Time for a bit of randomness! Everyone has one week to make a short game using a randomly given theme from THIS POST!

SIGNUPS ARE CLOSED AS OF 7/13 3PM CST! Good luck with your themes!

Sign up for the event. One person only!
You'll receive a randomly assigned theme from a list to build your game with.
Go nuts! There's no rules here, use rips, custom, whatever! Use whatever engine you're most comfortable with! (Creating custom assets before the event starts is perfectly fine, just don't start sticking things in your engine til go time.)
New games only! Event doesn't start for roughly a week, so take that time to sign up, get a theme, and gather your resources and ideas!
People who submit a finished game will receive a sweet makerscore award!
Submit your finished game to the event page before the cutoff date!

Ocean - Armageddon
kentona - Cattle
Archeia_Nessiah - Ethereal
Liberty - Kitchen
Sam - Royal
Caz - Yak
Fomar0153 - Metamorphosis
bulmabriefs144 - Irritation
Dyluck - Elegy
Healy - Ninjutsu
LockeZ - Fire
Rhyme - Antipathy
Marrend - Equilibrium
anyon175 - Infected
Bart_Sol - Mastication
Rose_Guardian - Piano
Eurritimia - Soap
Seiromem - Rainbow
Aegix_Drakan - Reciprocation
Isrieri - Fart
Bobhostern - Instinct
Sgt M - Band
markofthewind28 - Excuses
mjshi - Beginner
Jalex - Lantern
coelocanth - Slime
KatanaHiroshi - Pilfer
Sidewinder - Intergalactic
CashmereCat - Entrepreneur
pianotm - Chainsaw
Lutra - Postbellum
Cap_H - Surfing
zDS - Winter
ESBY - Trousers
Dragnfly - Banana
GreisDomain - Romance
Frogge - Zombie
Zero3D - Crowbar
Mirak - Stone
Miremira - Inflate
ethanz - Pizza
NoBody13 - Believe
BerryRMN - Youths
Make_it_MagiK - Ambulatory
Gredge109 - Running
meteomage - Pestilence
Kloe - Diablo
Starmage - Passion
bicfarmer - Masquerade
OzzyTheOne - Worried
OldPat - Yourself
Soulrain - Transcendent
1550 - Flood
Delsin7 - Umbra
tale - Aurora Borealis
mirin - Mount
Deaflopist - Dimension
Xurzerth - Vandalism
MsterLouie - Utopia
Frosty-Games - Rage
StormCrow - Abomination
PikaKetchup - Linguistics
kefkafeine - Oblivious
rileyredstache - Frustration


  • 07/06/2018 12:00 AM
  • 07/22/2018 11:59 PM



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I know most talented people of this site could do wonders with the word given to me but i could only think of one simple concept. I hope it's worthwhile, i don't have much time to think things through

Some ideas to see if they help. Stone could be a mountain, sure, but it could also be a stone-built castle or prison. It could be a mystical object like the Infinity Stones. It could be someone's name. You could go with phrases like "Getting blood from a stone" meaning a difficult task.

I'm sure whatever you come up with will be great :D
Small progress...

That is...really creepy to watch. But kind of hypnotic. But mostly creepy.

@Marrend: Crow Storm is a really cool card. What set does that wrench symbol belong to? Is it real or "fake"?

I put in at least nine hours of solid work on my Abomination game yesterday, I like literally couldn't stop. Obviously it's going to be a horror game (that word does not have a lot of room for interpretation) and I used to (try to) make a horror games a lot back in the day, so I got to crack open my old reserves of creepy music and spooky sounds and playing with fog and lighting effects and all that stuff. It's been a long time and it's fun to dip a toe back into the scare-scare stuff.

(I'm really glad I didn't get Fart. Also if I had gotten Excuses I would have felt almost obligated NOT to turn in a game, and to make excuses instead, because I mean come on.)
I'm really upset I didn't get Fart but pretty happy I got Yak.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
@Marrend: Crow Storm is a really cool card. What set does that wrench symbol belong to? Is it real or "fake"?

That is the Unstable set.
Making pretty good progress so far. The romance probably isn't as prominent as it should be (there is a love story, but it's more of a fantasy dungeon crawler starring a gallant knight), but it's there to some extent.
Jack of Most Trades
I got the theme "Beginner". Pretty easy theme, I think. I mean, when do you ever not start as one? xD
I'm done with the one map that I need, though. This should work out just fine.

Ugh...Progress is slow on my end. Trying to set up 8-10 different Counterattack skills is bugging me. :s

I honestly don't know if I'll have something that even remotely worth uploading by the time the event is over.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Finding an equilibrium (hur hur) to work on my theme-game, plus the other stuffs I want to do (real-life related, or otherwise), is awkwardly ironic. I'm pretty sure I can still make the deadline, though. The event lasts about ten days, and we're only into the fourth (or so).
Alright, I think I have an idea that is at least tangentially related to my theme (Cattle). I am going to revive an old project idea of mine. Shouldn't be too much work, since I had made a prototype.
So... how do we go about submitting our game?

EDIT: NEVERMIND... it's right at the top.

I'm pretty much done.., rushed through but will test and polish a bit before submitting if I have time
Guardian of the Description Thread
If you have time? We still got, like, six days.
I better get started then
The TM is for Totally Magical.
6 days? I'm working on the final cutscene, now. Wow, I'm really phoning this one in.
It is super unlikely I will have my game finished by the deadline. My idea got way too ambitious on me. I blame it on getting such a cool word. Still, I got like nothing but free time so I'll go for it.

Anyway, just came here to say that my word might as well have been armoire or escritoire. I have written those words so many times that they have lost all meaning.

gj whoever made the background an actual roulette
gj whoever made the background an actual roulette

Update: I decided to make a 3d game. It will very likely result in no game at all. It's about you taking a drive to beach and chatting about life and stuff and drinking wine with other surfers. You want it to last but you also want to be in ocean, feeling water on your skin.
Things to do: 1) select an easy to use 3d engine, which already has some assets, 2) figure it out and make a game, 3)call a friend of mine to record some stuff or find some forgotten music to use, 4)Ask Ocean something, 5) Make resources for another project.

You know I end up skipping first 3 steps, but I promise I'll makes some concept art at least.
I'm making some progress with my game. Frustratingly, I couldn;t get the top down shooting working the way I wanted it. I tried Galv's projectiles and encountered problem after problem, was baffled by QABS, and even tried replicating the evented system I used in Fenrir: First Operation, a 2k3 game I made years ago, but again hit road blocks.

I figured instead of butting my head against a wall fighting to craft this system, I'd fall back on the standard battle systems and such to make sure I have a game ready for the deadline.

The TM is for Totally Magical.
It's done and submitted. I think I might actually make a gamepage for it. I'm not really big on horror/slasher/parody, but it has a sci-fi element, and the game, from my narrow, uninformed perspective is pretty okay-ish.
gotta get that makerscore. do it.