wow, you already have experience re-editing tiles I can guess. Great job :D
Hey, just joined! I'm really digging all the pixel art around these parts.

haha Nice, it looks a little weird seeing the reflections on his clothes though. Are there lights above him? Actually, same with the reflection on the top of his helmet. Is that supposed to be the lines on the road or street lights?

It seems to stutter sometimes. Randomly.
I think it makes sense on his jacket, as leather can be very reflective with bright lights. I assumed that maybe he was driving through a tunnel or something but, regardless, very cool looking.
Yeah, I was intending him to be going under numerous street lights, but the effect does seem rather jittery now that I look back on it. I'll need to be more patient animating the next one.
I think the jittering I was experiencing was because of the browser not playing the animation at a steady frame rate. The color in the text box sometimes sticks on a single color for a few frames. The movement of the white dots is fine. The lines on his helmet look long and rectangular, like road lines, but whatever you say ;D
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
I suppose this might count as pixel art

It is pretty low in quality ,but I like it. Probably only because I made it
(Double post on account of RMN being slow as molasses at the moment.)
Can't decide if this will be floor or wall tiling. Suppose I'll have to make some more tiles before I know for sure.

And I could've made the rock formations look a little less straight with more variations, but I was just quickly slamming the tiles together in Paint and didn't feel like trying to make it look too diverse for a picture (because that would be slow and tedious to align them like that in Paint).
How did this drop back so far? I loved this topic! For shame, RMN. >:(

Anyway, bored at work and randomly felt like trying to make some shadowy looking graveyard stuff.

I think I need to adjust the looooong tree branch that sticks out from the side. The two big middle ones look too similar, too.