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New Glyphs look good and new system skin?

This isn't actually really anything, just testing out some futuristic stuff :)
Sorry, I'll contribute something a little more interesting as soon as possible. Can't exactly take a screenshot of every scene of the game.

Nice improvement, Nightblade.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
Those are some neat future tiles. Did you make them?
New Glyphs look good and new system skin?

Its still the same. It's transparent, so in that particular shot you see a bit of the desert background I was using in that screenshot.
Chartley, nice tiles, it's good to see people using something else besides the VX rtp.
Night blade, I still would prefer to see a full screenshot than just a window, but the glyphs seem nice :)
Mm some new screens of new areas in Lost king (I probably should make a topic about the game, and stop posting screens here =P )

Neige, the Snow village:

Glacial peak

Finally you have a ship! you can now travel ALL around the big world in Lost king! (it IS a big worldmap actually)

I hope you guys will like it =)
Jebus, Cray. Stop showin' everyone here up!
EDIT: I love the globe GameoverGames, my only complaint is that the places near the "poles" look a bit stretched up...
D-Bones, what does "show everyone up" mean? Am I posting too many screens of my game? :x
Nah, he's just implying that it's better than everyone else's!

It is looking pretty amazing, though. Actually, going back a couple of pages, your battlers really remind me of the first Suikoden, except with brighter colours.
Ah I see, thanks then! :D
You mean Suikoden 1? I wouldn't really know because I haven't played it, my game is more based on breath of fire 1/2 but I agree that suikoden 1/2 also look relatively similar, with the 3/4 view and all.
And yeah, I was such a fan of bright colors when I started this game, next one I make will be much darker, a bit like final fantasy 6 :)
Ha ha. Yeah I was basically saying your screens are awesome. Now I must step up my game!
GoGP, nice globe, but cray is right. Those poles are odd...
'Tis the fault of the difference between the second and third dimensions, but yeah, I've been trying to figure out an algorithm that makes the poles look a little better without having to zoom out. I should probably make each of the poles have their own specialized texture.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
couldn't you artificially elongate the image with "ice caps"? That is, make the source image taller with a (jagged) horizontal bar of white added to the top and bottom of the image.
Actually, that's what I did with the globe I made you kentona, only with ocean instead of ice caps. It works to some extent, but using too much would kind of put everything out of place.
Neige, the Snow village:

smooth moves frenchy
Hehe, I always think of words in other languages to name stuff in my games =P
Wouldn't those NPCs be cold in those clothes? Just saying. Looks pretty good so far, Cray. I really like your style. ^.^
That's beast. Are those custom graphics? My only gripe is the 'ladder' or whatever it is that the player's supposed to use to get up that incline. It just doesn't seem to match the quality of the rest of the shot.