May I write part 2 of kloes fan fic?

Oh shit I already wrote it down awhile ago.

fearful approaches frogge, they get down on there knees. they show them the dark blade of nazarath.
it is made from the darkest particles known to man kind from on saturns rings.

frogge, take this hear dark blade of nazarath.
fearful exposes there delicate metal throat.

cut open the fiends throat.
you will be the villagers savior.

And they will buy your commercial game.
10000000000000 times over
And the villagers will love and praise you.

to be continued.

I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
If you mean Frogge Vs Fearful, I'm half way through writing it atm, if you mean KloeXHarold, Frogge probably doesn't mind and neither do I.

Okay, this one can be tagged with Frogges, Fear(ful), Simons, Sans, Kaminas, caped people, chains and being held in a cell after being kidnapped.

Frogge wakes up... his head hurts and he doesn't know where he is...
His hands and ankles are bound to a dark, stone wall via chains. He can't see anything, he must have a blindfold on.
Darkness is all around, what the hell happened!?
Frogge yells and yells, after 15mins he realises it is hopeless, nobody is coming for him... He thinks "Where am I? Who the hell would do this?"

Almost as if someone read his mind, he hears a loud booming voice from about 10 feet in front of him.
"HAHAHAHA! Frogge, you shouldn't of messed with me! I'll strike fear into your heart! You aren't the only one here, you aren't the first, and definately not the last. Anyone who dares defy me shall suffer! MWHAHAHAHAHA!! You will be fearful of me!"
Fearful did it, he thinks. Who else would say that?
He feels his shackles fall loose, and hears footsteps- no, marching up to him.
"Sunglasses Guards! Take him to the room! Hahahaha! And bring the other two..."

Frogge is terrified as two strong people drag him along the floor towards somewhere. He can't see, and he doesn't know what the hell is happening.
They stop... Frogge flops to the floor as they drop him onto the cold, dusty floors of this terrifying room. He hears the same thing happening to his left and his right...

The blindfold is taken off, he can see again... he wished he couldn't.
It was a large, empty, round room, very dark except for a few dim torches attached to the walls and a big fire in the middle. On the left is... OMG... it's Simon... WHAT THE HELL!? And worse still, the other person, the one on the right, is Sans!!

But worse yet, the person at the front, well, people in front of Frogge, is none other than Kamina and another, creepy cloaked figure... Kamina is surrounded by dark, purple, shiny energy, that makes her seem like an obvious villain.

And one more person... the one Frogge thought had kidnapped him, Fearful, dangling in a cage above... what the hell was happening Frogge thought, as more guards appeared.
Without uttering a word, the caped figure pulls a level, which Frogge didn't notice, and the ground around him rises, into some sort of stand... Is this some sort of sick twisted game!? Frogge's boyfriends and the guy he saw earlier, Fearful, plus himself are all imprisoned by a crazy mastermind it seems? The one word Frogge can mutter is "Wh-wh-what?"
FIND OUT WHAT IS HAPPENING NEXT TIME ON FROGGE VS FEARFUL! (It's still called that for later plot reasons)
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Alright. I'm doin' this shit. KloeXFrogge, Pizza, fearful

Fanfic of fearful's pizza fanfic. This is the Animated Series version.

NSFS (Not safe for sanity)

By it's nature, the city was an infestation. The filth of sin, excess, and debauchery hung like a pallor over the streets, its blackness leaving an indelible layer along the streets and its denizens. Yet, this city was not beyond hope, was not beyond redemption. Innocence still looked out of doorways and scurried along the sidewalks. Without a protector, a guardian, the darkness would prey upon the innocent. Fortunately, the slime of this city had a shadow that would stalk them even in the darkest night. Children checked their closets for the villains of this city, but the villains looked under their beds for him. He is darkness, he is the shadows, he is the night: he is Pizza!

"I had a wonderful night," said Kloe, turning to Frogge in the darkened theater.

