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Updated to coincide with Steam Release edition

The version of this game on RMN was left for some time, and that was to deal with the issues on steam first and foremost. However, urls for the downloads have been updated, so if you experienced crashes or softlocks they should be functional in this version.

Progress Report

Progress Report:- 9th Edition - Officially more editions than DnD

A new overdue update may have just flung under your radar, and you may wonder to yourselves why it's relevant or even important, and the thing is, there is a lot of backend to be seen here. Near the end of the progress report I'll go over more about the tons of new art assets and sound design too.

Like Ellexial, the game was bleeding a bit but the wounds have been healed where they can be done. There were some genuinely awful things too. One of the bigger new ones was the status menus in the prologue crashing due to some name changes and some default assets present. The name changes were an easy one to deal with, but as for the default assets...

... They have been entirely replaced? Why settle for the standard when we can make our own? The art renders are all handled by myself, including the menu if you weren't sure.

New monster art! Mostly post-chapter 4 stuff, the Coater is a crazed drone that follows an Eyerus-like behaviour. Over time it can find hosts or scrap to grow in strength.

This is one of the many new art renders included in this build. There are some for future story events and the ending, so no peeking!

Finally, in terms of audio, I commissioned Dark-Grunt for two audio tracks, the opening theme, and one mystery theme. His music is fantastic, so please check him out.

Finally, round 2 of Casting Call has gone out. This covered the voice over for the main characters of the game! Mid-Februrary, I'll be recruiting for one final round of voice over in order to get the game ready in the best state it can be come April. I hope you look forward to the conclusion of the game then. For now, keep slamming me with bug reports!

Progress Report

Issues outstanding with hotfix 1.2

I've been getting a few reports of abnormalities with the most recent update. These have been validated with several testers and I'm looking into resolving them soon.

> Crash occurs when entering Ruth or Lawrence's equipment menu.

You can currently solve this by not viewing the status or equipment menu of either character during the prologue, something that you shouldn't need to do for game balance.

This issue didn't occur in a previous build so there may be foul play with corrupted files. I'm going to investigate and provide a bandwidth friendly patch. This will only require you to download the encrypted data and you do not have to redownload the .exe or music so long as the game is already installed.

> Credits improperly activate during the end of Chapter 4. Credits sequence does not activate as intended for this build. Pre-roll intro credits still play correctly however.

> Performance issues with certain maps. There are still a number of framerate issues with a few maps.

On top of this there are a few other issues that aren't as critical as these right now. Keep the critical hits incoming, they've been invaluable so far.


Hotfix and release trailer!

The game is fixed up! Be sure to download the latest version if you had issues beforehand. This build resolves a number of crashes (and a rare crash that testers were encountering)

Here's what was changed!

- Fixed dialogue delivery with Zephyr
- Fixed small spelling errors.
- Found a severe progression stopper whereby if you spoke to Edwin Zykes and Tay twice in Kent, this would eventually lead to a massive sequence break later on.
- Hid a special event thats not finished yet.
- Fixed a softlock in the Agu summoning scene.
- Fixed the dance scene crashing.
- Fixed a nasty transition when exiting the Nomadic Village of Ember with Phinaxio. (I still don't know what caused this, but it works now.)
- Managed to catch some exceptions where you shouldn't be allowed to fly.
- Many, many original monster assets added!
- Added more clarity to game objective
- Fixed various errors based on feedback.
- Fixed end of chapter 1 hard crashing
- Fixed some animations

- Added new art assets (Because if this, you may need to download a new version)

Enter code REFRAXIA at the Prison console to access a deleted scene. (There is a reason this was deleted, i.e disturbing, so do so with caution.)
You can only do this BEFORE you enter the left prison room with Tay. Inputting this code alters two other events later down the line, if you manage to get that far.

I am in dire need of feedback for this project. I got some awesome feedback recently so please keep it up! I'd love for this project to be the best it can be.

Game Design

Character Profile - Adena Krieger

Once a Fennec Guild Member and most recently, a Crusader. Adena Krieger is a woman who should not be alive.Reported to have perished alongside Hertz Minton, they were only Crusader graduates who were marched to their death.

In her early life, she lived one in secluded peace, similar to that of both Tay and Allan. However, one day her father fell ill, and killed her mother. Being a Crusader himself, she discovered that his secret garden had been overrun with Hex, and he himself became an Overturned. She had overheard stories from her father and Private Kadame Viker how dangerous Overturned were, and how Crusaders were assigned to deal with the horrific place of nightmares called the Fall.

