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Hello Community, Thanks for all your support and encouragement on our project.
We decided on the name of the game – Fifefer Island. The guide and narrator will be Mother Planet. We have completed a lot over the past few weeks. We hire StarBird Resources and he has been a great help! We have developed the Title Screen, Heads Up Display (HUD), created a time/calendar system, Tech Tree and Quest Systems and also created the ability to generate reports for the player.

We are currently working on the game introduction animation, character introduction animation and chapter one maps. We are also working on the Style Guide. We still need more help from the community. We need a musician/sound effects artist that can give us a consistent theme throughout the story. We are also in need of more technical advice, illustrators and web people.

We are scheduled to have an Alpha version of the first two chapters our for testers in early February. We hope you will lend a hand and hopefully enjoy the first Alpha Release
Guardian of the Description Thread
The forums really isn't the place for this kind of blog. What you need for this site is a gamepage. As such, I'm inclined to link to the submission rules.

Consider this thread locked. I will add that if you have questions regarding gamepages, you may direct them to Liberty.
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