Frogge was grateful for the darkness. It meant Kloe couldn't seem him blush. He turned to Kloe, his voice caught in his throat. "I-I-I've been wanting to see that movie for awhile. I just thought--you know--maybe...you might..." His voice died in his throat as Kloe leaned in and kissed him. A sensation ran through him not unlike dozens of silk sheets floating around him and lifting him into the air.

"Oh, jeez, is that the time?" asked Kloe.

Frogge had no idea how she might have the time, then he saw a passing moviegoer looking at his cellphone and clearly saw 11:33 PM on its screen. "Oh! I had no idea the movie ran that long!"

"My mom is going to kill me!"

"Let's go, quick!"

They ran for the nearest exit. An usher showed them out, but they found themselves in a deserted alley behind the theater. They hurried to get to the parking lot, but found themselves surrounded by thugs.

Frogge didn't know what to do, so he took out his wallet and said, "I don't have much. Just take it and let us go!"

From the shadows, a sinister, oily voice emerged. "Oh, dear. Oh, dear, dear, dear. It's not just that we want. It's very unfortunate. We really have no interest in you. You could say you're in the wrong place at the wrong time." Emerging from the shadows was a ghastly visage, like the parody of a clown, drawn by someone who only had a vague notion of what clowns should look like, and used used the creatures from the movie Critters as a reference. It was the Maniac! That mad clown that was always escaping Ankylo Asylum! "We're here to get delivery, and your shocking, disturbing, violent deaths, will be just the extra toppings we need."

A youthful, exuberant voice rang out into the night. "Let them go you maniacal madman!"

Maniac scowled. "Oh, it's just the side order! Abstain from the alliteration, Delivery Boy! We didn't order garlic rolls!"

"'Delivery Boy?' The name is fearful! And your villainous schemes end here, clown! We know your plan to murder innocent RMN couples to make the city lose faith in Pizza and the police force!" A shadow leaped from the rooftops and immediately incapacitated two thugs that were closing on him.

"Fearful? Your exposition is so dull you should be named Tearful!" Maniac pointed with his gun and said, "Get him!" He then turned to Kloe and Frogge. "You two will make fine hostages!"

As Maniac grabbed Kloe, Frogge unexpectedly punched him in the jaw. "Get off of her, you lunatic!"

"What the--?" Maniac staggered for a moment, but then reached out again. As Frogge tried to attack again, he realized that his first punch only connected because he had taken the clown by surprise. Maniac was too superior a fighter, and Frogge found himself flung into two thugs who immediately restrained him. Kloe was now in the villainous madman's clutches, held at gun point. Fearful was surrounded by thugs!

"This order's for pickup only!" The dark, gravely voice came from all around, and then he appeared!

"What was that?" asked the Maniac. "Was that a pun? You've finally grown a sense of humor, Pizza! Be sure to nurture it! It must be extremely fragile!"

Everyone saw the beard before they saw him. Bullets flew in Pizza's direction, but the beard simply swallowed them. Whipping the beard around, Pizza took out half of the thugs surrounding fearful. Fearful turned and soon dispatched his remaining opponents. None of the could touch Pizza. An expert in Pizza Kun Dough and Bearded Boxing, his fists and his beard made short work of every attacker. The thugs guarding Frogge dropped him to the pavement and went running.

Fearful pointed, "Holy Fleeing Felons, Pizza!"

Maniac shouted from the top of a fire escape. "Yes, yes! Chase down all of the bad guys like a good vigilante! Meanwhile, let this young movie going lass get turned into pasta sauce!"

Maniac was alone, but down on the ground, very near Frogge, Kloe kneeled, a bomb strapped to her chest.

Maniac giggled insanely, "Maybe the lad there will make a mozzarella topping for her!"

Fearful cringed. "You're sick!"

"Flattery will get you nowhere!" With that, the Maniac fled.

Fearful started forward. "I'll get him."

