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Crystal King - Progress #1

Chief here, giving you the latest report of the game's progress.

What's new:

-Created the orc captain Apollo (whose name/designed may be changed after the demo)
-Created Apollo's sprite
-Created the menu portraits for Azhal, Bhazjadorr, Worik and Lesnar.
-Created a save point sprite
-Created the treasure grid sprites, won't be animated in the demo
-Level design for Mushroom Forest is complete
-Level design for Goblin Grove is complete

What's next:

-Create Rennic's menu portrait
-Fine tune any art/aesthetics
-Create a few NPC's
-Create a few custom animations
-Create enemy art
-Create the Lambshire Forest tilesets
-Debugging fights on Cursed Mode
-Debugging skills
-Debugging Treasure Grid progression

So far so good on progress, demo might be released on time but there's a 50/50 chance that it may be pushed by the first week of May since work's been keeping me away from the computer. We'll have to see how my work schedule goes but thankfully, April doesn't have a lot of holidays so I might be able to take it easy from here.

Next progress report will be posted on April 20th. Time for game making!