sounds

  • 7. Role of Other Developers and the Audience - You are not NPCs!

  • 8. Picking Favorites!?

  • 9. RMN Music Pack 2 and Guardians of the Groove

Summoner of Sounds consists of a periodically recurring series of challenges presented to the composers to participate in and for the developers and audience to engage in throughout the year.

Participants aren't obligated to participate in every challenge, but the more challenges you participate in, the greater the reward.

Presented challenges will test the composers' abilities to perform well as versatile video game music producers in a changing environment. Each challenge will introduce a different set of rules and restrictions, and a new concept where the composers will have to find a way to express themselves in.

The challenges may restrict and determine the video game genre that will need to be composed for, the game world setting to be composed for, a specific game instance to be composed for, or a specific manner to be composed in.

While the challenges will present a number of restricted aspects, each challenge will offer choice of freedom and room to stretch around in some of them.

Summoner of Sounds will be running for several months in total and challenges will be issued roughly once every month, or on a similar pacing.

Each challenge of the series will run approximately over the course of one month and the deadline of each challenge will be stated as the challenge and its ruleset are announced.

Any work submitted to this event will be disseminated under a creative commons license as publicly usable in any way the end-user wishes as long as they attribute the work to the artist in their credits and that they also do the same themselves with any derivative work based on the artist's.

End-users of this material, and any derivative material, will not, however, be able to legally make any money from anything containing these tracks without the artists' express permission.

All works submitted to the event have to be 100% original work of the participants and must contain no copyrighted material, either compositionally or in terms of sampled sounds. Submitted works must contain no arrangements of any material of a different author, and they can not lift motifs from anywhere else, except possibly from the participant's own works.

Submissions should contain as little audio quality loss as possible, WAV file format being heavily preferred.

The RPG Maker Network offers an extensive network of gamers and game developers, both hobbyists and professionals.

This event series is designed to help the composers of the game development community come together, challenge their know-how and showcase their creative efforts, and the rest of the community to come in contact with the composers.

This event series won't have a panel of judges, and there won't be hand-picked winners. Participants are encouraged to challenge themselves and work together towards solving the presented challenges.

During the course of the event series, the composers will be creating video game music in various forms and manners, and build themselves a diverse portfolio while doing so.

The rest of the community is encouraged to provide feedback and impressions on this material and to be in touch with the composers, possibly giving them ideas, or request something specific from within the given ruleset.

RMN will bring the participants visibility, and the yields of each challenge will be shared on RMN's social media during the course of the events.

Each composer has a completely optional step to sign up for post-processing their submitted material.

In the post-process, the composer will be in touch with the event organizer who will help them personally by offering them feedback on composition and mixing details and assist them by creating alternate, OGG file format versions of their tracks with a coded-in looping point, which will enable seamless looping of their songs in the RPG Maker VX and RPG Maker VX Ace engines.

Enabling looping for the songs requires them to be composed in looped structure, with recurring sections.

Summoner of Sounds as an event series will present a series of challenges that will test your abilities as a composer to express yourself in a wide variety of restricted environments. This will help in readying you to have the tools and confidence to perform well as a composer in a wide range of video game projects.

Each challenge will introduce a different scenario where you may need to compose music for different game genre, imply a different game setting through instrumentation, cultural, and musical genre references, or approach the the task by expressing yourself with a very specific perspective in mind.

Some of these scenarios may, and most likely will, require you to research and learn new ways of designing video game music, but they will also encourage you to test yourself, and express yourself in ways that you haven't before, and you will experience the joy of discovering new sides of your creative self.

Summoner of Sounds is an event series that will be running for several consecutive months. It may sound intimidating at first, but you can decide which challenges you want to participate in. However, the more challenges you undertake, the greater the rewards.

If you want to achieve the very best yields, then the series will also test your ability to perform under pressure as you'll need to be undertaking all the challenges.

