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Bcause of i am too smart
I answered your posts but you said you are ignoring our posts. You... Whatever, latest version of the game:

I designed this perfect MMORPG game. You can build your character as you want. You can be everything you want to be. You can be a turtle or ice elemental, it doesnt matter. Everything is limitless.

In this game we have 10 base stats:
dmg2 hit1 fle1 hp10 hpr1 mp10 mpr1 arm2 move range LEVEL10points1skill +%50 -%50
Damage, hit, hp, hpr most important ones. Damage is your damage and all damages are random in this game so you may deal 1 or 3 damage with base 2 damage. That means you may kill someone with single hit. But you must be tanky bcause all mobs are agressive and when you die, you lose a level and if you are free player you cannot play the game until next day. So in this game if you build for DPS you will kill things faster but you will die too much and become crazy. Also in this game always 2 factions are fighting against each other. That means openworld PvP without safe area and also this game has no level limit. So if you farm low level mobs for months you can be a level 5138 player while other players are around 100 level. That means you are 51 times stronger than a level 100 player. Also factions will change every week. First red, blue and yellow factions will fight against x, y and z factions. Next week red, blue, x factions will be in same team and they will fight against yellow, y, z factions. That means while your faction winning the war next week your faction may lose. Also your strong friends maybe your enemy at next week. Factions are based on gender, landscapes, countries, races, colors, politics, ideas, lifestyles.. While creating your character you will answer too many questions and by your answers we will place your character in a faction. You maybe in a vegan faction or a animal rights faction or a asian faction.

Hit is your hit rate. In this game your attacks and skills may miss the target. Miss means your enemy parried or dodged or defended against your attack. That means in this game everything is random. Even a stupid worm may kill you. For preventing that randomness, have high armor stat. Armor sucks damage and gets reloaded every turn. If you have 8 armor and you take 10 damage armor will decrease damage by 8 and you will take only 2 damage. Armor is may be OP but damage is random. That means enemy may deal a realy high damage if he is lucky and you may be one shot killed. For preventing one shot kill, you have to have high HP so health. Health is basely 5 times higher than damage. If enemy is lucky he may deal double times more damage. That means you will die in 2,5 turns so 3 turns.. But dont worry, you may dodge from enemy attacks and we keeping defensive players OP. In this game tanky characters and defensive players are always OP and all DPS classes are weak. Most of DPS classes are can be very tanky so there is no DPS class in this game. You just building my beautiful tanks as a DPS class. Whatever ofcourse you can deal tons o damage with a cyborg warmachine but it is 2 times more stronger if you build him as a tank.

Movespeed is increases with triangular numbers. That means its increases like this: 1 3 6 10 15 21
That means increasing your movespeed is easy but it gets harder as you increase it. Each level you gain 10 points and making your movespeed 4 from 3 requires 4 points from 0 to 4 consumes 10 points, that means a level. Movespeed isnt a nice stat to increase also most of characters have slowing skills or high movespeed boosts for short time for catching you.

Range is increases with same method as movespeed. You cant use a ranged attack same turn with movement. Thats means you cant use ranged attacks while running away from target. By this you cant kite enemies. But you can attack someone chasing you with your melee skills. Using a ranged attack causes you to lose %50 damage or hit. Also you can use far ranged attacks which one is multiplying your range by %300 or things like that. An attack with %300 range consumes; %100 base, %200 1 mp, %300 3 mp; it consumes 3 mp and also it has %50 less damage or hit.

