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One day - a boy from a small, quiet town discovers an alien in hiding from a celestial force beyond comprehension of any Human. This strange encounter will be the beginning of the Boy’s bizarre quest to thwart alien invasion, while his hometown becomes crazier and bloodier with every passing day...

SpaceSave is a story-driven, turn-based RPG, made in RPG Maker VX ACE, with a focus on exploration and interaction with many characters inhabiting the game’s main town. The action takes place within the five in-game days, which are divided into sections:

In the morning: Move around the local school, while doing various favours to fellow students in need of help. Or, maybe, take a side in a war between two rival school factions…

In the afternoon: Explore the boy’s hometown filled with secrets, collectibles, unexpected foes and many different kinds of townsfolk to get to know. You will also encounter special places that will require not only brute strength, but also brains, to conquer…

- Explore the town, completed with outskirts and the nearby forest, filled with unusual(or straight up weird) people to meet, secrets to find and fights to pick

- Over 20 side-quests and other side activities to do while you explore. Sometimes, it can even affect the main story...but be careful – the outcome not always will be positive
<As of version 1.3 and onward you can keep track of your quests by using a quest journal>

- A story with crazy events to experience and challenges to overcome. Uncover alien mysteries and save Humanity... or die trying.

- Three endings(including the secret one). Which one is right? Listen to your heart and decide...

- A quirky world filled with humour, weirdness and dangers(usually all three at the same time), where most things are not as they seem

- Original art and plethora of animations for the overworld and the battle screen(Player’s party weapons and skills)

Estimated Game Length: around 11 hours(one ending)
Recommended Age(of course, you can play if you are younger, if you want…): 16+

The game contains a lot of flashing lights and bright colours, so if you suffer from epilepsy - please, play only at your own risk.
The game also contains graphic depictions of violence and scenes that may be seen as shocking to some people.

Latest Blog

SpaceSave Version 1.4 has been released!

Hi there!

Well, it’s finally here. It’s going to be a much smaller update than version 1.3, but it consists of fixes and polish that(I hope) will make the game much more enjoyable to play(and a “definitive edition” of the game of sorts, at least for now). Below is a list of new features and a changelog for the new version(possible spoilers):

-New side questline, starting on Day 1 and continuing on a later day

- Some additional graphical improvements have been implemented:

= Tweaked Protagonist’s overworld sprites and battle animations to be more similar to his design in the promotional art

= Girl in the beginning of the Day 2 dungeon, now has a different coloured sprite to differentiate her from “normal” variations

= Shorty the Cashier’s sprites were finally updated from the beta version… which were ready 2 years ago, like for all the other characters before release,
but I forgot to implement them into spritesheets…

= Shops(and the Doctor’s office) now have more detail

= Breakable walls in the final dungeon are now more visible

- Added a new way to spend Nothing(To trigger: interact with a certain NPC on Day 1/Day 2 in the dream, while having at least 1 Nothing in the inventory)

- Added a new state “Sedated”, which can be applied by using “Painkillers”. It makes an affected character unable to get Knocked-Out, but prevents them from using
any skills

-Balance Change: “Depression” state now lasts 5 turns instead od 10

- Day 4: Added a second type of soldier, with an urban camouflage. Now - the soldiers with green(forest) camo can use and drop Incendiary Grenades, while
urban camo soldiers have normal Grenades.

- Day 5, Ending B: A save point has been added before the final boss of the Ending B route

- Improved the town introduction cutscene(added people in town… finally, and smoothed out some stuff)

- While we’re at the topic of stuff that should be fixed long time ago - the collissions with the guards in the “stealth” section on Day 5 have been (mostly) fixed

- Save point in the Factory dungeon in Day 2, now saves and restores HP/SP at the same time - like in every other dungeon in the game

- Finishing the first part of the Kate’s quest(Day 1, in the school) now doesn’t give EXP reward. Instead - it automatically levels the player up.

- Added a small hint to the third school faction’s quest

- Added more quips from party members for side-content stuff

- “Key Items” section of the inventory will now not include old, unused key items from earlier dungeons/quests(with exceptions)

- New item “Heretical Book” has been added as a special shop reward. It revives an ally with full HP and SP.

- New item “Incendiary Grenade” has been added and the normal type of “Grenade” now deals more damage to all enemies.

- New items “Painkillers” and “Potent Painkillers” has been added. When used - it gives a targeted character a “Sedated” state, which makes them unable to get
knocked-out while under its effect

- Fixed an oversight, where the “Depression” status effect didn’t prevent characters from using POWER-type skills

- Fixed a bug, which allowed you to save in the school after exiting third faction’s dungeon prematurely

- Fixed Ollie’s name before the sewer part of Day 5

- Evened out the most loud sounds(those I was able to find myself, that is)

- Minor UI and other fixes(small bugs, typos, etc.)

- Got rid of possibly copyrighted sound effects

And that’s it for this version! It’s going to be a while, before the next one(maybe even years), because I want to focus more on my other, new projects. I hope you will all look forward to new stuff from me and, eventually, more updates for SpaceSave!

For now, however - enjoy version 1.4! If you have any problems with the game/found any bugs, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Also, I have decided to make the download redirect to Google Drive as an experiment. Let me know, if there are any problems with it.


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Thank you! Hahaha I thought the image was not a plane but a radar dish antenna. Now that I think about it, it does say clearly in the game that the image shows the direction of the plane, not the antenna. XD
Now I'm stuck. I get to the purple realm and there's a note that says "East" but when I go to the next screen north, no matter whether I go east, west or north I end up back at the start. I gave up there and went into the dream-world town. I tried interacting with everything there but I can't get in anywhere but the gun shop and there's nothing to do in there. (By the way I love that the gun shop is the closest store to the school. I love dark humor.) So anyway, I've gone back and forth from purple realm to dream town a few times but can't seem to progress any further...ok I went back inside and interacted with the fact but I only have one sapphire. I think I got that in town so I just need to figure out the trick in the purple realm.
Wow, that ending. I got the one where it tells you that you have to look more in the forest. I don't think I have a save from that far back. :-(
Wow, that ending. I got the one where it tells you that you have to look more in the forest. I don't think I have a save from that far back. :-(

I see. If you want, I can PM you a save from the start of Day 3(some spoilery-stuff from a secret side-quest is on it, though, since it's from testing).

That being said, you're going to have to go through the optional dungeon in the forest, avaialable on Day 3/4 for "better" endings, which is... really bad. If you're up to it, I'd advise saving 1000$, so you can skip it(while still being able to see story bits and get access to better endings) or using answers for the puzzles, which are available in the manual.
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