It will test your ability to practice your trade under discipline, not only when you are motivated, and it will test your adaptability at the times when you'll have to find your creative freedom and inspiration while you still have to make your visions meet with a set of pre-existing rules.

Remember, you are not alone! This is a collaboration event. You may work alone if you wish, but you are allowed, and encouraged to collaborate with other members. Do you have the same Digital Audio Workstation as the other participant? You can work together! And if you feel like discussing how to approach any of the issued challenges with the other participants, then nothing stops you.

Building an extensive network of colleagues and other practitioners of your trade will also work greatly in your favor!

Will you be able to take on the challenge? Can you become the Summoner of Sounds, or even something more?

Introduce yourself at the Composer Introductions!

Video game composers wouldn't be composing music for video games if there were no video games, and video games with no music, or audio, would offer us only an experience with half of the things to sense, than what they do with audio, so let's agree that sound design is an integral part of game design.

Video game audio does not only offer us audio clues on game mechanics, but music activates large parts of our brain on fast rate and communicates us a great variety of information, which married with the visual material will bring the gaming experience to a whole new potency.

That being said, video game directors should not underestimate the importance of solid audio design, and advanced communication with the audio designers plays a major factor at what the end product will communicate to the consumer.

Music helps to communicate ideas which aren't visually present, it may also underline and empower the visual ideas present, or it may change the way we perceive the visual clues completely when the marriage of the visuals and the sound refers to a completely new impression than what either part of the combination would carry across alone.

Video game directors need to be able to communicate their vision to the sound designers and together with them, find a way to communicate this idea to the consumers.

While the Summoner of Sounds challenges will introduce composers to predetermined rulesets, the rest of the community may still engage in the process by discussing each challenge and the methods fit to completing the challenge.

Everyone can take the role of a critic. You don't need to be educated in music theory or terminology to be able to tell whether you find a musical piece fitting for a specific game genre, instance or setting. Communication matters, even if you don’t have the most optimal tools for it.

Express yourself with your own words and impressions. A composer will be glad to hear any of it. Tell the composer what their music communicates to you: feelings, impressions, visual images or atmosphere, for example. Does their track fit the description of the given ruleset?

Everyone may also post ideas of any themes they would like to hear. If the ruleset permits, a composer may very well decide to compose your idea.

While there isn't a panel of judges, or winners for the event, everyone is still encouraged to show appreciation for entries submitted to the event.

Simple feedback and commentary alone is welcome enough, but if you really like some track, give it a star to mark it as your favorite! You can give stars for multiple tracks if you wish. Stars play a part in event visibility and achievement mechanics.

To reward composers with stars post a reply to the event explaining which track, or tracks you want to give favorites for. Attaching a star image to the post helps the process.

Image code for the star:

As of today, one of the biggest, if not the single biggest achievement of the composer community of still is the release of our RMN Music Pack!

It's a great quality pack of music that we can be proud of, and an achievement that we were able to put together with collaborative effort and all thanks to the network and community that RMN is.

Reception of the RMN Music Pack was overwhelmingly positive and it has been a good while since its release, so it is time we set our sights on the future, and to the release of its successor, the RMN Music Pack 2!

The journey for RMN Music Pack 2 begins with Summoner of Sounds.

Summoner of Sounds is designed to work as a count down and prepare us to bring RMN Music Pack 2 to a whole new level.

While Summoner of Sounds works also as the countdown for the RMN Music Pack 2, Summoner of Sounds will still be the greatest undertaking of the RMN composer community as of today and it will challenge everyone's creative abilities.

Summoner of Sounds will be creating composers a portfolio, but it will also be creating the community a whole lot of great video game music!

If you like what the composers of the community do and you want to show your support to them, you can be directly in contact with them, but if you want to show your support to the community as a whole and help us arrange events such as the RMN Music Pack, Summoner of Sounds and the RMN Music Pack 2, you can now become Guardian of The Groove and donate to the cause!