Damage Calculation
You have base 100 damage 100 hit, enemy have base 100 felee, 100 armor, 100 hpr.
You are using a skill that adds +%500 damage and +%200 hit, you now have 600 damage and 300 hit.
Your enemy weak against your element you have +%50 bonus damage. Your base damage is 100 its %50 is 50. You will deal plus 50 damage. You will 650 damage. Enemy strong against your attack style. You will have -%50 hit. And your hit will be 300-50=250. You have a passive increasing your hit and damage by +%50. You will deal 700 damage with 300 hit rate. You have a buff giving you +%300 damage and hit. You will deal 1000 damage with 600 hit. In this game damages are random. You will deal a damage between 1 and 1999. Enemy have 100 felee you have 600 hit enemy have a felee rate 1/7. So in each 7 attacks you will hit him 6 times and will miss him 1 time. But things are random so you may always miss or hit, its just about luck. You hit the enemy with 1000 damage. Enemy was have 100 armor and hpr. Your damage decreased by 200, you dealt 800 damage. Enemy has a active passive buff that multiplying his health by 4 (%400 or +%300). That means your damage is divided by 4. 800/4=200 now you will deal 200 damage. Enemy has 100 health it reached 0 health. It is still alive now you will deal damage to his mana. Mana takes 2 times more damage than health that means her mana will take 200 damage instead of 100. It was have 100 mana remaining and its gone, or died. You won. Good for you. So things never get multiplied they will be added to each other. And you have to destroy enemy armor and hpr before dealing damage to enemy. Even their health reaches to 0 you now have to destroy their mana and if you cant it will regain its hp with its hpr and its armor will be refreshed every turn. Armor can be penetrated by multiple enemies its only get refreshed each turn so 100 players attacks to 1 high armored person his armor will be destroyed. Also your attacks may miss the enemy and than they do nothing so your enemy is really okay. Some skills may consume hp or if you have no mana or mpr you able to consume your health instead of mana but they consume double times more than they normally do so hp is not good for using skills and mana is not good for taking damage but they can help to each other.


This passives affects your core stats. They are really important for DPS or tank builds. Balanced builds dont need them.

Armor +%50 Hit -%50

Felee +%50 Damage -%50

Sliding Ice CUBE(passive)
Move +1tile MPR -%50

With soul(passive)
Range +1tile HPR -%50

MP +%50 HP-%50

This game have 12 elements and 12 attack types. Attack types affects your dodge rate (your felee). This passives affecting your elemental resistances.

I am ice
CLD -%50 HOT +%50

WND -%50 HLY +%50

No body
BIO -%50 DRK +%50

BLW -%50 RAY +%50

WTR -%50 FRE X125

Mineral body
CHM -%50 WAV X125


Lonely Giant
MLE -%50 EMO +%50

Made of Stone
RNG -%50 PLA +%50

Like a glass
EXP -%50 BEA +%50

Air bender
GAS -%50 INT +%50

Physical armor
BLL -%50 MGC X125

Its contains only ice
MAG -%50 LQD X125

When ice titan dies its becomes soul. Soul can become ice titan by casting a special spell but this spell consumes all mp. Soul form is have really low defense but nice damage. So with this passive you can play as a DPS class after you die. Soul form doesnt have a cooldown. Details are like that:
Soul Form first level:
By unlocking this skill when your HP goes blow %10 you dont die and turn to Ice Orb. Ice orb has +1 movespeed, +1 range, %10 of max hp, -%50 hp, %0 (no) hpr, %0 (no) armor, +%50 felee, +%50 dmg, +%50 hit, same mp, same mpr, new skill Return of the retarded. Also it can regenerate its hp by casting Frozen, it is another Ice Titan skill. Ice Orb may not cast Frozen automaticly, bcause of its hp gone below %33. Bcause Ice Orb is fragile and if it uses Frozen, enemies may kill it while it is frozen. But you can change this you can say cast it even it is Ice Orb when HP goes below %33 but as Ice Titan you will always cast it and cant toggle off. Ice Orb can use all Ice Titan skills.
Return of the retarded:
Only can be used with max mana. Ice Orb suddenly becomes Ice Titan with max HP but he used all MP.
Soul Form last level:
When hp goes below %50 you become Ice Orb. That consumes 4 skill points each one increases hp thing by %10. (10 20 30 40 50) Note: Soul form so ice orbs base stats can never be affected by Ice Titans attribute passives. So while in soul form, stat passives are deactivated.