Pizza put out his arm, stopping him. "He's too dangerous. Let's get this bomb off of her." Pizza dropped down next to Kloe.

Frogge was beside himself with worry. "Please, hurry, Pizza! You've got to help her!"

There was an iPad hooked to the bomb, and Maniac's voice said, "Listen carefully now: a Buddhist monk enters a pizzeria. What did he ask the chef?"

Pizza grimaced. Maniac's riddles sure weren't up to the Puzzler's standards. He quickly entered the phrase, "Make me one with everything." With a click the bomb disengaged and automatically unharnessed from Kloe.

Kloe looked up, white as a sheet. "Oh, thank you, Pizza." She then turned to Frogge. "My hero!" Leaping into his arms, she caused Frogge to stagger backwards while she passionately kissed him. Coming up for air, she turned to Pizza and said, "Did you see him? He took on the Maniac! For me!" With that, she resumed her efforts to suck his lungs out through his mouth.

Pizza turned to his faithful sidekick. "Make sure they get home safely. I'm going after the clown."

I can't believe I actually wrote this...
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
That was awesome Piano!! (Though Frogge has said in the past QUOTE, "I'd rather kiss a horse than you Kloe" so yeah...)
It was really fast paced and action packed and I loved the pun! :D
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Thank you!

That's the beauty of fan fiction, though! You can make characters do whatever you want! Whether they like it or not!
You're magical to me.
That was amazing, piano! A++ :DDDDDDDDDDDD
Nothing reveals Humanity so well as the games it plays. A game of betrayal, where the most suspicious person is brutally murdered? How savage.
I'm generally against the ability to like comments on this website, but this fanfic was so good I really want to be able to.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Wow! I could frame these comments!

Thank you so much!
Amazing fan fictions you two :D I look forward to seeing where they go!
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
I'm sure it is Frojjj I must write your fanfic soon.

Here is a poorly made unnamed fanfic

After a hard S ranked mission, Naruto was enjoying the hot sauna he was in, it was a nice starry night. “Ahhhhh!! This is the life dattebayo I'm a ninja!” He staired up at the stars but his vision becam wet, someone had jumped into the Sauna too. It was Anko!

“A-Anko Chan!! W-what are you doing here dattebayo?” Anko smirked her hot body remained hidden by the water. “You have been developing quite the reputation Naruto Kun~!”
“News.... can travel~, very fast~”

Naruto was full on blushing, all the hot water sure didnt help. Not to mention Anko was naked too!
What was Anko talking about? Naruto began rubbing the back of his head laughing.
“Show me your sexy technique, Naruto Kun.”

Naruto was all for that.
Anko Chan was dazzled, but kept her cool.
“Naruto... Would you come back to my place for some coffee?”

Naruto did not have any coffee at Anko's though. Anko tied Naruto up instead.
“A-A-Anko Chan! W-what are you going to d----d-ddooOooOooO?” Well Naruto...
Anko takes off her clothing that was on her body suddenly. Naruto gasps.

“Y-you have a penis Anko Chan!!!!”

Anko smirked. Suddenly it was in Naruto sexy techniques mouth.
Mmmmhhggfg mmmmffg mhhhhhfgmf fgfmfgf
It did not take long for Anko to cum insid of Naruto's mouth. It seems like this was the general trend in the Ninja world.

Anko removed the dick from Naruto's mouth.

“Y-you gota untie be Anko Chan datterbayo!!! Please!” Anko shook her head.
“Nope, not happeneing Naruto Kun” She positioning her self over Naruto, she had oil to help the process.

“W-Wait A-Anko ah!”
“Ah fuck dattebayo!” Anko was doing Naruto! It quickly became pleassureable.
“Holy fucking fuck Anko, wow fuck oh good lord ah fuck.”

The writer was to lazy to go into further details.


