I should probably try releasing a finished game instead of a prototype (because then I'll never finish it :p)

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I mean just the other day someone (presumably you) accepted Fantasy Gold. Two of its first three screenshots were this and this:

Do these really show a demonstrably more acceptable level of mapping than any of the original three screenshots from March Lord above? I admit to some degree it's a matter of taste but I think most people would agree that they are definitely operating at roughly the same level here.

Why must you take my sloppy first game and bring it into this conversation WHY
Because the second image is very obviously a puzzle, the first is a desert, which is by nature rather empty (and thus makes sense to be - there are tree trunks at the top right showing some decoration) and the third image showed that these were deliberate design choices:

All three combined showed it to be of sufficient quality while the first three combined of the other is just below site standards. They've since polished up their maps.

There is no shame in admitting that occasionally you make the wrong call on creating conflict over nothing.

@Moosy~ The first image has an error of height. The throne 'stage' is two tiles higher than the floor below but you're only using one tile of stairs. That doesn't match up.
The forest is nice, but maybe a few flowers and ground grass/plants would be a good idea - especially as it's a natural forest area that isn't gardened. You're using the water tile wrong, though - there should be a secondary water tile that when used in conjunction with that one will form underwater cliffs, thus giving depth to the water. As it stands, the current tile isn't underwater rocks but underwater cliffs.
Here are some pics from my brother's game...

And if you inspect some of the objects they hint at shipping the cat and the dog
@Christamoose, should be "an awesome quest" not "a awesome quest". Maybe put some stolen treasures or something in that thieves hideout, too... or maybe some tents rather than stalls. Unless they sell stuff.
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