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Strange. It seems that one gets more hits on the forum, as compared to the blogs that show up at the top.

I'm in desperate need of a battleback in the style of RTP; more importantly, one that is sort of like a palm forest. Really bad description, I know, but think of something along the lines of fitting the Palm Tree tile in RTP. I searched for a good hour without results.

As for the Voice Acting: I'm teetering on the edge of whether or not to have voice acting in my game. What's holding me back, I suppose, is the fact that I don't really have anyone reliable to hope to voice sections of it. So, hidden away in the spoilers are four samples. Around 6 lines each, one for Kenshi, Muzai, Yohei, and Shinoken. What I'd like to receive from this are samples of dialogue performed by anyone who thinks they have the chops for the lines hidden away. Each spoiler gives a very minute description of what I'm looking for towards the character's voice, and each line has some brief instructions about the tone.

Should I like what I hear, I'll most DEFINITELY get back to you. Of course, that's given I actually get people trying out the roles ;D

Young Male. Sarcastic and Spirited.Slight Arabian accent.
(Accusatory Tone)"Trying to celebrate my late sister's birthday; share some of my precious rice to honor her name, and end up getting kidnapped as a result."
"She would've turned 13 just yesterday, when your father's group kidnapped me..."
(Wistfully happy, with a grave tone.)"Yohei was right. You really could feel that smile in death. Guess I already fulfilled that wish old man."
(Spirited, angry. Stalwart in his conviction.)"I promised myself that I wouldn't let a smile that made the sun seem as if it barely shined at all fade away!"
(Same as above. Empahsis on will and never.)"I will ensure that Shometsu never comes to Fruition!"
(Just used all of his energy in yelling.Resigned but angry.)"Tch. I'm going to the manor, Muzai. I'll meet you outside."

Young Female. Blunt, Spirited. Think any anime heroine that has no tits; with a slightly deeper voice, (Come on, women do not sound 10 years old.)
(Blunt, apathetic.)"We're probably going to have to deal with each other for a while, so it makes sense."
(Apathetic, but slightly mocking at "Rice Guardian")"I'm assuming your apparent obsession with rice explains your nickname, Rice Guardian?"
(Blunt. Wistful when at family part. Very slow, methodical and shady at "Only Child.")"The name's Muzai. Muzai Utsukushisa. 19. Single. My last family member just died in there. Only...Child..."
(Lovey-Dovey Question!)"Hey, promise me something, would you?"
(Serious. Blunt.)"Promise me you'll never leave me."
(Childishly, like a child thinking out loud that he hopes he won't get caught.)"I hope he didn't see me sleeping in his bed though..."

This is just one long piece of text with a voiceover.
Older Male. Confident, Regal. Think Older Japanese Samurai with a remarkable sense of honor. No japanese accent though.
"To Muzai and Kenshi,

I had a dream last night. I dreamt of
Chastitas. I dreamt that this land, ravaged by
war, disease, and famine, was free. I saw a
young girl named Ureshii; She told me
about you Kenshi. About everything. She told
me that you would be able to change the fate
of this world. I would wish never to see the
images she showed me that night again.
I don't want to see this world in chaos. I don't
want to see it destroyed. Muzai doesn't deserve
to see this world in such a state.
Ureshii showed me something
though. Something that could melt even the iciest
of hearts. She showed me Muzai smiling. I
haven't seen her smile since her mother died,
and I might never see it again. Kenshi, take
care of Muzai for me. I'll be able to feel
her smile on the other side. Ureshii told me
that everything was going to be okay.

Go on you two. Kenshi, Muzai, take
on this big, bad world. Do me a favor, and save it.

I know I've done bad things in the
past. What can I say? I'm the leader of a
bandit clan. The gods weigh heavily on my
fate strings. I trust that you can clear the
strings of those unable to.

