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Well done AeroGP, you are automatically more respectable than anyone who said RPG Maker.

Don't see any games from you, though!

It's not finished, but I might make a thread about it...
Max McGee
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Does anyone know anything about C#/XNA?
I've got some light experience in 2D projects with XNA. Nothing significant though, and all of it is pretty terrible, gameplay and implementation wise.
Haha, I love how that came into this topic! Hopefully I will soon know something in C# and XNA!
I started with RM95 and then 2K3 for a bit but never got farther than a week or two since I didn't know any online communities at the time.

Moved onto XP when a friend let me know it was released in English, finished a ton of games in that, then made a game in VX, and now making one in Game Maker (very awesome by the way).

I started and half finished re-creating some of the basic sprite-abilities I'm used to from XP/VX in C#/XNA and started a spacey kinda project with it, but found that I didn't really want to build my own engine all the way up, then build an editor, and THEN build the game.
I've used VX and it was soooo awesome. XD It was the greatest 30-day trial I had. Now I'm currently using XP. It's very interesting...But it's sooo different from VX that there's no way I can make an Episode 3 of my game...oh well.
Started with sphere, my uncle got me into it and made a cbs with it, it was awesome, too bad my floppy disk died, I wish I was able to save that battle system *sigh* but then at that time USBs were expensive x.x

Then I moved on to rm2k, after playing demon hunter:seeker of power I moved on to rm2k3 since it has a sideview battle system and naufragar:crimson was one of my main inspirations that time...

Right now, I'm just finishing this rm2k3 game and then move to VX and learning RGSS right now. Although I want to learn python/C++ I guess I feel like my time is running short...
I use RM2k3 because that's the very first one I started with and know the most about. While I don't despise XP or VX their major differences from RM2k3 have turned me away from them. Plus there's just...something...about them I don't like, I'm not sure what that something is though.

I'm also not that big on CBS's or CMS's, and I love the RM2k3 DBS (believe it or not).
RM95, made a parody game on it but never got to finished haha.
I also use rm2k3, finished some demos but not any full games :/
Then I moved on to RMXP. I finished only two games though. I've tried VX but didn't like it so I probably won't use it to make any game.
And then I use Game Maker. Very good for quick prototype game, but for a big long game it's pretty terrible. I have pretty hard time finding my variables.

Recently I've been moving away from the engine like Game Maker/Rpg Maker and started coding with Ruby and C++. I've finished one game in ruby with gosu library(Very cool game library, by the way.) I'm also planning on remaking some of my games in ruby game library such as starruby or gosu.

Now I'm starting playing with C++ and DXLib, a game library made by Japanese people and used widely in many doujinsofts. Hopefully I can finish some games out of it soon, which is unlikely due to the senior project that I have to finish :/
RM2K. I'd use RM2K3 but I am too lazy to create all those battle-animation sprites for all my characters, and I also kinda prefer the DBS in RM2K because the one in RM2K3 is BROKEN.
just started fusion.

anyone else use this to make games? i'm just getting used to it right now, but i'm planning to make an rpg (not a platformer) with it...

i started with 2k and 2k3 for years... used xp a bit and dabbled in both vx and game maker. for the last while i've been using flash, but the scripting got overly complex for a simple game i was making and ended up abandonning it :(

i have high hopes for fusion....
I'm using 2k3 because I started my current game in 2003 and it's unportable to anything higher. That being said, I don't like ATB (it makes battles slower than straight up turn based IMO) and would never make a RPG in 2k3 if I could help it.
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ika because I am now the primary maintainer of it and Python is the best damn language ever.
I refuse to work on any games right now because I am not comfortable using RM. I've never been into jrpgs and anime (and none of the games I've worked on was inspired by any of the like) so I ask myself the point of using a program more accostumed to make this kind of game.
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
Use one that isn't, such as Game Maker, ika, or Sphere.
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Use one that isn't, such as Game Maker, ika, or Sphere.

I was planning to do this, yes. but i'm a horrible programmer and also very lazy. but I will try; played around with gamemaker for a while but never really got into it
I'd love to try ika too but it lacks packing system :(
I tried to use Ika once, but I couldn't even figure out which files I had to download.

I eventually downloaded them all and extracted to the same folder, then I couldn't figure out which .exe would run the program

WIP, you should put together some kind of tutorial on how to get started with it.
Who made ika?

Mostly andy. The rest of us (Thrasher, Ear, Khross, f9, WIP, Hatchet) are just his lackeys. We occasionally report bugs and requests to him, along with maintaining parts of this site. Apparently, Thrasher updates this FAQ now. Ear sometimes does too.

This is something I never knew about you WIP. Strange.
I like to switch it up between RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2003. Though, out of both of those, I'd have to say that 2000 is my personal favourite. I like the look of its RTP, and I've grown accustomed to it's front-view battle system. Dragon Quest/Warrior sort of helped me get into it a bit more, as did it do for DQ/DW.

I'd also rather these two over both VX and XP. I just think that they have a certain feeling that VX and XP just do not give me. Sure, they're great and all, but IMO they're not the best. Besides, there are alot of graphics and such readily available for 2000/2003, so it's pretty easy to find the right combination of graphics suitable for your project!

And for what I am working on currently, I find that RPG Maker 2000 fits it perfectly. (Ha ha, sort of rhymes.)
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