Guardian of the Description Thread
I started another one, but, it's a bit awkward for me to write. If I can manage to write it, I'll let the thread know.

Or post it into my Creative Corner thread that I totally forgot existed.

*Edit: Wait, this story isn't fan-fiction. Oh well.
Metal Gear Pizza

On the fox islands off of Alaska, Shadow Moses is covered with snow.

Pizza hides behind a supply truck. He lifts his hand and removes the oxygen mask he was wearing just a short moment ago which concealed his mighty beard. His beard unrestrained, Pizza feels more powerful and capable than he previously was.

He looks out from behind the truck and studies the guards patrolling the area. From their weapons to their camo, he recognizes all of it. He taps on his ear to stimulate the codex. "Colonel," he says. "I've infiltrated the courtyard. These guards are carrying... weapons."

"What kind of weapons?"

"Long ones. Probably shoot lots of bullets at once."

A twenty minute conversation ensues.

Suddenly, an aircraft flies overhead, starling the stealthed Pizza. He recognizes the sound, and taps his ear once again.

"Colonel! They've got a Harrier!"

"Are you sure? Are you certain it's not a Hind D?"

"Actually, that sounds more likely."

Before the conversation can continue, Pizza is interrupted by a nearby soldier. Pizza and the guard turn and spot each other at the same time. A foreign object appears, looming over the head of the enemy for a brief moment. Pizza lifts his eyes to behold the strange object.

Never before had Pizza witnessed this strange, foreign icon. It seems to glow with intensity for a brief moment. And then as fast the object appears, it disappears, leaving Pizza in a state of confusion. That object he thinks. It resembles an exclamation point! But what does it mean?

Shaking off the moment of confusion, Pizza realizes it's time to act. The guard lifts his rifle, but Pizza is in his face in a second. The guard is unable to protect himself, as Pizza's magnificent beard obstructs his view. Pizza brings his hands down, pushing the rifle away just as it fires a burst. The other guards in the area are alerted and turn to face the gunfire. They begin falling over each other in the snow as they make their way to intercept the threat.

Pizza disarms the guard and shoves him against the truck, knocking him out cold. The guard drops onto a pile of snow at the foot of the truck. Pizza is provided no time to rest as the other guards make their way to his location.

He drops and scrambles under the truck. The other guards swarm the area, looking for signs of the intruder. One of the guards notice something in the snow. "Whose footprints are these?"

Pizza lingers under the truck. His mind races as he attempts to think of a way out. Things are looking grim. No weapons, he thinks. Who thought it was a good idea to send me in here without a weapon?

As the guards look the truck up and down, a confused Colonel begins screaming in Pizza's ear.

"Pizza? Pizzaaaaaaa!"

A guard hears the screaming. He looks under the truck. Pizza looks the guard in the eye. As their eyes meet, the strange, foreign object from earlier appears over the head of the guard.
A Moment (One Piece, Fluff, pizzapup)
He lay on his side, splayed out on the mossy blanket of grass as her fingers tangled in his hair. Her lap was warm and he buried his face further in, the scent of her filling him with joy. He could feel her laughing softly at his actions, her fingers hypnotically playing with the rough strands, pulling gently at them.

"You know, you have to leave soon."

He breathed a deep sigh at the soft lilt of her voice, content to listen to the melodic sounds and ignore the actual words she was saying. He knew he had to leave, and soon, but he was determined to stay in this moment of bliss for as long as possible.

She poked him in the shoulder and he moaned in protest. Her laughter woke up parts of him that he really didn't have the time to think of right now - later, when he was alone in his bunk perhaps. Heaving a put-apon sigh he rolled onto his back and looked up at her.

Her eyes were glistening with light and love and he could feel his heart aching and melting - sorrow and love combining to create the sweetest of poisons.


His voice was harsh and loud in comparison to hers, but the word was full of regrets and heart-felt emotion. She smiled at him, then leaned down and pressed her nose against his forehead. It was wet and cold and intimate, leaving a mark that burned there after she raised herself back up.

He closed his eyes and smiled, hand reaching up to stroke the tuft on her chest. She leaned into it, letting him play with the golden fur there as she continued to comb her fingers through his hair.

Words didn't need saying between them in this moment. They both understood what the other was thinking. His hand reached up towards her jawline and she moved to accommodate it, bending over him until they were nose to nose, his hand resting on the back of her head.

"Don't be gone forever." she murmured, her eyes half closed at his touch.

"Never." he promised.

I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
If you guys wanna write really bad erotic fanfiction about other rpgmaker.net users there is already a thread for that and you should totally post in it
These Pizza fanfics are great, keep em coming
Yeah, but that's more regimented, LockeZ. This one is more for any fanfiction in general.
Already got one started pizza~!
Already got one started pizza~!

I will dominate this fucking thread
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I wasn't saying your thread is redundant, Liberty

I just think there can't possibly be enough erotic fanction threads were people try to pair me with Ultros and was trying to jumpstart every possible venue

You hear that guys? Open season on LockeZ/Ultros fanfics are a go!
Guardian of the Description Thread
I had this running through my head earlier, and, of course, I can't remember it all now. I'm just going to write as much as I can. Anyway, I imagine this being possible somewhere between the two-year gap of events of FF10 and FF10-2. More on the FF10 side of the equation, perhaps?