Naruto met up with the rest of team 7 the next morning. “Now your walking funny too Naurto Kun” Asked Sakura Chan. Naruto laughed and rubbed the back of his head. Kakashi wondered what Naruto had been up too.

Sasuke didn't give a fuck.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Anyone need inspiration?

The randomized hentai challenge:

Roll a pair of 20-sided dice. Whatever numbers you get, pick one of the characters for each of those two numbers. So, for example, if you roll a 1 and a 2, you could pick Ganondorf and Rydia, or Zelda and Rydia, or Ganondorf and Naruto, or Zelda and Naruto.

Write a hentai fanfic about the characters you rolled.

The caveats:

If you roll a 20, roll two more times and write a threesome.

If you keep getting 20s, you roll two more times for each 20 you roll, and end up with an orgy.

If you don't know any of the characters for one of your rolls, you can reroll, but if you get a 20 on your reroll it doesn't count.

1) Zelda, Ganondorf
2) Rydia, Naruto
3) Ultros, Gilgamesh, Queen Brahne
4) Amy Rose, Rouge the Bat, Sonic AND Shadow the Hedgehogs
5) Genis, Genos
6) Etna, Flonne, Axel
7) Lulu, Cthulhu
8) Yuffie, Link, Legolas
9) Red XIII, Tingle, Twilight Sparkle
10) Kimahri, Cait Sith, Fox McCloud, Big the Cat
11) Palom AND Porom, Goku, Krang, Spock, Solid Snake
12) Madoka, Medusa, Kramer, Harvey Dent
13) Freya (Valkyrie Profile), Freya (Final Fantasy 9)
14) Kid (Chrono Cross), Funguy (Chrono Cross)
15) All six original Power Rangers, Team Rocket, The Powerpuff Girls
16) Mother Brain (Metroid), Mother Brain (Chrono Trigger), The Brain (Pinky and The Brain)
17) Inspector Gadget, Toph, Jack Bauer, Anakin Skywalker
18) Harley Quinn, Cardcaptor Sakura, Data, Kirby
19) The main character of the last game you played, Yourself

I'll be attempting to do this challenge myself several times as well! I'll get started as soon as I muster up the fortitude to write a sexy fanfic about... hrm... let's see... myself and Cthulhu, apparently.
Err... LockeZ, are repeated rolls allowed? Say, I got two 19's, would pairing myself with myself be fine?
Sounds really fun lockeZ~~
Your ideas are the best~~~
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
You can either pair yourself with the main character of the last game you played, or pair yourself with yourself~
Cmon Karin you gota show me how it's done!
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
I got 4 and 19... So I guess myself and Amy Rose? I'm not sure who the bat one is, and Sonic and Shadow is a tad much. Also myself because the lat game I played was Iddy's Birthday Event game I think, and the number 1 probably isn't the best character for a hentai...
So, I guess it's writing time? I don't know much about Amy Rose, so this could be interesting?

Amy Rose X Kloe, NSFL, don't read it, almost rape

Not long ago, in a galaxy, near near to here...
"C'mooooon Kloe, forget about that idiot, you don't need Harold and I don't need Sonic!" Says a pink haired hedgehog, by the name of Amy.
"For the last time, I love Harold, I'm not gonna cheat on him, Amy! Why don't you just sleep with Sonic?" Kloe shouts.
"It's over in like 5 seconds with him, foreplay and all, he's too fast... I need slowness, ya know. I just can't enjoy it when it lasts seconds..." Says a sad Amy.
"Amy, no... I'm sorry but unlike you I'm happy in my relationship..."
Amy just wants a break, to have a nice night, so she decides to do a despicible thing... She takes out her hammer...
"Sorry Kloe, maybe you'll be more inclined once you wake up? Haha."
Kloe, surprised by this, backs away, but it's too late, Amy smashes Kloe in the face with her rubber hammer, Kloe goes unconcious...

