Someday I'll get around to fixing up my Null Regrets review. God knows it needs it. Someday...

Pending reviews:
After Man
One Night 2: The Beyond

First and last game I'd give a solid 3. Ib gets a 4. I played them a long while back though so I'd need a refresher to be able to write proper reviews of them.

Other RPG Maker/Wolf RPG Editor games I've played not featured on this site (I tend toward horror/adventure titles as you'll see) and my star ratings next to them:

.flow ***

Ao Oni ***

Corpse Party Rebuilt ***

The Crooked Man ****1/2 (easily my favorite of the bunch so far)

The Desolate Hospital **1/2

Hello? Hell...o? **1/2

Killer Bear **1/2


Mad Father ***1/2

Mermaid Swamp ***

Misao ***1/2 (I can't be the only one who originally thought the Misao Awards were named after this game)

Palette ***

Paranormal Syndrome ***1/2

Re:Kinder ***1/2

The Sandman ***1/2

Substitute Sacrifice Girl ***

The Witch's House ***1/2

Yume Nikki ****

My personal rating scale follows as such:

***** - superlative
**** - great
*** - good
** - mediocre
* - bad

And everything in between!

I would consider myself harsh with my ratings but gentle with my written assessments, if nitpicky at times.

Hope to make a game someday, RPG Maker or otherwise. My first introduction to RPG Maker was its release on the PlayStation. I LOVED the idea behind it and was so excited to get it and finally fulfill my dream of being an upstart game designer! Well, that didn't quite pan out like I had hoped. I was more confused by it than anything, and actually still am confused by game design software TODAY, so you can only imagine how befuddled I was back when I was like 12 or 13 at the time. Another thing I do remember that was interesting was when EGM magazine at the time held a contest for people to send in RPG creations of their own made on this version of RPG Maker with the top three picks getting reviews in the magazine and the #1 pick getting prizes or something.