Sin is dead. It was not the precepts of Yevon that saved the day. Speaking of, we may know the truth behind Maester Mika, but, the official line is that he passed away. Even so, Yevon is in shambles. Sin's cycle of death and rebirth, what Yevon centered around for a thousand years, has been broken.

Then there is the matter of Yuna, the the High Summoner that actually defeated Sin. Perhaps there would be those who wonder what other miracles is she capable of? Certainly, there will be those that will try to take advantage of that, and her desire to help others in need. We say that she's in mourning of those whose lives were lost in the battles against Sin, but, of course, this is only partially true. For us, the Guardians that fought with her, we know that she mourns more for a very specific loss. A personal one that, I know, will heal itself over time. She's a strong woman, after all.

The question that comes to mind is what people will do with their freedom from Sin? Maybe Yuna will lead them into a world where Spira revolves not around death, but life? I could see that happening. She can easily be that person, if she so chooses. However, it is her choice. She should not be bound by the expectations of others. She should only be bound by her on will, her own desire. Whatever that may be.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
jesus christ why do you all want me to write porn so bad
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
jesus christ why do you all want me to write porn so bad

Because you are great at it! Please Frogge?
Guardian of the Description Thread
I'm just gonna throw this in here to (hopefully?) help Frogge out.

"Make the bad, erotic, fan-fiction you want to see in this world." - Mahatma Ghandi
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident

Sorry Frogge, you don't choose the porn, the porn chooses you...
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
All I wanted was to make a game people will enjoy but I ended up writing porn that people enjoy instead...
I feel bored. How odd.
I am fine with appearing in fanfiction, against my better judgement, as long as it is not NSFW/L.

If so, I would like to be featured against my eternal enemy, Takatou Yoichi, though this isn't necessary.
It's part of the experience (I guess) frogge or idk it isn't I guess go make porn games now lots of demand I would think.
Also sure oddRABBIT but I have a really cool idea I have to make first.

Here is a FF IX fanfic staring Pizza and Freya.

a final fantasy IX fanfic

Freya was sitting on a white rocking chair on the porch, the sun was about to set. A light breeze from the ocean blew lightly though her hair. She observed her surrounding, she looked troubled.
A baby is heard crying, Freya looks around one last time before entering the ocean side house.

Freya enters a crying babies room and attempts to comfort her. Freya was sure that she is not hungry as she just ate, the diaper is dry too... Freya rocked the child gently back and forth.
“There, there, everything is okay, Daddy will be back soon. We will be okay.” Freya takes the child downstairs and rests in the living room rocking the baby back in forth. The child has stopped crying and has fallen asleep once again.

Freya gazed out the living room window, the sunset felt so calming, today in particular.
The way the light danced across the sky, it was impossibly hard to put it's beauty into words.
Suddenly... Freya's eyes widened, she saw movement in the distance a figure was running towards the house.

It was Pizza!!!

Freya began to sob quitely, she was so worried.
Pizza burst though the door panting heavily. “Freyaa!”
Pizza looked around, his body looked injured, and he was fully armoured inside his dark armour.

A truly troubling sight for Freya.

“Pizza!!!” Freya placed the baby down gently on the soft carpet and ran towards Pizza. Freya held onto Pizza as hard as she could sobbing heavily. “Pizza! I was so worried!!!! Where have you been?! Where did you go!!??!”

Pizza held onto Freya and calmed her.
“I met a playwrite named Lord Avon in a dark tavern. They offered me an exorbant sum of Gil if I managed to find there accomplice who was lost in the Water Shrine.”

Freya began to become angry and pushed herself away from Pizza.
“Pizza!!!!! H-HOW dare you!! How could you make me worry like that!??!?!” She cried angrily. “You were gone for so long! I was so worried Pizza.”

“I... simply could not refuse the playwrites offer.” Pizza's eyes looked for words.
“However... I did not manage to find find there accomplice. I found signs of there presence, but I had to retreat from inside the Water Shrine.” Pizza looked down lost in thought, something was troubling him. Freya looked up at Pizza worried.

“Inside... resided a terrifyingly powerful evil demon, I was lost in there world. My wicked sword was ineffective at best against there illusions.”
Freya began to hit Pizza's chest sobbing, she did not care for any of it.

“Pizza!!!! How could you!!!!!!!!!!” Tears poured out of her eyes.
“You said we were going to stay here, and that you left that adventurer life behind you!!!” She continued to sob.
“ Your a lier!!!! Why would you lie to me Pizza!!!!!!!”

Pizza held onto Freya.

“Everything is okay, I am a Dark Knight, even though this is FF IX.”
Freya looked puzzled.
“We will be okay.” Pizza looked into Freyas eyes. “We must go though. We must leave this house that I built with my own two hands.” Freya's eyes trembled.

“The evil demon may have escaped the Water Shrine with me. I am unsure. But we cannot risk it. I have set up accommodation in the settlement of Cleya. We must pack what we can, and leave immediately.” Pizza rested there hands of Freya's shoulders and looked deep into there eyes.
“I'm sorry Freya... We will be okay.”

Freya looked into Pizza's eyes and smiled.
“I believe you, you always protect me honey.”
Pizza and Freya kissed as their baby girl crawled towards them both.