Good Luck, and Fight On,
Yohei, The Black Dragon"

Old Fellow. Not a particularly deep voice, think the Japanese actor for Abel Nightroad in Trinity Blood. Real lofty and carefree, with the ability to turn serious on a dime.
(Think your average stoner.)"I'll give ya some of the fish man! It's a really rare fish that sells well. Plus, I heard you can smoke the scales and they give this super-high!"
(Blunt Rage. Emphasis pauses at periods.)"The Gleam Eyes is ruthless and emotionless. He. Will. Kill. You. Both of you."
(Blunt and serious.)"I am not assisting you in a suicide mission. That is final."
(Spirited, almost like a rousing speech to troops.)"No matter what you witness...No matter the decisions you make and no matter their consequences...No matter what happens! No matter the outcome! No matter the conflict!Gods Damn it all, you promise me that what is done by you to prevent Shometsu is only done for the sake of the people you care about!"
I've recently decided these forums would be a good place to start finding voice work that could get my name out there. I wouldn't mind giving it a go. I'm 37/m, deep voiced, good for doing older characters, "badass" types or villains I would guess.

want me to try one?
I just want to point out that this is how you properly ask for voice actors.
I've recently decided these forums would be a good place to start finding voice work that could get my name out there. I wouldn't mind giving it a go. I'm 37/m, deep voiced, good for doing older characters, "badass" types or villains I would guess.

want me to try one?

Dude, that's the whole point! Give The Yohei and Shinoken spoilers a go, they're the bottom two. PM me the voice clips if you get a chance. I'm thoroughly looking forward for this kind of thing to go through.

Have fun!
I'd love to try this, but could you tell me how I get my voice onto the computer? I have a mic, but no idea what the program is called that records your voice is on the computer if there is one. I've done some acting in real life, but never voice overs, so I am excited to try this.
You can use a free program called Audacity to easily record and edit your voice samples. There are even tutorials out there to help you understand how to use every special effect.
Would you be open to a few changes in the scripts? I think I might be able to retain the impact of the monologue while making it more lean.
Would you be open to a few changes in the scripts? I think I might be able to retain the impact of the monologue while making it more lean.

Sorry about the long response time. Sure go ahead. The entire thing is still in progress, and although I pride myself in my writing, my monologues were never exactly...up to par.

In other words, I'm completely open to changes.
Hey, hey all prospective Voice Actors, I'm still looking for people to fill in all of the voice acting roles listed above. I at least want to hear these lines put down before I decide whether or not to have voice acting!

Remember, I more than open to script changes and the like, the lines above are samples from the currently written and dialogue, and I'd be more than happy to involve the actors in writing the dialogue, given you actually pop up and try!
I'll send you my audiiton for Muzai.
That was a rather enjoyable performance, Trina! I couldn't stop laughing at how cheesy my dialogue was. Shows that I still have along way to go eh?

I like how your voice melds with the personality I envisioned the character to have. My complaints, however, lie both in my rather amateur dialogue, and the overdrama on the 4th and 5th lines. It sounds solid, but those two lines are supposed to be a bit more serious.

Maybe I'm being rash, but your voice fits Muzai well. In the event I get more potential actors, I'd love to have you on board! Given that, this is a sizable game I intend on making. There will be quite a bit of dialogue. Keep it in mind.

Well, I wish you luck, and I hope you do the same for me. Time will tell how this plays out.

PS- For Reference, Muzai Utsukushisa Is pronounced (Moozeye Ootskuhshisa)

Edit: Took a look at your demo reel. Not bad. Not bad at all.
Well, a friend of mine on Steam was interested in the project, and I told him how I was looking for voice actors: Here's a link to the .ogg of his tryout for Sascha, a supporting character in the first saga.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
I'll check this out... As for an Arabian Accent... *goes to look up information and tutorials*
Well, I've pretty much decided I want voice acting, but the problem is whether or not people are going to fill in the roles. I'm going to update the first post with additional roles That I'll need if voice acting is going to go into the game, however.

Tryout people! It can't hurt :D
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