Homeless, she found refuge in the Fennec guild; cloaked marauders that often took in orphans for the purpose of stealing items and information, making children unheard and untrustworthy. Eventually, the Fennec guild contracted her with her first physical fight, but she eventually discarded them because of their selfish and distrustful ways.

Above: Adena's appearance as a Crusader, before the calamity.

Enrolling in the Crusaders, a force designed to combat evil and the Hex, she is forced to liaise with the joker of the class named Hertz Minton, who she eventually opens up to. But only so much so before it is snapped shut.

Above: Hertz Minton, known for his gold armour, red cape and blue hair.

On graduation; they are sent on a mission to the Fall for first hand experience of the monsters that lurk there. Only originally with the plan that they stay near the outskirts of the nightmarish zone, officials push the students far deeper than allowed, by some purposeful misuse of power above. It is there the students die, left and right, until only Hertz and Adena remain. Trembling after seeing friends die and even attempt to kill each other, they are cornered in a ravine and meet eye to eye with a monster that was never reported before.

Above: A Crestlich - a type of Overturned clad in armour.

A creature of pitch black armour, gold and a frightening bird-like maw.

Both Adena and Hertz are unable to overwhelm the beast, and in the end, Hertz hatches a plan to jump atop the back of the creature, so that Adena may run. The plan falters, and both are wiped out. Adena wakes momentarily, to speak with her dying partner as he offers up his sword. As she clutches it, it shines brightly, and a surge of blood drenches from the sword before she blacks out.

Adena should have died, and yet somehow, the sword had protected her from death. The silver blade, once possessed in Hertz's hand had transformed into this vile, black weapon resembling the now vanished monster they had tried to slay.

The Golden Bite had prevented Adena's death somehow, but presented a new dilemma. She could no longer die. Try as she might at ending her suffering, all was for nought.

She, herself, had inherited the power of the Crestlich armour and was able to summon it at will. Something, of such vile material, no normal person could wear upon them.

What's worse, is Hertz's body could not be found. In seeking answers to her ailment, she decides to travel to Quilaski, the residing place of Riley Wrean in Meta Revelations - Ring Spirits. There, she will find a Daeva named Ankitor who is apparently the solution to all of her ills.


She has a general dislike of Overturned and tends to act irrationally around them, despite appearing and talking like a fairly level headed person.

Over the course of her previous adventures, she has acquired what is known as "Battle Modes" with her armour, that is to say she can adjust the armour slightly based on Crestliches slain.

Above: Adena using the Ancient Novus Cannon, Behemoth (Otherwise known as Battle Mode 2)

Above: Battle Mode 4; acquired from Lejatvitan, the Crestlich with a kind heart.

In Meta Revelations - Ring Spirits, Adena discovers a horrid truth about the original of her sword, the Golden Bite and where she places herself in the seat of all that lives - and why she cannot die.

All art on this page was created by Zephyrsword. Please do not reuse/sell/redistribute without permission.

Progress Report

Update 1.2 News

There's a new update! Download the game now to see all the changes.
This update comes with a plethora of fixes and changes based on reviewer feedback, and in general is a lot more reviewer friendly. The game now includes a journal to keep track of progress, more artwork and plenty of changes and fixes.

Feel free to try out your save data with this version, and let me know about any issues, bug or performance related here.

Fixes for Meta Revelations 1.1

Added Content
- Introductory Work in Progress notice
- Conclusive thanks for playing notice
- New illustrated story backgrounds
- New skills
- New animations
- Added lots of new icons
- New backgrounds
- New enemy art, for Ritual Demon, Nether Shadow Captain among others.
- Improved portraits
- Partially implemented optional game voice over. This cannot be activated yet without hacking Switch ID no 539.
- Final boss and zone implemented and fully traversable. You will meet a Game Over if you play too far without hacking.
- New scene in Chapter 3
- New room in Jasehj West
- Added tons of collectables in Jasehj
- New journal system! Added a new option in the menu to access this feature and keep track of where you are in the story.
- Added a hidden minigame.
- Added a scoring system on game completion of Chapter 4. Based on Gold + Steps + Play Time -(Save Count*5)
- Added something hidden...

