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So, my game was denied a while ago and I updated the page and re-submitted it but... nothing’s happened. It just says that it’s pending and it’s been a whole month since I re-submitted and nothing! So, Can denied games be approved after being re-submitted, or are they a lost cause?
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They should be able to be reapproved so it's probably just that Libby or whoever is doing the queue right now hasn't got around to it.
If it takes any longer I'd probably send Libs a message and ask what's up, maybe the page still isn't suitable yet or something, so it's not a bad idea to ask (since a month is longer than usual).
Anyway, good luck with your game!
If it's been a month then I'd definitely send Liberty message if you didn't received another denial message with a list of required things to fix.
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I don't know if it's been on the queue for a month. However, I can confirm that it's on the queue right now. Saying that, I don't make a habit of watching the queue, as I do not have the ability to approve, deny, or anything like that.

*Edit: If it really has been a month, as you say, then, yeah, my recommendation would also be to contact Liberty.
If you didn't fix the thing that was asked to be fixed and just resubmit them back into the queue, I tend to leave them in the queue a bit longer so the message gets across that if asked, you will need to change.
Yeah, I would recommend to work on your game page first before resubmitting it. There is no reason to accept a rejected page if it still doesn't stand up to the site's standards.
I guess you've already known that, tho.
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