It's an hour before Kloe wakes up... that last comment Amy gave was terrifying, the last thing she remembers was Amy coming towards her with a hammer... More inclined? Uh oh. Kloe opens her eyes, but it's still dark... Or is it? She realises she has a blondfold on... But other than that, it's cold, or hang on... le gasp she isn't wearing anything... Damn it Amy, what the hell? Even worse, as Kloe trys to cover herself with her hands, she realises her wrists and ankles are handcuffed to whatever she is on... A sound fills her ears...
"Finally awake Kloe? Phew, I thought I may have almost bopped you into a coma. Wouldn't that be awkward?" Says a voice, undoubtably Amy's.
"WHAT THE FUCK AMY? What the fuck have you done to me, where are my clothes and why the hell am I handcuffed and blindfolded?" Shouts an angry Kloe
"I thought it might get you horny, ya know, I know you like being vunerable"
Oblivious to the blindfolded Kloe, Amy winks and sticks her tounge out.
"I don't Amy! And seriously, what the hell?! Get me out of here!"
"I think I can convince you, it shouldn't be hard! Hmmm, lets try this!"
Amy get's on the bed, and kisses Kloe, who trys to resist but can't...
"Awww, was that not good enough? How about I finger you too? Haha, Kloe, don't resist, the dice gods have determined we will do this, so you will never win, just give concent already so we can have a good time?"
Amy starts to kiss Kloe again, this time while fingering Kloe at the same time... Kloe starts to like it... In her head, she screams "Dammit Amy!!"

Amy takes off Kloe's blindfold, and asks a question.
"So Kloe, do you concent to it now, because the gods of Aremen don't want rape."
"F-f-f-fine... I guess... Just be gentle" replys a wet Kloe...

And so it continued, into the night, they even used the other end of the hammer, and Kloe managed to turn the tables and blindfold Amy... The next day, they went back to their normal lives and NEVER SPOKE OF THIS TERRIBLE NOT SAFE FOR LIFE FANFICTION EVER AGAIN BECAUSE IT'S HORRIFYING...
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
The Booty Call of Cthulhu
LockeZ x Cthulhu (NSFW)

"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn."

I held the flesh-bound tome in my hand as I repeated the chant, over and over. Untold power would be mine. The dreamer would awaken, and I would become his vessel. The Old One would usher in a new world, a world of madness, and bring it under his sway; this was inevitable. And so I was determined to be his herald, rather than merely one swept up and devoured.

As I repeated the chant, louder and louder, the candles started to flicker in a strange wind. I became excited, it was working! In my furvor I sped up my chanting without realizing it. The words were all still the same, but the rhythm faltered. The effects of this error would prove disastrous... yet also wonderful.

From the magic circle, drawn in blood, arose the great creature from beyond the stars, Cthulhu. A pulpy, tentacled head surmounted a grotesque and scaly body with rudimentary wings. After vigintillions of years great Cthulhu was loose again, and ravening for delight! I began to laugh hysterically.

My laughter stopped abruptly as a slimy tentacle wraped around my head, covering my mouth and silencing me.

It should be bound to me, I thought, horrified. It should be unable to even leave that magic circle without my explicit order. Clearly something had gone wrong.

My mind was taken away from thoughts of my possible miscalculations and blunders by the sudden realization that the tentacle was creeping inside my mouth. My jaw was forced open by its size. It began inching down the back of my throat, choking me, then stopped and retreated, allowing me to breathe again. I swirled my tongue around on the appendage, curious about its taste, which prompted it to shoot down my throat with violent speed, breaking my jaw and three of my teeth.

I could not breathe. I had only moments to live. I thought quickly.

I grabbed one of its other tentacles and began massaging it. Suckers covered one third of the wriggling tentacle, and the Old One reacted when I ran my fingers over the centers of them. The creature backed out of my mouth, and gazed at me with his thousand eyes. In those dark eyes, I wondered if what I was seeing was the dreamer's curiosity about my kind, just as I had been curious about the forerunners of mankind that walked this earth in the unknowably distant past.