- Decreased the potency of Ruth Roberts 'Arrow Rain' and rounded cost down.
- Gave the Ruby Ring a +5 bonus to INT where there was none before.
- Altered description of Ruby Ring to better describe the bonus it grants.
- Improved performance in Jashej West and Jasehj East
- Populated several areas lacking sufficient enemy numbers. (Gytera is still being tested for performance.)
- Improved the look of trees in Elvenbow Woods, Chapter 4
- Cleaned up dialogue in the Reshi Ash scene Chapter 3.
- Cleaned up much of dialogue by Allan Karas, Sigurd Locke, Lawrence, Christopher.
- Restored old fast travel system for stability.

- Fixed multiple instances of missing descriptions on items.
- Fixed multiple instances of missing icons on items.
- Removed possibility of multiple Ruby Rings in players possession.
- Fixed a broken cutscene trigger in Chapter 4, during the prison break.
- Fixed a bug that would allow the final boss to be fought on a normal enemy.
- Fixed potential sequence break with single tile in Jasehj West
- Fixed collision and clipping issues with corrupted tilessets.
- Fixed abnormal tileset oddity in the Church of Order
- Fixed misaligned charactersets in the migration to the new battler system.
- Fixed potential oversight in the skill masters system.

Progress Report

Progress Report:- 8th Edition - QA, VA and everything in between.

I don't have too many screenshots to share since it's either spoiler related or backend, but you can enjoy a small preview of reworked abilities, with new battler idle animations.

Currently final dungeon progress sits with bosses not being affected by Ultimate weapons, but within a the week, the bosses you encounter will change based on Ultimate weapons obtained. Bosses you did not fight in these quests you will be forced to deal with here. The dungeon will roughly have three branching paths that need to be completed in order to deal with the final encounter.

Tucked within the game are also a few hidden minigames. Here's a small preview of one (This one is already fully functional.) While Eden has computers, they are fairly primitive, so don't expect the best graphics videogames have to offer.

Finally, I have opened the floodgates to optional voice acting. This will be able to be enabled/disabled at will. Not all text will be voiced, but focal scenes and characters will be voiced, if you would like that as an option. If you would like to apply for a role you can do so here. HOWEVER. Please note that not all roles are available yet (notably main characters) as I am not entirely finished with script writing. This also requires me to export the dialogue manually by hand on a spreadsheet to calculate the exact line count for any potential readers. In short, it will take a while to fully implement this feature. It will be unlikely you'll see this anytime until near the games actual projected release window, but this is something to look forward to a bit further ahead in the future.

I noticed the current build of the game has a rather strange graphical error at a particular part of the game (not game breaking, just strange) so I'm hoping to get this hotfixed as soon as I am able, though, it is not likely till after the 25th of September, when I am home from travel and able to work on this again. That being said, I'm not going anywhere till around the 19th this month, so there's plenty of polish time before then.

See you next time!

Progress Report

Main Scenario - 90% complete - Here's what's coming

In a previous blog, I've already stated that the current build of the game already consists of 4 of the 5 chapters (There are actually 6 if you count the Prologue!) current scenario work is closing in on full completion. As of right now, there is only two dungeons left to complete, being the Control Spire and the Rift that shortly opens after the Galadius summoning.

However, just because I am closing close to main scenario completion, does not mean I will release the game fully any time soon (I'll explain in a bit). But you can still enjoy the current build with all its polishes up until that point.

Now you're asking, if I'm so close to being done with the main story, why are you still delaying releasing it? The answer is more simple than you think. I want a good chunk of time set aside for my QA period - now this could last several months. This would include adding polish to cut scenes, more options to skip more cut scenes on your play through and most importantly of all; cleaning up the battle system. Even with the changes to elemental status and improvements over the years, it's still the weakest aspect of Meta Revelations: - Ring Spirits and that just won't fly for some people.

I spent many hours the last few weekends overhauling battle animations. Instead of using just the character walking set to simulate battle animations, I've been designing my own idle and attacking animations to give the characters some life to them. Zephyr in particular needed the most justice, since she is essentially a floating cat that throws magic everywhere.

Other things coming soon to keep you interested:
  • Tons of new art, like the examples above.
    Audio improvements to to scenes and areas.
    The usual spellcheck.
    Reworking the prologue during Lyria's scene to not leave players confused.
    Reworking dialogue in other areas where it comes off as awkward.
    Battle passes.
    Filling the map with more treats and A/P zones (If you don't know what A/P zones are, you should play to find out!

And probably the most important feature of all:-

My reviewers asked for a quest log system to help keep track of game progress and what needs to be done next, and I agree. It's not something you have to use, but it's useful for tracking where you need to go if you're absolutely stuck. No more are the days of Ultima VII where you must write quest details down on paper, you can stop playing for a while and come back at a later date and still know what needs to be done.

