There are a few articles dealing with reviews. I'll send you one or two. I could look over it and give some critique and ideas if you'd like (via pm, of course).
The second one has some more links to the basics of basics.

It's a little bit like writing an essay.
Sum up what it is, what it's trying to do and whether it succeeds.
Then go into why it succeeds or not and where. What was good, what was bad? What did you like/dislike? Try giving examples. If you have suggestions how something could be done better, note it as well.
And then summarize what you've written above and say whether you liked the game or not, whether you recommend it or not and/or some additional thoughts.

It shouldn't be one block of text and it shouldn't be full of typos, of course.
Screens can help, dividing reviews into sections such as "gameplay" can help, too. But no need to if it doesn't help you. It's most useful for longer reviews, though.
It's a little bit odd that I didn't check anything beforehand and mine have been doing perfectly fine..
Thanks Kylaila!

I'll surely study up on this. Though I won't be doing it as exclusively as you guys, I might pass in a few every now and then after I learn to do it properly. I'm just trying to help the people in this site out, after noticing the heap-load of unrated (but really deserving) games. Surely an extra hand will be appreciated, right?

RMN take this as my thanks, for your restoring my faith in humanity :)
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Thanks nhubi I accidentally found my way to the website for the games.

OMG, I downloaded about 12 games and I'm only on page 22 of at least 55 pages and there are approx. 10 games per page.

How on earth is anyone supposed to play all those games, review or even vote for those they liked in such a short time frame :( Gotta keep downloading I guess:)
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Yeah there are over 700 games in total, it's just some of them are hidden so only the judges can see them, generally for people who are making commercial games who want to possibly win, but don't want to make the download available without charging people.

The judges have a much smaller percentage than that to go through, as after disqualification the number of non-rpg games was 120 and RPG was 150, and the judges are split, they either review a RPG or non, they don't do both. Still at an average of an hour a game, that's weeks of solid work.

Personally I think I've played about 45 since the last week of June when some of the early entries were submitted, but I don't review them all, obviously, I just played them because they look fun (sometimes I was very wrong about that).
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Yours was one of the 45, but since it took me about 12 minutes to play and less to review it wasn't a large chunk of time. The 1 hour thing was always a guideline, quite a lot of the ones I've played come in around 45 minutes.

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I've almost started D is for Dungeon! (meaning I've downloaded it. next step is installing. I should have that done by Monday)
Because my rule is that I don't review anything until I finish it, with the exception of games that may be unfinishable due to some bug or errors of some sort (and even then I'd rather tell the dev first about it in the comments before going on, unless they just up and abandoned it completely, while still filing it under "Completed").

Aaaaaaaand my most recent review (still pending) just broke this very rule already. I give my reasons. And I renege on giving it a score, something I wouldn't normally do, but, I don't feel I can score something I haven't completed, even if I can accurately summarize the entire experience of the game without having to finish it.
Hey, quick question: in order to get one of the achievement badges for this or to be entered into the raffle, does it have to be a review from one of the games that were done for the Indie Game Maker Contest or can it be anything that you want to review? I’m currently in the middle of completing and reviewing Romancing Walker (again) but I plan to review *crosses fingers* three straight games in a row that were released for the contest. I mean, I’m still going to review Romancing Walker anyways for my 30th classic RM game review, even if I don’t get an achievement or an entry for it, but I thought I would at least ask about it.
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Nope, for anything, I think a lot of us are looking at the contest ones because it's still possible to vote for the people's choice and you can't vote if you haven't played. It's the two birds philosophy.

RW, huh, that timed getting out of the collapsing tower always had me fumbling.
As you might know, for the first two weeks I've put up one entry while those like noobi and kylaila have... a lot more. Well... shazam! I got two entries for this week! I'm aiming big this week guys! Better look out! I have more chance than all of you!!! Might as well name me a winner now!


Got any Dexreth amulets?
At least your chance of winning will be twice as high as mine, outcry. Just why does it always take me hours to write a single review...?
It took me about 4 hours straight to write my last review. I don't think I can pull off 2 reviews again in a week after this one, hah.
Including playing the game?
Including playing the game?

oh, no. That took a couple hours as well :P
For a game with 3 hours of playtime, I think it takes me like 5 hours to play the game (due to note-taking) and another hour to write the review.

As such, I'm kind of awed silent by people that can put out so many reviews in such a short period. I did a double-take during zoviet_francis' spree a while ago.
It takes me so long to write a review most likely because of distractions. My thoughts are all over the place, I get restless. It's unfortunate.

*shrugs* ah well, I've got lots to do and no time to do it! Always busy it seems.

I applaud those who can get all those reviews out so quickly, and even more so, have them be quality reviews at the same time!
Glad I'm not the only slowbie when it comes to review writing. I would feel some serious review-envy if everybody was spinning them off like nhubi does >:(