Super RMN World 2 is a collaborative effort to make a solid Mario game in SMBX. It's the latest in the RMN Bros. series that has run on this site over the years. Unlike previous events, this project is more organized to produce a cohesive result. Even so, all users of RMN are welcome to participate! No past experience necessary! I'm your gracious host, halibabica, and I'll be overseeing the whole thing.

The Mario Bros. are on vacation with Peach in Yoshi's Archipelago, a group of exotic islands far from the Mushroom Kingdom. Of course, wherever they go, trouble quickly follows. Bowser and his Koopa army crash the party and kidnap the princess! The brothers' mission is clear, but something seems off about Bowser'whatever may be, there's work to do! Mario and Luigi hop right to it with the help of the princess' devoted bodyguard, Agent Toad!

To participate, you need only make stages in SMBX and submit them. There are some rules, though. Please read the following before diving in.

  • You need Super Mario Bros. X to make your levels.
  • You need to save your levels in this folder. Put it in SMBX's 'worlds' folder and save your levels inside. It contains resources that will be standard for the project.
  • Levels must be created for this event. Don't submit preexisting work!
  • You may use custom graphics and music, but be sure to put them in a folder with the same name as your level. This graphics pack may be useful.

Once you have the engine and the standard resources, you're ready to start! However, for your stages to be accepted, the following must be adhered to.

As this game is intended to feel like a legit Mario title, there must be some consistency in the levels. For this project, you will need:

  • 1 middle ring; the checkpoint for your stage. It's the sparkly ring in the SMW NPC tab. You can't use more than one due to engine limitations, so place it wisely!
  • 5 smiley flowers; these replace dragon coins. They're also on the SMW NPC tab and your stage needs exactly five of them. They must all be obtainable in one go through the level. The debugger can tell you how many you used. For technical reasons, they must all be on the Default layer.
  • 1 end goal roulette; this gate marks the end of the stage. It's on the SMB3 NPC tab, and jumping through it ends the level. The player automatically walks to the right and off-screen when they touch it, so every level must end going to the right.

These objects will only appear if you save your level in the Super RMN World 2 folder. Include them in your stage, and beyond that, the sky's the limit! Or is it?

This game is themed around Yoshi, and SMBX has a wide variety of them. Each island has its own theme, too. Your stages need to match the themes of the islands they're being made for. The difficulty should be relative to the island's order in the game. Each island also has its own color of Yoshi, so any you include should match, and you're encouraged to use them!

  • You may only submit one stage to each island.
  • You must be able to complete each level while riding Yoshi. This means no ladders required for progress or jumps where you must ditch Yoshi. This includes boss stages (more on this later).

WIsland NameThemesYoshi
1Green Grass Islandgrass/woodGreen
2Deathly Desert Islandsand/ghostsYellow
3Giga Growth Islandplants/giantsPink
4Molten Mine Islandcave/lavaPurple
5Slip Drip Islandwater/iceLight Blue
6Sky High Islandcliffs/cloudsDark Blue
7Pyre Fire Islandfire/wastelandRed
8Brain Drain Islandpipes/factoryBlack

About boss stages, you're allowed to make them, but their rules differ slightly. Each island can only have one boss and one mini-boss. Boss stages should end with the boss room instead of the end goal roulette. Due to post-production event handling, you don't need to include an exit; the stage will end when the fight is over. Boss stages still need to be thematically appropriate and have 1 middle ring and 5 smiley flowers. The player should be able to beat the boss while riding Yoshi. The boss stages of islands 7 and 8 are reserved for story purposes.

I know, I know, we're almost there. In addition to all of the above, please keep the following in mind:

  • Try to stick with one art style for your level. Don't mix SMB3 and SMW koopas/coins/etc.
  • Don't let mushrooms from blocks escape off nearby screen edges.
  • Since stages must end with the end goal roulette, all other exit types are banned.
  • The SMW Bowser statue and SMB3 Lakitu are banned for their quirkiness. Use the SMB3 Bowser statue and SMW Lakitu instead!
  • No swimmable waterfalls. These should be for aesthetic use only.
  • Stages must be two-player compatible. Include both player start positions and ensure the stage is passable more than once. Basically, avoid scenarios that could trap the 2nd player.
  • Prevent no-win situations. If the player isn't dead, they should still be able to complete the stage.
  • Avoid single-tile gaps. The player wall-zips if they stand up in a short passage. This can break the game sometimes, so use caution!