All this content is coming soon. Expect it no later than the projected release date window. But if you have a craving to play now, why not head to the download page and pick up an earlier build? It includes all 4 current chapters sans the current updates in this thread, and is completely playable.

Game Design

Character Profile - Riley Wrean (Spoiler Free)

Since the character profiles on the main home page is incredibly brief, I wanted to go into extra detail about some of the main characters of the game. This may or may not be a continuing thing depending on time and other factors, but these guys needed refreshed artwork for quite a long time. So let's start with Riley Wrean.

For a main character you start as, not much about Riley's past is actually detailed by him, this is mostly because of how vague it is. One fact that stands out however, is that he was brought to the mountains when he was an infant by Zephyr, with the intentions that the nearby village of Kentaurous would fulfil the needs a human child desires. However, despite this, he still takes preference of living in a tent a pace outside town due to the fact that nature enamours and fascinates him, as well as the accompanying peace.

With the wild being fraught with danger and hard labour, Riley's interest in profession included a mild manner of education at the Flame Guild - a clan branch from the Crusader faction that allows a user to study a particular weapon type. Having a fondness for a short, light sword to push aside tall grass and bushes, Riley became a rookie Blader - a profession proficient in single or dual blade use. His skill is somewhat under-utilized however, only using it to thin the annoying population of Remander (A predatory red salamander carnivore no higher than the knee, that feasts on other wildlife and lifestock.)

Family man Erith, who lives across from the Flame Guild offers Riley pointers, but often ends up criticising him for his reckless combat ability; citing that when faced with a humanoid opponent from below, he wouldn't be able to handle it.

Riley finally makes the journey from the mountains to the lowlands when he chances an encounter with Tay Karas - a girl from another land. This sets the wheel in motion for Riley to realise what his purpose is and where and how he came to be.

Game Design

The Fall, the Hex and the Overturned.

In a world of majority peace; with thriving economies, life and landscapes, one wouldn't cross the thought that adventuring from place to place would be a simple feat. How oblivious those people would be. These would be the first to die to the bite of an Overturned.

Welcome to the Fall. Bordered by pure land, it takes one look of the ground to distinguish how in danger you're in. Lava would fit this - but people underestimate the gravity of purple Eden, purple dirt mixed in with the pale. This soil has been afflicted with an ailment known simply as the Hex - degrading pure aesthetic particles into an opposing force. This process is extremely slow over time, with exception, but the more dangerous part is what this ground harbours.

It becomes a ground for creatures known as the Overturned. These are generated from other living organisms, who too; eventually succumb to aetheric degradation. This can happen exceptionally quickly if it somehow reaches the blood.

Overturned physiology greatly varies, but most often comes in the form of a starved looking creature. All sense and self have been removed from the living flesh-bones, and they bleed purple when struck. They run on a single command - instinct. This instinct is a directory of the Fall, and the Daeva hivemind that operates within the center. They run exceptionally fast, and can survive out of the Fall for several weeks before decomposing completely.

It is not just people subject to Hex if left too long. Animals, even plants become subject. Men have reported of trees impaling passers by. More shockingly - even ground cavities have formed, devouring people who put their foot to the wrong patch of dirt.

In the Fall, or any hexed area, there become no rules. A man wondering in ill-prepared and alone will surely die.

However, there is a force of nature to combat the Hex. Known as the Crusaders; their task is to purify polluted lands and soil, with their ultimate goal of conquering the Fall. The techniques used involve purifying the ground with aetheric rituals. They are known to be clad in armour and swords like knights when they fight, because the light that beams from the metal reflects onto their enemies, disabling them for a time.

Even people afflicted by Hex can survive, deeming the appropriate tools are assembled, Crusaders are an expert of their craft.

However, it's still worth mentioning that Crusaders often feel like the hunted. They spend most of their working lives combating the Hex - a never ending war without end. It's likely they will see their comrades die on the field of battle, or fall into madness wondering when it may be their turn to face their end.

Lately, it has become a popular and horrifying method of blackmail to smuggle Dark Seeds from the Fall and use them to threaten people. These crystalline things were created by a congeal of souls, that interrupted aether around its roots to remain alive. Unless shattered with a strong weapon, it often devours peoples homes, or just makes them uninhabitable, or infested with monsters. Loansharks and questionable political figures have used these to unfavourable ends on citizens, making it a mess for the Crusaders to clear up afterwards, instead of dealing with business in The Fall. There are even cultists who worship the existence of Hex and witches that practise in it.
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