Every penny counts and the money will be used first and foremost to have artwork to go with the music and then to offer rewards for participating members. Any extra funds to the cause will be spent on future RMN Music events.

To get the Guardian of the Groove achievement you have to PM Happy after the transaction goes through, so that he knows to apply the benefits to your RMN account.

Thank you everyone! Let's do our best!

Illustrations: カラカモ @ twitter / 烏鴨 @ pixiv
Event concept design, visual design, direction and supervision: Happy @ RMN / Matias Heimlander @ tumblr


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Alrighty then, I guess now's a good time to compose a cutesy non-battle theme then?
Get it, because I made a battle theme for the first chapter? No? Ok
Devil's in the details
I just started to get into making metal again, so that’s quite a fortunate coincidence. Just wish I already had “Ministry of Rock” ;_; The introduction really got me hyped for making this piece, so I'll give it my all!

Good to hear. :D

Alrighty then, I guess now's a good time to compose a cutesy non-battle theme then?
Get it, because I made a battle theme for the first chapter? No? Ok

I didn't think your theme for the first chapter was a battle theme... so yeah. :P

Looking forward to hear your entries. :) Was anyone planning on going Nobuo-esque, or what styles were you planning on?
Just a random catgirl on the internet.
I really want to compete. I have a great musical mind. I just don't know how to make music on the computer because I suck a instruments. :( If I could make music for this event, I would want to make my battle theme like the tales series of RPGs. Their so catchy and upbeat. They really get you into the mood of beating the crap out of random monsters, so that's a plus. :P Does anyone know of a free piece of software that I can use to make music, cause I don't have a clue on were to find one.
You could try different types of software. You have the trackers, like Famitracker, but you'll be limited most of the time to retro/chiptune tracks with this kind of software. You also have digital audio workstations, like LMMS, which are far more complex, but let you do much more.

If you decide to try using LMMS, you could also need better sounds - if you want to use free stuff only, I recommend you to look for soundfonts. Soundfonts are basically libraries of sounds and instruments, ready to use into compatible software. This is an old format which has its limitations and which isn't standard anymore (I don't even know it it's been a standard someday), but this is still the most common format for free stuff.

And some extra stuff from someone at OCRemix :

You could also be interested into the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra, but I don't remember in which format it is originally.

Another thing worth looking into, when you'll be a bit more comfortable with your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) could be the use of VSTs. This is a standard of plugins that should be compatible with any decent DAW, and you can find some good free stuff as well in this format.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Surviving the Attack

Here is my first offering for this challenge.
Alrighty then, I guess now's a good time to compose a cutesy non-battle theme then?
Get it, because I made a battle theme for the first chapter? No? Ok

I didn't think your theme for the first chapter was a battle theme... so yeah. :P
Ah. Well, the more you know
My first composition for this project.
Battle Theme

This is simply a masterpiece! I wonder. Your tools - is very beautiful! Thank you for the music!
A battle theme? \o/ I just recently started making one and I've put few hours into making it and it's like 50%~75% ready. I will definitely submit here when it's finished. Battle themes are so my favourite kind of video game music...
Alright, I've submitted a couple of compositions for this chapter :)
Both repeat after 1/2, 2/3 way through to show the loop

to TigerManU's 'Almost There' - I think I would rather use it as an ending credits theme but regardless I think it keeps momentum very well and I just generally like it

Niyane your battle track sounds pretty epic and powerful, I especially love that middle section - other than that, I think the drum beat you've got going for rest of the piece is overpowering the orchestra a bit too much (but that might just be me)
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Overcoming the Demon

This style of calm, atmospheric, but building music is my favorite kind of ultimate boss music.
owned a Vita and WiiU. I know failure
I'd like to give a
to Ylmir's "Ch5_MrBadass", pLasterbrain's "Frontal Assault" and Fulminis-ictus' "Seizing_the_Feeling__Hope".
Here's my entries for this chapter.

