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Welcome to the world of Eden.

Heavily inspired on my youth being surrounded by excellent RPGs, this effort was conjured after a long term myriad of ideas from my youth. Many ideas were borrowed even from childhood drawings and expanded upon. I would lay special mention to games like Legend of Dragoon or Breath of Fire as inspirational venues.

The story begins with the discovery of a new continent on the world of Eden; a location that none but Ruth Roberts and her crew were meant to find. By threads of fate, she encounters magical life when she thought hers was all but lost. In the years that follow, a quick establishment of power from the Cyber Mercenary Department/Destroyers (C.M.D). At conflict with the opposing Crusader faction for grip on the large land mass, tensions rise until the Liberation Act finally passes and all Drakon are expelled from the land. Many years later, the game takes the role of a boy called Riley who awakens from his tent one morning to make a visit to the town like any other.

The game has a turn based battle system, with four persistent party members and summonable assists. Elements play more weight into battle; inflicting status ailments and debuffs. Skills are used on a fatigue based system, which allows the regeneration of SP during battle which will allow you to regenerate SP without being near an inn.

Currently, this game spans about five and a half hours and ends at the final city of Staza Plateau.

  • Four persistent party members.

  • Two summonable creatures.

  • Bookshelves crammed with lore.

  • Nearly every single NPC has a name.

  • Elements that provide different status advantages and disadvantages.

  • A mostly narrative driven story with much attention to detail, complete with fully evented scenes.


Riley Wrean :- A boy who forgets most of his youth, but was raised by Zephyr on Kentauros mountains. Apparently at some point Zephyr claims that his mother offered him over to take care of him. Only familiar with quiet environments and gets mildly uncomfortable in large cities.

Zephyr :- Brought into the world by the way of a deadly witch summoning ritual; Zephyr was the byproduct of a witch trying to extend their own death. However, Hex Conjurers like herself have no memory of the event. She encountered Riley's mother at the foot of Staza Plateau and used the nearby village to help raise him. The most knowledgeable in the party; but ignores the calling of an awakening disaster because of her own attachment.

Tay Karas :- Sister to Allan Karas, she is nervous, shy and naive. Her vulnerable attributes were born from the domestic abuse her father gave her, and she miraculously escaped his clutches by way of miracle. However, she believes that she can still change her fathers ways back to the way they used to be.

Allan Karas :- The older brother of Tay. Completely the opposite personality wise; most often he is an outspoken person with a relatively brash personality. He dislikes Riley travelling with them.

Adena Krieger :- A wandering warrior in pursuit of an answer to her ailment; and a way to abolish it entirely. She's in a desperate search for the tunnels of Ankitor; as it may be the answer to ending her undeath.

Phinaxio :- A bright orange bird, that serves as a half of Agnisus, the Daeva of Order. Is Tay's guardian angel for as long as she holds the Ring of Ruby; and can be Spirit or Host Summoned when conditions are met.

Agu :- The other half of Agnisus. Encounters Ruth before his formal death and resides in the Emerald Ring after that point. It is said to be in Allan's possession, but the creature makes no such contact with him. Wise and noble.

Galadius :- Rival and enemy to Agnisus; the Daeva of Chaos. He too, was sealed within a Diamond Ring, but while still in a physical form. It is not known what occurred to this ring. Galadius seeks to annihilate Agnisus as is the will of Lord Blood.

Latest Blog

Progress Report:- 8th Edition - QA, VA and everything in between.

I don't have too many screenshots to share since it's either spoiler related or backend, but you can enjoy a small preview of reworked abilities, with new battler idle animations.

Currently final dungeon progress sits with bosses not being affected by Ultimate weapons, but within a the week, the bosses you encounter will change based on Ultimate weapons obtained. Bosses you did not fight in these quests you will be forced to deal with here. The dungeon will roughly have three branching paths that need to be completed in order to deal with the final encounter.

Tucked within the game are also a few hidden minigames. Here's a small preview of one (This one is already fully functional.) While Eden has computers, they are fairly primitive, so don't expect the best graphics videogames have to offer.

Finally, I have opened the floodgates to optional voice acting. This will be able to be enabled/disabled at will. Not all text will be voiced, but focal scenes and characters will be voiced, if you would like that as an option. If you would like to apply for a role you can do so here. HOWEVER. Please note that not all roles are available yet (notably main characters) as I am not entirely finished with script writing. This also requires me to export the dialogue manually by hand on a spreadsheet to calculate the exact line count for any potential readers. In short, it will take a while to fully implement this feature. It will be unlikely you'll see this anytime until near the games actual projected release window, but this is something to look forward to a bit further ahead in the future.

I noticed the current build of the game has a rather strange graphical error at a particular part of the game (not game breaking, just strange) so I'm hoping to get this hotfixed as soon as I am able, though, it is not likely till after the 25th of September, when I am home from travel and able to work on this again. That being said, I'm not going anywhere till around the 19th this month, so there's plenty of polish time before then.

See you next time!

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Good lord this game is beautiful and I love the menu and graphics. Quite eyecatching, like the features as well. Subbed~
Hey Zephyrsword great finding you again, and you're still working on this game!!!!

I REALLY like your artwork, you're very talented when it comes to art and creating monsters!
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