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Your mom is a hero
Guys who make video game music! You guys seem to talk about all these great composers who make awesome music for the games you like.

..:: Top 10 List of Video Game Composers ::..

3. The guy who did Chrono Trigger's score
2. The guy who did FFVI's score
1. Frank Klepacki: Command & Conquer 95 and C&C: Red ALert

Yeah, I don't know any names of video game composers, and don't follow it too closely - sorry!


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Hey, you've got more than me. I just have one.

1. Hitoshi Sakimoto, best known for his music in FFXII plus Odin Sphere.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
--Brandon Abley
--Phil Hamilton
--Whoever did FFVI's soundtrack
--Whoever did Tales of Legendia's soundtrack

I never really pay attention to specific composers in many video games, but it is nice to hear good music!
1.) Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy, Chronno Trigger, Blue Dragon)
2.) Yoko Shinomura (Legend of Mana, Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario RPG)
3.) K?ji Kond? (Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox)
4.) Dave Wise (Donkey Kong Country Series)
5.) Makoto Tomozawa (Megaman X Series)
6.) Jun Ishikawa (Sonic the Hedgehog Series)
7.) Hirokazu Ando (Kirby, Super Smash Brothers)
8.) Ryuichi Takada (Soul Calibur II, III)
9.) Kenji Yamamoto (Metroid Series)
10.) Cris Valesco (God of War)

Note that I just looked half of these people up as I made this. =[
I only know 4. :-X

Koji Kondo
Yasanori Mitsuda
Nubuo Uematsu
Yoko Shinomura
Keiki Kobayashi
Tsuyoshi Sekito
Michiko Naruke
Masato Kouda
Robert Holmes
Tenpai Sato
Yoko Shimomura
Aubrey Hodges
Noriyasu Agematsu
Rei Kondoh
Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Masami Ueda

... Uh, pretend that's ten. Or that I'm making up for some others who are lacking. Or something (and I took some out too :( )
Kenji Ito-SaGa series
Masashi Hamauzu-SaGa Frontier 2, Final Fantasy X
Richard Jacques-Sonic 3D Blast
Yasunori Mitsuda-Xenogears, Chrono Series
Masato Nakamura-Sonic Series
Tim Follin-Absolutely badass composer who composed a lot of shit
Nobuo Uematsu-Final Fantasy
Jun Ishikawa-Sonic the Hedgehog Series

Off the top of my head.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
author=brandonabley link=topic=1166.msg17541#msg17541 date=1211566875
I hate video game music.

These are the only three I listen to off game!
-Super Metroid
-Dragon Quest VIII
-Earthbound and Mother 3
It's like toothpicks against a tank
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author=brandonabley link=topic=1166.msg17541#msg17541 date=1211566875
I hate video game music.


Actually he does. He's into really weird shit.

I however, am a complete sell out. I love commercialized music!!
1. Yasunori Mitsuda

The guy who composed the Donkey Kong music is also pretty good. So are the people who composed for Super Mario Galaxy.
Video Game music is alright. A bit limited. I'm more into jazz. The real kind. Not people that say "Oh I'm writing 'jazzy' music" They usually have no fucking clue what they are doing (SEE: CHANNEL CHANGER)

I like the Donkey Kong Country music though. And Earthbound. Final Fantasy has some cool tunez.
Michiko Naruke - Wild Arms series
Yasunori Mitsuda - Gamez
Ken Nakagawa - Atelier Iris

Then there's a bunch more like the Soul Calibur composer and some I can't even remember right now.
Now with context! (sort of, I'm only going to list one game for sanity purposes)

author=GreatRedSpirit link=topic=1166.msg17491#msg17491 date=1211526084
Keiki Kobayashi - Ace Combat 5
Tsuyoshi Sekito - Brave Fencer Musashi
Michiko Naruke - Wild ARMs 3
Masato Kouda - Wild ARMs 5
Robert Holmes - Gabriel Knight
Tenpai Sato - Disgaea
Yoko Shimomura - Heroes of Mana
Aubrey Hodges - Quest for Glory 4
Noriyasu Agematsu - Wild ARMs 5
Rei Kondoh - Okami
Hiroshi Yamaguchi - Okami
Masami Ueda - Okami
Motoi Sakuraba - Valkyrie Profile
The composers for:
Suikoden 1, 2, 3, 5
Chrono Cross
Wild ARMs opening theme <3

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