Eyy... Cut me some slack >.<
Now that's what I call jam'd!

Also nhubi, props for sharing the same review count!

vacation?.. school is coming up
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I know, we couldn't have done it better if we'd planned it!

Time for a short break and then back to regular programming. I think I'll tackle an 8+ hour game next. Time to relax a little.

Oh and k_s, well done on the jam, which flavour did you end up getting?
I got Saskatoon, so I'm content :3
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yay the magical mystery jam.

Got any Dexreth amulets?
Thanks for the jam, and good job everybody! Keep on jammin'!

Oh, and congratulations to kentona. Have fun with this game you've never played before.
I was expecting Space Jam to have a crayon'y basketball on the front :o That logo sure looks...
( •_•)>⌐■-■
'jammed' in there.

Anyway, back to gam mak for real.
Wow, 218 reviews. nhubi and kyl really are machines. 0_o
I don't know where to ask, but I'm also reluctant to create a new topic for this question so I'll ask here:

How exactly would you rate visual novels? Do you simply disregard the 'gameplay' and act as if it's a normal game? Do you bank more on the art/music/story, and rate gameplay minimally or even not at all? I want to know, because I'm about to give one a 5/5. I just want to be able to justify that verdict.

It's jammed, alright!

Visual novels don't have gameplay in that sense, but you can take into account ways to play around in the format.
Do your choices matter? Do they give new text or new paths? Are the choices you have different choices or just worded differently? If they are worded differently, do they affect the relationship or do they just nothing at all?

Otherwise, cut down on it. A visual novel is based on this minimal gameplay principle, it'd be like rating a puzzle game badly because they don't have a big bloated story!

I usually put a higher emphasis on the writing.
Is the style enjoyable and consistent? Are there typos? Are there logic flaws?
Does the writing (or descriptions) add to the game or is it just empty fluff?

Otherwise, just go for art, music/soundeffects, story, writing - and, if you need to, use of choice/dialogue options (although that'd be only a whole separate point if the visual novel has a focus on it)

I'm pretty confident of the quality of the writing. It's what kept me going through the game, in the first place.
Okay, I see where you're going.

Thanks Kyla!

Ps. I am also wondering why it has no reviews so far. Maybe because it's on renpy?