Time for a bit of randomness! Everyone has one week to make a short game using a randomly given theme from THIS POST!

SIGNUPS ARE CLOSED AS OF 7/13 3PM CST! Good luck with your themes!

Sign up for the event. One person only!
You'll receive a randomly assigned theme from a list to build your game with.
Go nuts! There's no rules here, use rips, custom, whatever! Use whatever engine you're most comfortable with! (Creating custom assets before the event starts is perfectly fine, just don't start sticking things in your engine til go time.)
New games only! Event doesn't start for roughly a week, so take that time to sign up, get a theme, and gather your resources and ideas!
People who submit a finished game will receive a sweet makerscore award!
Submit your finished game to the event page before the cutoff date!

Ocean - Armageddon
kentona - Cattle
Archeia_Nessiah - Ethereal
Liberty - Kitchen
Sam - Royal
Caz - Yak
Fomar0153 - Metamorphosis
bulmabriefs144 - Irritation
Dyluck - Elegy
Healy - Ninjutsu
LockeZ - Fire
Rhyme - Antipathy
Marrend - Equilibrium
anyon175 - Infected
Bart_Sol - Mastication
Rose_Guardian - Piano
Eurritimia - Soap
Seiromem - Rainbow
Aegix_Drakan - Reciprocation
Isrieri - Fart
Bobhostern - Instinct
Sgt M - Band
markofthewind28 - Excuses
mjshi - Beginner
Jalex - Lantern
coelocanth - Slime
KatanaHiroshi - Pilfer
Sidewinder - Intergalactic
CashmereCat - Entrepreneur
pianotm - Chainsaw
Lutra - Postbellum
Cap_H - Surfing
zDS - Winter
ESBY - Trousers
Dragnfly - Banana
GreisDomain - Romance
Frogge - Zombie
Zero3D - Crowbar
Mirak - Stone
Miremira - Inflate
ethanz - Pizza
NoBody13 - Believe
BerryRMN - Youths
Make_it_MagiK - Ambulatory
Gredge109 - Running
meteomage - Pestilence
Kloe - Diablo
Starmage - Passion
bicfarmer - Masquerade
OzzyTheOne - Worried
OldPat - Yourself
Soulrain - Transcendent
1550 - Flood
Delsin7 - Umbra
tale - Aurora Borealis
mirin - Mount
Deaflopist - Dimension
Xurzerth - Vandalism
MsterLouie - Utopia
Frosty-Games - Rage
StormCrow - Abomination
PikaKetchup - Linguistics
kefkafeine - Oblivious
rileyredstache - Frustration


  • 07/06/2018 12:00 AM
  • 07/22/2018 11:59 PM



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6 days... Well I have a title screen and 5 sprites done so far.

Good bye:
  • Ok mapping
  • Plot
  • Nearly everything else.
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Oh boy, I have done so little until now. Tomorrow I will have to start working hard on this. Worried, worried, worried...
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Honestly i'm excite for piano's game.
I wish i could play it now but too busy trying to make sense of what i'm doing with my own thing.
"My father told me this would happen."
Do any of you guys know off the top of your head what the correct spritemap dimensions are for a sprite that's riding something?

Because I've not found much success at the trial and error game.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
You can choose any kind of size that you prefer as long as it's a multiple of 2. The only thing you'd have to make sure of is that every sprite is centered and properly placed on it's cell.

...Unless I'm missing something.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Put a $ at the beginning of the file name. Then forget about the proper dimensions for a rider as long as they're equal.
9 endings written, still need to polish some things but have a playable game :)

One issue I need to figure out or find an MV plugin for, is to clean up summoned party members at the end of battle.
Related: trigger something to happen during battle when only summoned party members are left alive, which could be done with a battle event page copied to every troop, if there's not a better way.
Guardian of the Description Thread
@coelocanth: Well, SuikoProject may be a VX Ace game, but, I use...

$temp_party = $game_party.clone
$temp_party_array = $game_party.battle_members_array.clone

...this code to "memorize" the party composition. I'm not sure what the MV equivalent is, but, you could probably use something similar to "memorize" the party composition before battle. Those variables could also be used to reconstruct the party afterwards. I do it with a while loop, but, that's just me.

In other news, I think I'm pretty much set with my entry. It's probably okay-ish? I just need an ending cut-scene. Probably not gonna bother with ending credits.
Thanks - I found Yanfly has made "utility common events" which usefully lets you run a common event whenever a player wins a battle.

So at least in this game I can just unsummon the summonable members that way.

save/restore would definitely help for a game where the summon replaces your party instead of adding to it.
"mirin - Mount"

This could go so many ways. Hopefully... FOR PEACE!

*runs away giddy*
Well I got a title screen done...

But I failed to realize that 10-11 hour work days all week would greatly impact my free time so suffice to say I don't think I'll be finishing D:
Ohhh good lord, I had read the dates wrong and thought that the event ends on the 12th!! I was panicking so hard today, and I was gonna sacrifice sleep to get this game done but now I can sleep because I have three more days instead of just a few hours ;0; sobs, this is such a relief omg, I can't believe I misread the date rip
"My father told me this would happen."
You can choose any kind of size that you prefer as long as it's a multiple of 2.

Oh. I didn't know '$' worked like that. That was easy!

I'm going to work hard to get this out.

I will bring into the world a Fart that must be seen to be believed.
Yay!! Just got done making my "Passion" Project! ^_^ This event is so much fun! :) Thank you for this! ^_^ :)

I already submitted my game file in the event page. :) But you may also see my page for more details about the game. ^_^

I'll be making an RMN page, too. :)
Heads up!

I've gotten a lot of requests for a deadline extension, and after consulting with the big woman in charge, there isn't anything big planned til August. As a result, I am extending the deadline for event submission to the end of Sunday, the 21st.


There IS a CUTOFF date for SIGN UPS. and it is THIS FRIDAY, at 3pm CST. Google your time zone reference and don't be late if you want to get a theme and get in on this event. After this time, I won't be handing out any more themes!
Illy means Midnight of Sunday the 22nd that the event ends.
Guardian of the Description Thread
That awkward moment when one realizes that one forgot to remove the "RTP=" line from the INI file when one has used Tsukihime's Resource-Checker.

Well, as long as I had to re-upload, I figured I might as well remove some of the animations I wasn't using.

*Edit: Another week, eh? I dunno.
Another week, great for me. It's the end of the school year and I've been really busy and am the whole of next week as well. I might actually manage to finish something now, thank you whoever extended it.
I was only ever expecting to put in a days worth of effort anyway
I was only ever expecting to put in a days worth of effort anyway

Me too. Which probably won't even be that much. Am I too late, btw?