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The Helper Of The Cows
Damn. It's great to see so many posters and so many goals for 2019.
I don't need to say it - but regarding 2018 regrets, you guys shouldn't sweat it so much. Life gets busy and I've always felt there's no need to apologize if things slip through the cracks.

If something is left unfinished, or maybe not attended to enough it just means the timing wasn't right. Things come up. Haha.

As for me?

Goals: Create my first RMMV game. Finish some personal projects I've had on the go for a few years now, and be more active and helpful all around... and that also includes learning so that I can help with things. Haha.

Regrets for 2018? Only 1 major one - and that's not being able to quit smoking.

Motto 2019? Aspire to create. Create to inspire.
These are vague goals, but in 2019, I'd like to:

- start, create, and complete a game that I'm proud of
- participate more in various game communities, this one included
- make more art & illustration

Here we go :D
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.

Also, I retired? man, I'm getting too old to remember things...

Let's review...

GOALS 2018 ::..
1. Release Hero's Realm: heroic edition --this took a big backseat to real life developments which completely consumed my time. Things are looking brighter for 2019, though!
2. Complete 3 Udemy courses on web development ---I started 3 Udemy courses....
3. Finish MOG sprites --didn't even touch these. but I thought about them a lot
4. Run Kids Design spriting event #2 --I actually did this!
5. Run MOG II resource creation event --gauged interest, but found it lacking. Decided not to run one myself
6. Add features to RMN's codebase, and fix errors --Did not accomplish
7. Responsive Web Design (RWD) revamp of RMN --Did not accomplish
8. Tweet at least once every day, and also post New & Notable games regularly, for @rpgmaker twitter account --I started tweet once a day. Then it was every other day. Now I'm lucky if I can find half an hour a week in which to get shitpost-y.

Things I did accomplish in 2018:
-became a self-employed IT consultant, started a business, negotiated a rate increase, and nabbed a contract extension through 2019
-lost 25lbs
-got my yellow belt in Taekwondo
-made marginal progress on HR:Heroic Edition
-got drunk a lot

GOALS 2019 ::..
1. Release Hero's Realm: heroic edition
2. Lose another 25lbs
3. Contract extension through 2020
4. Complete 3 Udemy courses on web development
5. Run Kids Design spriting event #3 (?)
6. Add features to RMN's codebase, and fix errors
7. Responsive Web Design (RWD) revamp of RMN
8. Finish BQ7
9. Start playing through my backlog of games I bought
-Dragon Quest XI
-Dragon Quest Heroes
-Dragon Quest VIII
-Dragon Quest V
-Breath of the Wild
-Smash Bros Ultimate
-Megman 11
-Final Fantasy VII
-Pillars of Eternity
-Pillars of the Earth
-Grim Dawn
-Grey Goo
-Dragon Quest VI
-Dragon Age Origins
-Dragon Age II
-Radiant Historia
-The Witcher
-The Witcher 2
-Xenoblade Chronicles X
-Super Blood Hockey

Shoutout to the staff for keeping RMN chugging along!
Taking a break on RM for now. Will be back. I promise.
Goals for 2019
1. Make a commercially successful RM game. What counts as commercially successful? Well, a game that makes more than my current salary. (Wait...now that I think about it, that’s not too hard...)
2. Make a commercially successful Unity game. In case RM doesn’t work out.
3. Stay healthy. Sincerely. 2018 was a bad year for me health wise and really made me rethink some of my poor life choices. So everyone, take good care of yourself. Let us all have a healthy 2019. :)

Since we’re making new year resolutions, let’s make some big ones too:

Goals before 2029, assuming both this site and I are still hanging around:
1. Win the Misaos. Because it’s worth it.
2. Make 10 million dollars off of making games. Because why not. XD
RPG Maker Specific Goals:
-Mess with and learn more about parallax mapping
-Do more creative things in Photoshop (tilesets, etc)
-Finish & Upload 1 short project
-Get my friends together to work on a short group project
-Start the sequel to my main game

Personal Goals:
-Get in better shape. Damn winter weight :-) Want to lose about 20 pounds.
-Self-publish one of my stories that's been sitting around collecting dust.
-Get acclimated to my new team at work & become a top performing team.
RPG Maker Specific Goals:
- Release episodes 2, 3 and 4 of Shooty and the Catfish. Episode 5 I am happy to leave for 2020 since its quite a lot larger than the first 4.
- Make something small like Hazmat for another game jam.
- Win atleast one Misao... B)

Personal Goals:
- Finish and release my animated short film Deep Water.
- Slash atleast 50 games I own off of my backlog.
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