Punch: Ice Titan punches, why not? Deals MGC CLD dmg. Consumes 2 mp. No cooldown. +%50 dmg +%50 hit.
MAXED Punch: Deals MLE BLW dmg. +%100 hit. +%200 dmg. Consumes 13 mp. Requires 5 skillpoint total. Has 4 turn cooldown, if you use 4 extra skill points has no cooldown.

You can unlock everything you want to unlock by spending 1 skill point. After that you can upgrade your skills by spending another skill point on same skill. You can decrease cooldown or mana cost or increase effectiveness while increasing cooldown by 1 and increasing mana cost by triangular numbers.

IceHard: You gain +%50 armor and felee for 3 turns. Consumes 4 mp. No cooldown.
MAXED IceHard: Each skill points can increase armor and felee buff by %50 or increase duration by 1 turn. Each 2 turns gives you free 1 extra turn. As you increase buff or duration its cooldown increases by 1. You can spend 1 skill point for decreasing cooldown by 1. You can use 1 skill point for decrease mana cost by 1. This skill has no limits. It can go infinite. Bcause it is a defensive skill and cant deal damage. Skills cost mana based on how OP they are so this skill may cost all of your mana.

Do you have any questions? If you didnt read, still ask to me questions about this game.
Bcause of i am too smart
Buffs consumes lower MP than active skills bcause your enemy knows what is happening so they may escape or call backup or they may change their tactics but active skills are sudden and they suprise your enemies. Defensive skills has no upgrade limit, that means they may consume thousands of mana if they upgraded hundreds of times.
Harderice: Passive Buff. When you take damage that penetrates your armor and damages to your health, everybody hit you this turn has %50 rate for being frozen next turn. Frozen players lose felee, hit, damage, movespeed by %50. This skill consumes 2 mana per person dealt damage to you even noone becomes frozen. This skill is a passive which one consumes mp. It cant be turned off if it is unlocked.

Harderice LEVEL 2: When something hit you, that person have %50 rate for being frozen next turn. It will lose %50. Consumes 3 mana for each attempt.

Harderice LEVEL 3: Has %100 rate for being frozen. Consumes 4 mana for each target.
Harderice LEVEL 4: %50 rate, affected targets will lose %100. Consumes 6 mana.

If you have %300 damage buff and you use a skill with %600 damage you will have 300+600 %900 damage. So skills doesnt affects each other, they only affects your base stats. Skills also cant affect your attribute passives. So a passive giving you %150 damage permanantly only adds to your damages %50 buff it doesnt multiple with your active skills or buffs so your final damage is 300+600+50= %950. So if you take a debuff decreasing your damage by %100, you can still deal damage with your skills. A %300 damage skill will deal %200 damage bcause you lost %100 of your damage by debuff.

Balance Keeper: Active passive skill. When you take a damage that penetrates your armor and hpr, you will spend 1 mp for increasing your max hp by %50; that means you will decrease incoming damage by %33. This skill has no cooldown. At level 2 it consumes 3 mp and increases your max hp by %100, that means it is %200 now and you will decrease incoming damage by %50. This skill doesnt affects your regneration and only get active if you will have less health than last turn. At high levels people will deal insane amount of damages instantly bcause of games strange mechanics. Bcause of that all clases need a passive like this. You are still dying but dying slower. And dont forget, this passive consumes mp and gets less effective by levels (33 50 60 67(66,6) 72(71,5)) also mana cost is increases too much (1 3 6 10 15). 0=100 1=150 2=200 3=250 4=300 5=350
If health will be %360 than (dmg/7,2)X2 will be effective damage. Or just simply divide damage to how many multiplied health. If hp is %360 than divide damage to 3,6 and it will give you same and correct result. All games using this formule for calculating armor. I am using it for multiplying base hp and dividing incoming dmg for not be death by one single hit. Also this game has another armor which one blocks all damage until it breaks and felee for evading attacks. That means in this game you can use 3 different methods for defending yourself also your hp regnerates even while you are fighting. But bcause of aggressive players only boosting damage and hit while defensive players are boosting 4 different stats(armor,hp, hpr, felee), aggressive players are still op. Think about that what happens when they multiply their damage by %600 and truth is a %200 damage is able to kill you while your hp is full but it must hit you and it must deal %400 damage. Damages are random they can 1 or 399 if true damage is 200(200 +199 or -199). Why we have random damage? For penetrating higher level players armors. So you may kill a high level player by luck. Bcause of randomness nothing is immortal or unbeatable. Noone is safe!

