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Hey everyone, apologies if this is in the wrong place-been a long while since I've really used this lovely site! I'm faaairly sure I know the answer to this already, but I ask just to be sure.

What's the opinion here on using Pokemon Essentials, a huge script pack for RPGMaker XP? I understand some more professional-y places like rpgmaker.web probably discourage the use of it-due to concerns of copyright infringement (and stolen assets from official pokemon games). This place always has been pretty laid-back, though, and I saw a couple old Pokemon fangames on here years back. So I just wanted to see if it would be generally discouraged for me to ever post a pokemon fangame made with Pokemon Essentials on this site, or if that sort of thing is a-okay here. Thanks!
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At minimum, this game is/was using it, and, well, it was allowed through. Though, maybe part of that was because it was a community-centered project, but, I don't think a game would be outright denied on the basis of using Pokemon Essentials. Maybe some other factor, or a multitude of factors, but not that, by itself.

Though, if you really want to be sure, I'd consider PMing Liberty.
I will say that if your game gets called out by Nintendo, we'll pull it down. Frankly, we have some games on the site already that use it, but it's definitely not legal to use it so it's on your head if something happens legally.

If it's a commercially marked project, though, it won't be allowed.
Thank you for the clarification! I figured this was the case. I'm just making a project as a fun hobby, I don't plan to advertise it at all other than possibly posting it on this site, if I ever do post it outside of my friend circle. So I figure Nintendo wouldn't likely notice.

Still, of course if Nintendo ever contacts me (oh, thats a scary prospect), I'd be taking it down right away. Thanks again for the response, y'all. (And jeez, how could I have forgotten about Pokemon RMN Version??)
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