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I've tried at least 27 times to produce a decent game. i'm giving UUUPPP. i'm just gonna help people test their games. it'll save me a little effort, a lot of humiliation, and a crap load of athritus. just post your game here, put it in your locker, i'll test it and give you my peer reveiw.
and if it requires a certain program you can forget it.
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This might attract more attention in the Help & Requests forum. Though you don't have to be hired by someone specifically to help them with beta testing. Try downloading some stuff on the frontpage and just playing around in them. Leave your thoughts in a comment on the games' pages, or write a review if you're up to it. Don't limit yourself to just commissioned work!
good advice. i honestly didn't know that there was a H&R section o.0
It's directly below this forum. :P
And you don't just have to beta test the games. You can also try games that already have a demo or completed download, then at least you know that you can play without many problems.

I could use a tester. It's not an RPG tho so it's cool if you don't want to.

I need a beta. Seriously, before I invest any more time into this, I'll need a beta.
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