Frozen: İce elemental becomes frozen for regenerating his health. While it is frozen it lose %100 damage, hit, move, range and gains %100 armor, felee and %200 health regneration(hpr). It will be frozen until its hp maxed. It still can cast skills and can attack. This skill doesnt consumes mp. It requires 1 skill point for be unlocked. This skill doesnt have a cooldown. If you reach below %33 hp, you will be automaticly frozen. You can cast this skill whenever you want but cant cast if you have max health.

Losing %100 movespeed means you lost all your base movespeed but if you have a buff that increases your movespeed 3 tiles, you can move 3 tiles per turn even you lost your base movespeed. Movespeed decreasing skills first decreases your movespeed with percent. After decreasing your movespeed %100 they will decrease your movespeed 1 extra tile for each plus %50 decrease. Movespeed buffs adds you Y amount of tiles movespeed. That means you can move even you have movespeed debuffs. You can not move after you attack but you can attack after you move. That means you can kite enemies but you have to runaway first and attack to them if they are still in your range. All ranged attacks have high cooldowns so all clases are melee in this game but they can use ranged skills like launching a giant rocket or throwing a part of rock.

In this game there will be 2 factions. Factions will be rebalanced every week. So we trying to keep factions in balance. Your friends may become your enemy and your enemies may become your friend. If your faction defeats other faction all of you will gain a non important reward. Also killing a player will give you rewards and that rewards maybe based on his level. You will have npcs defending your lands. You will capture some points and gain things while you holding and defending this points. Goal of the game is capturing bosses, capturing key points and being retarded.

Leveling up is like that: 1X1 2X2 3X3 4X4 That means for becoming level 2 from 1 you need to kill 1 level 1 mob. For becoming level 5 from 4 you need to kill 4 level 4 mobs. When you die you will lose a level. If you are free player you will be unable to play game until tomorrow. You can still chat and read chat but you cant play or see. So you can connect to chat without connecting to game. Chat server and game server are 2 different servers.

When you level up you gain 10 stat points 1 skill point. You start to game level 1 with 1 skill 10 stat points. Yes you can be easily 50 times stronger than other players. It has really easy mechanics. A level 100 player is 2 times stronger than a level 50 player. When you die you lose 1 level. Leveling up gets harder as you level up. Level 1 person have to kill 1 level 1 monster for leveling up. Level 100 person have to kill 100 level 100 monster for leveling up. If you are low level dying is not a problem for you bcause you will lose 1 level. If your level is high when you die still lose 1 level and this is insane bcause leveling up is really hard for you. And also if you are level 10 a level 11 player will be %110 stronger than you. If you level 100 a 99 level player will be strong as your %99 so level difference have no meaning at high levels. And also many low level players can easily kill a really high level player. Skills mostly low level friendly. There is skills like “next turn you will not take damage”, or “your enemy loses %10 of his health” this skills are OP against high level players and weak against low levels. And also debuffs stacks and get combined with each other. If 50 players debuffs you, you just death; you cant even attack. Thing about many players stunning you and if they hit you they will stun you regardless your level.

Movespeed increases with triangular numbers. It requires more points as you upgrade your movespeed more. Range is increases with same formule and have same values. For increasing your movespeed and range you have to spent: 1 2 3 4 5 points and this goes until 10.000, (i have list of first 10.000 triangular numbers). That means you need 1 3 6 10 15 points for having 1 2 3 4 5 movespeed. Movespeed increasing passive like gives you only 1 extra movespeed instead of giving %50 buff. A skill that gives you +%200 movespeed(makes %300 movespeed in total) gives you 4 move speed instead of tripling your move speed. Range have same mechanics too. I dont want fast moving players and players with infinite skill range. Speed debuffs still OP. You can use speed buffs while debuffed but you will move realy slow.

