Thank you once again SegNin <3
Jesus, SegNin, where would we be without you, man?
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SegNin is the lifeblood of forgetful chumps who don't backup files. (like me)
Come to think of it, does anyone still have Final Fantasy Crystal Wings?
EDIt: Nevermind! found it thankfully over here:
I saw this Legion Saga R:

Not sure if that's the one you're looking for.
Legion Saga Z:
I saw this Legion Saga R:

Not sure if that's the one you're looking for.

That one is the same one that can still be found several places on the 'net; it's the second-to-last version that Kamau released publicly.
What Tau is looking for is the last version that Kamau put up on his old site, not the second-to-last.

And now I want it too.

Jesus, SegNin, where would we be without you, man?

You'd have fewer games to play, that's where you'd be. ;p
Eschalt made a game utilizing man RTP edits, I cant really remember the name. Anyone have an idea or even better a link.
Not exactly obscure yet, but does anyone have a download for Beloved Rapture?
I don't know if anyone remembers this at all, but I should give it a try. There was this RM2k3 Game that is a 2 player game. You battle each other. The characters are the SD3 main characters and the movement is somehow similar to an SRPG. You select maps where to battle and yeah that's pretty much it. I sadly don't remember its title at all or if it even had one...

It was one of my childhood RM games so it'll be nice to see it again <:3c
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Are you talking about Rustys Fantasy Battle.. Or something like that. It sounds like what you described. I don't have it and couldn't find it else where, sorry ness. Maybe Segnin will have it though?
Hey tau yeah that's the game! :D I found it by accident last night!
I found it over here :D

Fantasy Battle
I apologize if this has been posted already (I looked around but didn't find anything about it), but does anyone have wilfred the hero? download link is down.. :(
Hey tau yeah that's the game! :D I found it by accident last night!
I found it over here :D

Fantasy Battle

Sweet. I completely forgot about this game. I used to love it. Rusty also had a compilation of like 5 tutorial games, including a 'ring menu' and an abs. Anyone have that?
I have Wilfred the Hero somewhere, I'll see if I can find it. Actually, it's on the main site.
The download on the main site doesn't work. :/
hey i was wondering if anyone had an updated link for final fantasy high game? I know the links have been posted on earlier posts but the mediafire link no longer works and i can’t use one from rappidshare as my computer doesn’t seem to like it much. Thank you :)
Ermm, im not sure any rm95 games are on this list, but i didn't see this one posted:

Heroine Iysayana:

thought some people might be interested in this. i played an hour of it a while ago; and it was pretty darn fun!

and here's another (semi)obscure game not posted:


Easily one my fav rm2k3 games. it an epic (40+ hours of gameplay) and the characters eventually get to lv99.
Hope you guys enjoy these (^^)b

EDIT: I apologize in advance if this isn't appropriate to put on this thread; for i'm suggesting rather than requesting rare/obscure games
Is anything rare or obscure on the Internet?
I can't find The Shadow of Life by Legacy anywhere.
I do keep finding old reviews for it on the Wayback Archive--all of them positive, if not glowing.

So, this is my newest request.
I know it's a longshot, but hey...

(And you guys with your comments and theories regarding my game-finding prowess literally made me laugh out loud.)

I know this is a bit delayed, but you're in luck.

After stumbling upon this thread and reading this, I remembered that I had played SoL a lifetime ago, on a computer that is now sitting in my attic. I thought I'd do right and haul the thing out to see if the game was still on there, and it was!

Without further ado:

It's a very fun and interesting game, quite unusual subject matter, and definitely didn't look like anything else that was being made with RM2K at the time (I think it was sometime between 2000-2002 that this was a new game).

When I first played it at about age 12, I thought it was so advanced and sophisticated. Now that I take another glance almost a decade later, there's still a lot that's pretty incredible about this game, especially considering it was developed by a high school student (at least according to the archive of Legacy's webpage, which you thankfully showed me). There's also some juvenile aspects perhaps, such as the spelling at the beginning, but I'm leaving the game completely untouched. Enjoy!