Multiple tentacles wrapped around by body, slowly, constricting me and binding me. And yet it was a sensual bondage, like ropes made of fingers that crawled over me and fondled every inch of me. I marvelled as I realized I was becoming intimate with the great Cthulhu, the slumbering god who once ruled over this whole planet, and whose right by the stars was to do so again. The tentacles travelled up the base of my robes, up my legs, and found their way to glory.

I cackled like a little child in hideous delight, unsure if what I was feeling was the most profound horror known to man or the most unbearable ecstasy. I forbade myself from becoming concerned with whether I wanted it, for the question seemed irrelevant. Just like my choice to summon Cthulhu instead of waiting for his inevitable return, I became determined to make the most of this. I would seize the moment as my own.

Something entered me. My whole body shook for a moment. Within my anus I could feel the texture of the suction cups wiggling back and forth, then gyrating in circles. I began to move in a matching rhythm, bouncing up and down on Cthulhu's slithering appendage. The Old One gripped me tighter, breaking at least one of my ribs. He had no concern for my human frailty. I was but a speck in the universe, and he was a cosmic being who would take this whole planet as his own.

The tentacle that was slithering around in my ass began to pulse, and then Cthulhu's whole body began to do the same. It was intensely pleasurable. I could feel it inside me and all over me, like a hose swelling up in time with a shuddering heartbeat. After a few moments of this, black ink suddenly sprayed out of the tips of all of its thousand tentacles, covering the ground for quite a distance, and covering every inch of my body, and filling my insides as well. It released me and removed itself, all at once, and I felt the black seed of the eldritch god dripping out of me and running down my leg.

And then the least expected thing of all happened. The dreamer fell back asleep, seemingly satisfied.

"No! Don't leave!" I screamed in horror, but it was too late. He vanished, sunk back into the ground, and it would be untold eons before he would ever be seen again. He waited again beneath the sea, in the nightmare corpse-city of R'lyeh, for the day when the stars were aligned.
Every misdeed has its own punishment, and every good deed has its reward.
I shall share what was meant to be a draft of a future chapter of a fanfic I'm working on, although this has been scrapped due to how the plot is turning out. XP

I won't summarize the entire story (since the post will be too long to read), though I'll tell you what's necessary in order to prevent confusion.

This was intended for a Pokemon fanfic (which takes place seventeen years ahead of the Pokemon anime) that features characters from other series, and a few OC's that are related to existing characters.

The three characters shown here are Ash Ketchum and his daughter, as well as Trevor Philips (a rather controversial GTA V character).

In this chapter, the protagonists are camping in a desert, and Trevor makes the mistake of parking near their tents.

Lia's actions in this scrapped chapter are emotionally torturous, read at your own risk.

The awkward silence in the desert had finally vanished as the night arrived, along with the rapid temperature drop that was only adding to Lia Ketchum's frustration. The rude teen was already irritated at having to travel with her father, but inconsistent temperatures only furthered her annoyance.

What made things truly infuriating for her was the presence of the infamous Trevor Philips, and the fact that he once again had his truck meant that he would be able to gain distance from them easily.

As the egotistical girl reached her tent, Lia could already tell her father was inside, and was partially angered when she noticed he had smeared his dinner all over the place instead of simply eating it like a normal person.

"Hey Lia, would you mind getting me something to eat?" Ash asked kindly, looking at himself in embarrassment. "I kinda had a little accident with the food your mother made for me..."

"Dad, this is the fifth time in a row where you screwed something up!" Lia exclaimed, throwing her backpack at him. "First I have to pry Pikachu out of the toilet, then I have to pick up my brother from camp after you drove the car off the cliff, then I have to clean up the hotel because you and mom wanted to go on a stupid date, and now this?! Why do I have to be the grown-up? I'm too awesome to be doing this crap!"