I know the rules are extensive, but we're aiming to make this the best episode yet. Don't fret if you can't remember it all. As you submit your stages, I'll be reviewing them and providing feedback. You will be expected to use it to make revisions. Failure to do so may result in your levels being altered post-production, or denied completely! Users are encouraged to test each other's levels. Every bit of feedback helps!

Submissions will be open for all of July. Afterward, there will be a two-week period where revisions can still be made (but no new submissions). Then the gates will shut and the rest of the game will be processed by yours truly. It will take time, but it will get done.

If you have any questions, please ask! I hope we can build a fantastic new RMN World together!


  • 07/01/2016 12:00 AM
  • 08/15/2016 11:59 PM


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Legs are a burden. Return to snek.
Grand Pyramid is pretty awesome.

Ah yes. A gimmick that I've finally not overdone. *tears of joy*
I'm a dog pirate
Grand Pyramid is pretty awesome.
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
It's a good idea to bookmark it.
Is anyone else unable to access Hali's level progress page now? I can't seem to find it anymore.
from pyrodoom
Wait, how do I submit revisions? I've got one for the sky level, but I can't find the manage or submit buttons.
You should be getting notices from the game profile, dude. I posted a blog explaining everything.

Thanks, I didn't notice before. Sorry.
Oh nice. How've you been?

Doing great! Moved out, been going to university, bought a shitty car.

Just leave out the face cam this time, or at least try to manage it differently.

Ha, I can't even find my webcam, so you're safe from that.
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from pyrodoom
Wait, how do I submit revisions? I've got one for the sky level, but I can't find the manage or submit buttons.

You should be getting notices from the game profile, dude. I posted a blog explaining everything.
Wait, how do I submit revisions? I've got one for the sky level, but I can't find the manage or submit buttons.
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
Just leave out the face cam this time, or at least try to manage it differently.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Oh nice. How've you been?
Damn, I'm a week late. I return to RMN years later, and I'm a week late.
Haha, I'll definitely do a Let's Play though; looking forward to this game's completion.

Edit: Ah, man, half the gang is still here too. That's actually re-assuring.
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Well, maybe you can cash in a review on the finished game instead. :3
Seriously? I spent weeks tweaking my shit. I made the most amazing level but I guess I can't submit it now!
I made nothing
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Sorry, but no. That's the whole purpose of the deadline.
I know it's past the deadline, but are you still accepting submissions?
Heres a better revised copy of Autumn Lake.
I believe 5 dragon coins = 5 flowers.
@ Animebryan

Thanks for your play through of my level. I didn't actually know that those NPCs were forbidden. I was away for awhile, but I'm working in your suggestions as we speak.

EDIT: I have no issue with the MP3 not playing, it works fine on my end. Normally I agree on using better power-ups, but I did this on purpose. I didn't want the player to have an easy ride. Like I stated before. I want player skill to be the main reason you win.

EDIT 2: Here's a link for the updated version of Frostbite Island in responce to the test play by Animebryan Below are the list of changes made.

1) Added wall at the start for the mushroom to bounce off of.
2) Moved the 2nd mushroom from the start to about the middle of the level.
3) Moved the check point up so you can't accidentally run into it if your goal is to get all the flower coins.
4) Raised the wall 1 tile higher in the first cave map.
5) Replaced the SMB3 Lakitu with the standard SMW version.
6) Removed two of the 1-ups and changed the 3-up moon to a regular 1-up.
7) Added some more coins here and there.

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from Animebryan
So, I have an updated version of Naval Piranha's Bog with improvements to the boss battle & no way to upload it. So Hali, how do we do this?

This operation has moved to the game page, Bryan. You should be getting notices from it!
More video feedback:

Frostbite Island (W5) by Jparker1984:

Trails in the Sky (W6) by Solitayre:

Cumulus Crest Nimbus (W6) by Illy:

@Seiromem: You need to label your levels if they're incomplete! I just downloaded your W4, W6 & W9 levels to do Let's Tests only to find that none of them are even complete! How can I tell which ones to test if you don't label the incomplete ones?!

So, I have an updated version of Naval Piranha's Bog with improvements to the boss battle & no way to upload it. So Hali, how do we do this?
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
It's not worth fretting over. The bug is harmless and uncommon. Don't let it hold you back.