Battlefield strategy

The first two are pretty standard battle music fare, while the last one is for a battlefield overview scene where the the player is acting as a general, so the music is slower and more tactical.
So continuing from Aim for the Stars

Chapter II Part 2

Mandolin (with fistfights) - I like it, it sounds like a pre-fight thing, or something between scenes. It's not carrying much by itself for any longer than the duration, so it'd not be wise to loop it.

March Loop - I like the general feel to it, it's a more relaxed battle tune and good for random encounters. That said, I don't really like the base melody much, so it's a lil mixed for me.

March to Death - That's a nice build-up with great tension. I feel it drags on a little bit too long and could use an earlier break. It transitions very well around 1:10 towards the end, into a more relaxed background music. I really like this!

Outerworld Battle Theme 2 - "gloom and doom" intro, sounds like a good battlefield background. Or alternatively a tense longer boss battle.
I feel the vocals are a lil weak in 1:20, it'd be a great moment to pick up more and add a lil bit more energy (especially if it may be used for a boss) Still, really nice background theme. Nice balance of not being too overbearing but still creating some tension.

Assault Action Techno War - Frankly, I am horrible with techno, and it makes it hard to comment more than "well ...". Its samey continous beat is really tiring for me to listen to (as most techno). However, it does some neat things towards the end and I think it's an alright track as a whole. I would have loved to see more such liberties a lil earlier as well.

Thundering Assault - Bells. Interesting choice for the theme and tension. It seems less like the title suggests, but more a .. calm death is approaching? Maybe. Or just something approaching. It's calm and gentle and I like that. I just find the title misplaced, haha. It'd work well as a background track, or something for transitions or pre-boss-battle.

Thunder Ride Final - It seems .. kinda dull and relaxed at first, I really like the change around 0:40 and would have liked to see it a lil sooner, to vary the flow of the song a bit more. The baseline is a little too dull for fighting, imho, so it felt like it dragged on a little bit too long.

Warzone 3 - High start, not much build-up, but some nice variations startound around 30. Really like that.
It continues more on that vein with small variations and very light added effects. This makes a great background track!

Your Mom's a Sci-fi Warrior - Love the starting melody. Light variations, feels a little dragged out around 0:50~ especially since it just was building up to something really potentially cool at 0:40, continuing that a little more, and so a break it up a bit more would make it amazing.
Still, really dig this!

Chapter III Part 1

Dark Ages

A Golden Sky at the End of the Storm

OMG so many great pieces!

Dark Ages - Calm tension, love the harp around 1:00 and the build-up. It's a slow lovely track with similarily subtle but well-done build-up. I could totally see it as a background theme, especially for diablo-esque games. Can see it super well!

Decaying Church - Chorus, ORGAN. The pause after the first organ section (which is fairly sudden and short) is odd. So are the breaks between chords seeing how organ works are played. Really .. odd. With two hands and pedals available most of it doesn't feel fluent, usually you have some sort of bridge you play with one hand or another so you have a continuous pace.
1:19~ does it really well for a bit!
The chorus section in between worked really well. I think it would work well if the organ felt more natural and continous, or if the chorus was a bigger part.

It's neat overall

A Golden Sky at the End of the Storm - That's a calm sad nice intro. I really like the pace, it's not too slow. It's melancholic .. fairly simple with a great execution. It has some slightly lighter mood building up around 1:20, too.
I like this!

Darkages into the Woods - Witch Woods-y theme. Neato. I like the very light dissonance and tension it builds. Does not feel very safe at all. Good job!

Majestic Wilderness - Sounds a lil forlorn. Harp and woodwinds, sounds like a great forest theme. The cello makes for a nice width of instrument sounds.
Really enjoy the different instruments joining and leaving, could make for some excellent cut-scene material additionally to background.