For some people who is still asking about it; only move and range increases with triangular numbers. And also skill mana costs are triangular but this is not your bussiness cuz most of skills have fixed amount of damage. Other things increases normally and easy to increase. This is not ragnarök online! Also you have to spent most of your points on damage. Defensive players have hp, hpr, armor, felee; agressive players only have hit and damage. So just boost hit and damage and dont say tanks are OP bcause DPS characters are real OP’s, they can easily spent all points on damage and hit than one hit kill. But if you die, you will lose a level so being DPS at low level and becoming tank at high level is best idea or tactic.

Do you have any questions? If you didnt read, still ask to me questions about this game.
Bcause of i am too smart
Lets Talk About Ingame Characters
Game core mechanics are designed. Now i will add classes and skill trees to game. Before we start mana cost increases with triangular numbers for multiplying same attribute for one turn. So you can not multiply an attribute too much for only one turn bcause that consumes too much mana. Long duration buffs will consume low mana. If 2 different buff increases your dmg or hit, than stronger buff will be active but you can boost defensive attributes with multiple buffs. There is some passive skills consuming mana when they are triggered. Each class have a damage dividing or health multiplying skill that works like armor or defense in all other games. We have this skills for protecting you from one shoot kills but this skills doesnt boost your armor or felee or hpr, they just protects your health from high damage. Now lets have fun with Ice Titan:

Ice Titans code name is retarded. Each hero has his own code name and all of this code names are secret and hided in their mottos or skill names. Ice Titan has a skill called Return of the Retarded which one makes him come back to life from death. Ice Titans quotes are: “Lets stay AFK!” at random moments, “Defend!” when uses Frozen skill which one freezes itself and regenerates health like a turtle, “I am king of the retardeds!” when kills something, “Frozen, why not?” upon casting freezing skills which one decreases targets movespeed(he is not saying freeze bcause it is not cool enought and it is too common), “Look, snowy snowy” when it makes rain snows(he has that kind of area debuff skills), “slippery” when enemy attacks misses him or when he freezes floor for decreasing movespeed, “Made of ice!” when blocks a damage with its armor, “Come here, i will catch you” when runs after an enemy player, “I have thousands of snow lunatics” lunatic is rabbit from Ragnarök online and he is saying that while casting icefall or snow skills, “In your face!” its reference to Robocraft its saying that while casting Ice Fall skill, it says “lets deal some damage” “i am dealing really nice damage” while attacking.

Purpose of Ice Titan is catching runningaway oppannents and freeze them with ranged debuffs. Ice Titan most tanky class in the game and it is nearly immortal. If you can kill it you can kill everything and you are OP. Ice Titan doesnt even deals damage, its watchs his friends while dying and casts annoying debuffs which one decreasing enemy felee, hit, dmg, movespeed sometimes even range. Ice Titan can debuff his friends with area debuffs and this is not a bug, thats why it is retarded; it is debuffing everyone else in range and immortal and doesnt dealing damage. It is not dealing damage and tanky and also it is decreasing your damage; can you imagine how retarded and annoying it is? Ice Titan is an Ice Soul but it is created a body from Ice for protecting itself. Ice Titan must move slow but bcause of it have to freeze and catch enemies it is moving fast and have nice range. You may think Ice Titan is Nunu but he is completely not even Ice Titans ulti is called Absolute Zero he is still not a copy of Nunu. Ice Titans ulti doesnt deals damage but freezes everything around it and also it may decrease frozen peoples max health, i dont know; still working on process. Ice Titans ulti not a channeling ability. All ulties are sudden and consumes all mana you have while casting. And its efectiveness based on how much mana consumed.

