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Hey guys, Seita here!

I'm not new to the rpg maker scene, having played around with the 2k and 2k3 series as a kid, and completing one chapter of a game with RMXP named "Ballad of the Wind" between high school and college. After a five year hiatus, I'm finally back with VX Ace, and well on my way to a fully realized game with "You Are Not The Hero!"

I've frequented RMW since the beginning of 2013, and I finally burst my way into the scene here at RMN through the RSW event. Hope to get some great feedback and to give some here as well!
Well, allow lil ol me to welcome you to RMN. Just food for thought though, I wouldn't call RMN itself a scene really, but rather, its more like a part of the RPGmaker scene, if that could even be called a scene. Well, enough of this nonsense from me; enjoy your stay.
oh, come on now. let's make a scene!
scene kids are the worst. like mawk. he is the worst.

Welcome to RMN! Enjoy your stay!

Welcome, partner. Finish that awesome looking game of yours and you'll always be a "F'in hero" in my books. Welcome aboard.
I've only read what, maybe 10 topics on the forum so far Kentona, and I see what you're saying. Thanks for the warm welcomes, I'll keep up the work Addit~
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