The Marketyard -
Got any Dexreth amulets?
It doesn't look like I'll be able to provide feedback on all the chapters as I had originally hope to do, but at least I've written up comments about the entirety of chapter 2 now. (My feedback on chapter 1 can be found here and here.)

Assault Action - by Giznads:
A very rhythm-heavy piece that builds up a lot of suspense and sounds appropriately modern. It can get a little repetetive, but at the same time it also does not become annoying even after looping for multiple times. This song could work very well for many scenes that include military infiltrations or similar situations. Well done!

Assaulty - by CashmereCat:
A slightly psychedelic piece with a lot of synthesiser-like sounds. Its first half unfortunately takes much too long to get started, and ends up sounding strange and confusing rather than building up suspense. The second half, however, makes great use of its unusual repertoire by supporting it with a strong beat, which results in a fantastic, energising yet unsettling track. If the entire song had been created in the style of its second half, I would certainly have starred it.

Battle for Xaetera - by fxsnowy:

A brilliant, suspenseful track that strikes a great balance between fast and action-heavy sequences and more quiet buildups. Militaric-sounding percussion and futuristic sounds contrast well with the melodies used and convey an atmosphere of real danger. Great work!

Battle Stations - by Trihan:
A more oldschool-sound piece that takes a bit too long before getting to the meat of it, but then turns into a thrilling, action-packed track very quickly. The volume in some sections or of some intruments seems a little off sometimes, but if this track were refined just a bit more, I'd certainly give it a star as well.

Call of the Chromed Commandos - by Anorax:

A very intense and somewhat experimental metal track. This song relies on its heavy beats and repeated sections a lot, but still provides enough variety to keep one's attention throughout. Some effects are a bit extreme, and I'm not a huge fan of the sirene-like wailing sound. But still, this is an exceptionally well-crafted and effective track that would fit many action-focused scenes very well.

Challenge 2 - by SignInColor:
A very rhythmic track that combines synthesiser sounds with fast piano melodies. Some sections are a little bit repetitive, but overall this is a very enjoyable and effective song whose appeal lasts for much longer than just one loop.

Challenging Fate - by Ylmir:
A very good, e-guitar-heavy track with a somewhat futuristic-sounding background rhythm. Even in the slower sections, it manages to keep suspense high throughout. A little less repetition of the melodies used would have increased the appeal of this piece, but as a whole it's still great to listen to.

Cyber Assault - by Oshmura:
An extremely experimental track that never keeps the same theme for longer than half a minute. It contains a lot of warped voice clips and longer bits of absolute silence, which serve to confuse rather than to enhance suspense, and there are some problems with the volume. I can see some promising pieces in here, and a song like this might work well in a more psychedelic setting. But as a whole, I couldn't find much of an assault-themed quality in it, but rather a track that kept trying to go everywhere and ended up going nowhere.

Die Section 187 - by clubfungus:
This track is designed to be very psychedelic and purposefully disssonant, which can work well to emphasise the surreal and stressful side of combat. Unfortunately, it take almost a minute and a half for the music to really pick up, as before there's just seemingly random sounds here and there. I found the echoing shout that is used multiple times rather irritating, and the track as a whole requires some getting used to.

Encounter - by mjshi:
A very short and rather simple combat melody that has the typical sound we've come to expect of oldschool RPG music. It has a nice theme, but it's not explored a lot, and there's just not much to this track as a whole.

Fight on the Orbit - by Shade_Hunter:
A rhythmic piece with a modern-sounding background melody combined with more classical but electronic-sounding instruments in the foreground. The assault theme isn't as recognisable in this track, but the atmosphere definitely reminds of conflict. The piano sections are very nice to listen to, but some of the other instruments have a tendency to sound a little noisy or drown out the rest. A pretty good piece overall, though.

Frontal Assault - by pLasterbrain:
A fast-paced and beat-heavy track that reminds me of SNES music a lot. Some of the instruments sound noticably louder than others to me. Also, the second half makes me think more of a racing game rather than a military assault scene. Still, I really like the idea of this unfortunately short piece and would like to see it expanded.