I will give detailed information and whole skill tree later. I am still making this game. And we will add a Treat to game. Its code name is Dotard. Its saying it has knowledge and its knows everything about everything but he cant remember? Why he cant remember? You know, you cant remember everything; thats not about his senility. Even he is a 10000 years old tree he is defender of the wilderness and he is strong. He says “I am green, why you not!” while it is attacking. He has highest hp, hpr, mp, mpr recovery in the game. Nothing can kill it with one hit. But bcause of it is a tree, it has lowest movespeed and range in the game. It also cant deal damage like Ice Titan. Its has best healing skills. It has area effecting healing skills and unlike cyborg and Ice Titan he can understand who is enemy or friend. Cyborg is someone who can kill his teammates with nuclear misiles, so he is even more horible than Ice Titan but he cant target friendly units, they just taking splash damage and than dying. Treant can place a healing auro to ground and that increases all friendly units hpr who enters in it and thats OP. Treant can give mana and hp to other players. Treant may buff friendly units. And treant moves really slow and have a low range, that means you can kill it from distance while it is trying to reach you. Treant can also summon grass thingies which one belongs to jungle and all of them weak against chemicals, fire, viruses. Poor treant how alone he is. Why your grandchilds are not visiting you? (Yes there is a grammer mistake but child is funnier)

Cyborg... There is another cyberbionic living being called Cyber but he is an alien and we hate aliens. Cyborg made by humen for destroying illuminati cuz illuminati is alien und aliens must stay away from our own business. It is not wrong to nuke living beings. Countries like north korea always deserves to being nuked. That aliens lied to us. They said we came in peace but peace was a lie. While 4th worl wars flags are rising cyborg was broken. He decided to accidently kill his friends. Afterall weak ones doesnt deserves to lie.

Cyborgs code name is Sorry. He is always sorry. He brutally murders his friends and than says sorry and mostly he doesnt even do that. Bcause of that he using this code name. Cyborg is Heavy of the Yuno’s Ridiculous Lands. Yes this game will be called Yuno’s Ridiculous Lands. And he doesnt even says sorry bcause of he calling himself sorry. He saying “i dont even need to say how sorry i am” he is not saying i am too lazy for saying sorry. Cyborg has high damage and low hit rate. That means he mostly miss his targets and than accidently hit them and they are death. Cyborg is an off-tank class which one means he is ADC. Yeah you have build Lee Sin full ad bcause he is off tank. And AD Lee Sin is OP Lee Sin. Same thing for Cyborg..

Cyborg uses bullets, missiles, batteries for casting his skills. By unlocking a special passive he turns his mp and mpr to this materials. You also may use mana like normal characters but warheads are %50 more effective than mana that means by unlocking this skill you increasing your max mana but Cyborg cant regenerate his warheads. For regaining his ammunation he must not attack and get attacked and must not move for next 10 turns. If you stay afk and dont get attacked for 10 turns you will suddenly regain all of your ammunation or warheads. It has 3 types of ammunation for 3 different skill types. You may only unlock one type of skills and may go for full missiles if you want or just mix everything and troll around, i really dont care. Also when cyborgs hp reaches to 0 he is explodes and kills itself by doing this its deals damage to its enemies by using his remaining mana, he shoots locked missiles to his enemies it first tries to nearest enemy after that other nearest enemy takes damage so range doesnt matter but this skill may target mobs(npc monsters). Other people when reaches 0 health they keep living and uses mana as a weaker version of hp but cyborg not, its explodes.

Cyber is another class. It will use nano technology, radioactive green plasma balls and it will be an professional killer. Cyborg made by russians. Cyber made by Adolph Hitler of South pole.

Earth Elemental will use mud and landslides and swamps for disturbing its enemies. Earth elemental never disturb his friends, he is a gentle well educated and skilled bender. Earth Elemental have high damage and low hit rate but he is a tank and he is gentle.