Ash frowned at his daughter's arrogant proclamation with a grim sigh, and blatantly forced himself to give Lia a comforting smile.

"It would make your mother happy if you got me some food," Ash said with a surprisingly honest tone. "She's going to be back in five minutes, so-"

"Fine, I'll get you a replacement dinner!" Lia shouted, stomping out of the tent like a bratty child. "Mom better thank me for this...!"

Before she could approach the outdoor freezer, Lia noticed a vehicle that she was now uncomfortably familiar with sitting directly across from their tent, that of which happened to be Trevor's pickup truck.

Lia immediately had hundreds of cruel ideas swarming through her head, though she instantly knew that only one with little consequences could be executed at the present time, especially since Trevor was currently sitting in the truck's bed.

Without even thinking about it, Lia crept over to the front of the truck where Mr. Raspberry Jam was housed, and plucked the teddy bear from his holdings. Trevor was heavily fixated on flipping through a photo book filled with pictures of him, Michael, and Franklin in very positive scenes.

Alrighty, this is perfect! Good 'ol T is busy weeping over his old butt-buddies and isn't paying attention to his precious Mr. Raspberry Jam getting stolen, Lia thought sadistically, creeping back to the tent. Now my dad gets to have his evening snack, and maybe that social reject from San Andreas is going to notice at the perfect minute!

"Dad, guess what time it is?" Lia inquired rhetorically, speaking to her father like she would an unintelligent pet. Instead of giving a vocal reaction, Ash swiped the teddy bear from his daughter's hands, and devoured Mr. Raspberry Jam as if he was Ash's favorite dessert.

"What the hell is that noise?" Trevor asked himself, jumping out of the pickup truck and walking over to the source.

Lia turned to face the insane criminal with a purely sadistic grin, knowing that Trevor wasn't willing to approach a tent with her father's Pikachu inside. Although she said nothing to the super soldier of a criminal, Lia could tell that Trevor already knew what was happening.

As if answering a question Trevor was about to ask, Lia stepped aside to show the former air force pilot Mr. Raspberry Jam getting savagely eaten by her father.

"Good thing there's a toy store in the next town," Lia commented while sadistically giggling, taking a brief glance at the awakened Pikachu.

"Mr. Raspberry Jam...!" Trevor gasped, falling to his knees in anguish. "NOOOOO!" Trevor curled into the fetal position, bawling insanely at the consumption of the teddy bear he deeply loved.

"Is someone crying?" Ash asked, his mouth being filled with what was left of Mr. Raspberry Jam.

"Yeah, someone outside isn't too happy," Lia answered with a sinister expression, taking out her phone to record Trevor in his moment of sadness. "No need to worry about it, dad. This guy just has some growing up to do."

"Okay!" Ash replied, finishing up Mr. Raspberry Jam's remains. As Trevor continued to sob, Lia's satisfaction only increased with every passing second.

Although the lonely man was still sobbing, Trevor rose to his feet and managed to give Lia the fiercest glare he could muster.

"Y-You are gonna pay for this, BIG TIME!" Trevor cried out, running to the driver's side of his truck.

"We'll see," Lia scoffed with a devious smile, putting away her phone as she entered the tent, and closed its "door".

Without even making any sort of retort, Trevor simply started up his vehicle's engine and drove off in the direction of the nearest town.

On this very night, Lia Ketchum had made perhaps her greatest adversary yet, and Trevor Philips had lost an object of sentimental value from the past.

The only thing he had left from his home aside from the pictures was his truck, and Lia had crushed the remains of his heart into dust by feeding his teddy bear to Ash.

Trevor was now in even more of a broken state, and there was no doubt he would beg his friends to avenge Mr. Raspberry Jam.

However, Trevor knew in the back of his head that almost nothing scared the daughter of Ash Ketchum, and getting revenge on the conceited girl was among the most difficult tasks Trevor Philips would ever have.