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I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.
I am needing help with, as the title explains, RPG Maker XP. It isn't your average help that I'm in need of.

There is something that I fail at, and would rather like to see if a person with XP, would try their hands at it.

I have gone onto the Spriters Resource. Gotten myself a file that has images of a man from an action fighting game. It fits into RPG Maker XP and works wonders. But I cannot make it not blink when transition from one image to the next. I"m trying to use it as a simplified Flash program, using the images as the character, obviously. When it moves from one image to the next, it is supposed to look as if it is moving. But it either blinks, doesn't work, or skip from the first image to the last. If I send someone the files I'm using, which are small, would someone care to try their hand at this?

Basically trying to make him move his arms and legs around as if preparing for an attack. That is all I"m trying to do for now. The project itself should be very short, but all I need is to have someone do it, to see if they can, so I can look off and see how the Hell they did it.

If someone agrees and is willing to do it, I'll PM you my IM addy and go from there.
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