Berserker. His code name is Idiot. Berserker is able to jump on his enemies. When berserker takes damage it is becomes stronger and also deals damage to its enemies. He is offtank. He shields himself for free, while he have shield he gains damage and hit buff. When shield gets broken he takes serious damage bcause of this skills cost and this skill consumes hp instead of mp. Most berserker doesnt use armor but if you unlocked your shield skill you have to have armor for protecting your shield. And most berserker have 1 felee which one is not zero and higher than zero. Berserker can run fast. Most of berserker skills consumes hp. When they are damaged they gets buffs. So some berserkers doesnt even have mana. Berserkers are OP like Cyborgs. When a berserker dies; well, nothing happens they dont have a passive triggering upon death but they have passives triggering when they lose hp and when they have low hp. Berserkers have that famous whirlwind skill, do you know what it does? Just try to guess. Yes you can do it, you played many games. It deals damage to everyone else around him with radius half of his range. Berserker can cripple and stun his enemies while dealing horrible damages. He is melee and single targeting champion which one is OP for 1vs1 fights but he is prefer jumping on enemy team and suddenly die.

Turtle, her code name is Child. Turtle have 3 different modes. Offensive, defensive, tower. She using this modes with her offensive, deffensive and ranged skills. She is offtank class even she is a turtle. Bcause she is carrying a plasma cannon in her shell. She is an illegal weapon trader. Becareful about her. She is not a turtle. She is a monster.

Hedgehog guy. I dont know what he will be. He will deal damage based on his damage when you hit him, this ability will consume mana.

Diamond. It is a diamond. It is a elemental but it is not using elements its just punches you. It will have highest armor and lowest health in the game. If you can break his armor it will die. It will be offtank.
Bcause of i am too smart
Abomination. Its code name is stinky. When you deal damage to it you will lose hp, bcause of that it will have low hp but people will still built it for hp. Its also poisons everything around it with an aura self buff. It doesnt have mp.

Dragon. Their code name is nightmare. Their skills consumes low mana but have insane amount of cooldown.

Curse Elemental. It buffs itself and starts dealing damage to itself. This buff is horribly OP but it will kill itself by using this buff. Its also DPS class with lot of debuffs.

Ironic Tank. A giant robot made of iron. He will be most tanky class and he will move slow unlike Ice Titan. He will not have support skills, he will be only focused to deal damage to who having fun on him bcause of his low damage. Its code name is Emo.

Dragon Knight, Dark Knight, Paladin, True noob(it is an alignment), Illuminati guy(its Vel’Koz but its not), Normal Knight, Ninja, KSer, Former, Bender, Creator, Soulist, Mentalist(someone steals enemy players characters and controls them for killing other enemy characters), Warper(its jumper yes, i didnt stole it; it was my original idea before movie, na i am not lying), Salamander, Werewolf, Wampire(if i dont add it all twilight fans will disturb us), Yoma(from claymore), Zombie King will be added to the game in 5 years.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
what the fuck is the point of this topic

no one wants to read a 70 page info dump of your ideas and you clearly have no questions about the game since it's already "perfect"
what the fuck is the point of this topic
what the fuck is the point of this topic
what the fuck is the point of this topic

what the fuck is the point of this topic 2: What-lectric Cray-o-zone

the fuck

is the point of this topic
I have designed the perfect MMO

I have designed the perfect MMO

you forgot to shitdump meaningless stats and bog-standard mechanics.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
what the fuck is the point of this topic
this reminds me of that other guy who came up with the greatest game ideas ever (and it was basically EVERY GAME PLAY IDEA EVER CONCEIVED IN ONE GAME)and how he wanted/expected people to just fall over themselves to build it for him, and that building it would be super simple because all of the mechanics existed in some form in other applications.

i forget his name...
I think his name was Xand, if I'm not wrong...

I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
At least when I shitdump meaningless stats, I'm trying to either start a discussion about the pros and cons of my reasoning behind them, or get other people to chime in with their own shitdumps to create a giant sewer of ideas that we can all scoop turds out of with fishnets.
I think his name was Xand, if I'm not wrong...


that was great
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
I have designed the perfect MMO

Has anyone else really dived into this post? I'm super curious what "felee" is supposed to mean. Feels? 100% Feels Buffs?
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
MMOs are dead, stop wasting your time, asshole.
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