Interstellar Sunshine - by clubfungus:
A rather experimental, techno-style track focused on beat and rhythm. I enjoyed the approach of this track, although most of it seemed much more like dancing music than an assault-themed piece to me. Closer to the end, the voice bits became a little annoying, and there were a few parts that weren't very interesting sound-wise. But overall, I found this a neat background piece for a more modern setting.

Mandolin - by mjshi:
An extremely short martial arts-themed piece that consists mainly of percussion, a string instrument and shouts of combat in the background. It feels rather unfinished, so I don't really know what to say about it.

March Loop - by mjshi:
A rather repetitive military track with the typical RPG flair. It's very short and only uses just enough instruments to convey its atmosphere. Again, this feels more like a proof of concept rather than a full song, so there's not a lot to it. Unless it were expanded, I wouldn't know how to use this piece in any game.

March to Death - by TheRexion:
A rather simply electronic track that consists almost exclusively of a fast-paced beat. I can see this working for a short action-focused scene, but due to its shortness and relative simplicity it loses its impact rather quickly when played multiple times in a row.

Outerworld Battle Theme - by larrylpope:
A piece with a modern-sounding background melody, but a strong focus on choir vocals as a means to build up suspense. This track focuses on atmosphere rather than action, which is an interesting approach to the challenge, and it works quite well.

Techno War - by Fulminis-ictus:
A techno-style song with an extremely fast rhythm, making it quite thrilling to listen to. Parts of it can be a little repetitive, but due to its high speed, that never becomes a real problem. I really would have liked to see this track extended, because it is a lot of fun to listen to.

Thundering Assault - by BurningTyger:
This song also focuses on building up suspense rather than releasing it into action. Personally, I didn't find that the instruments used meshed particularly well, so I had a hard time enjoying this song for what it is. The gloomy and disturbing atmosphere is definitely recognisable, though.

Thunder Ride - by TungerManU:
A track with a very strong beat and a focus on slowly building up anticipation. That part works very well, and the atmosphere of approaching action is conveyed without a problem. However, the music itself is also not very varied or interesting to listen to, so that the buildup seems to take forever and the track loses its impact rather quickly. A good concept, but the execution could have been better.

Warzone - by chenbaiwan:
A rhythmic electronic piece with a distinct oriental touch. It does a good job building up suspense and clearly conveys an atmosphere of nervous anticipation. But ultimately, the fact that the track starts repeating itself and its motifs becomes a little too noticeable, which diminishes the intended effect. Still pretty well composed as a whole, though.

Your Mom's A Sci-Fi Warrior - by Giznads:
A fast track with a brilliant and exciting e-guitar rhythm and techno-style sounds accompanying it. The volume seemed to have some problems to me, as I got the impression that instruments tended to drown each other out or become difficult to hear in some sections. Still, this is another track I would really have liked to hear a more expanded version of, since it's very promising.

By the way, I noticed that the links to the individual chapters in the description of the event actually all lead to the current chapter.
Thanks for the feedback Kylaila and NeverSilent! It's always good to get some new input.

Here's my piece for this chapter: Epic
I tried to make some Epic (yep, the name of this piece is pretty creative) since I wanted to try that out and because it is pretty useful for making trailer music.
Withdrew. My tunes were suddenly all rejected. Meh.
2 New submissions for this chapter! One for bacis enemy encounters and second one for bigger and epic fighting situations.

I hope you enjoy ;)


This is my final entry for this event. I wished I had some more time to tweak it, but time is running out and furthermore the newest version of LMMS fails to export it properly... so here it is.

Battle theme: "Waves of enemy hordes"

It's in ogg format and I added the loop points so it should loop properly in RPG Maker. Who ever can count the beats on the first try gets a cookie ;)