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Progress Report

Devlog #2

What's next ?
First, thanks you all for playing the game. All your feedback was appreciated and helped me to notice few mistake as well as few bugs.
As such, I will release a update of the current demo in the upcoming weeks.
The main reason is I kind of messed up with one of my system and previous save will sadly not be compatible.
If you still don't want to start from the beginning then a save at the chapter 1 will be available.

What will be new ?
Few minors change overall.
Mostly, the journal will be available at the very beginning. It will contains notes about the main story progress, world info and systems tips.

-A auto-save
-Better FPS (tried my best, but it should be good now)
-GameOver screen as well as choices

-A redone (for most part) beginning of chapter 1
-Some tips about the battle system (like the shards skills for example)

For the battle system, I plan of redo Mathilde basic attack animation, I fixed some weird camera movements, made the yetis more weak to burn state (*hint* *hint* *hint* )and the battler "breathe" (Wanted to do it for a while but can't because of incompatibility issue...Until I noticed my battle system could do what I wanted without a side script...)

That's it for now, I can't exactly say when it'll be ready but it shouldn't take too long.

Stay tuned !


Paradise Lost Demo 0.1 is out

Alright, after a couple of month I decided to release a first demo.
In order to gain feedback and make you have a first try of the game.

This demo cover the whole prologue and around 20 minutes of the first chapter (So about 1 hour or more )

Regarding the music:
Please be aware that all the music are placeholder until the game get his own soundtrack.

Here the links:

Without RTP:

With RTP:

Thanks for waiting and I hope you'll like it.

Progress Report

Devlog #1

Alright, I think it's time to make some report.
Firstly, about the upcoming demo.
The plan is to finish the prologue (already finished actually) and the chapter 1 before releasing a demo, I think it will cover the 2~3h of the game.
About when the demo will be out...I don't know. I'm waiting for my composer and I didn't finished the mapping of the capital yet (Almost though) so until then, please be patient.

About my progress, like I said earlier I'm still making "Felancia" the capital of the game. It's a big town so it take some time but I almost finished and I'm quite satisfied with the result.

Aside from that, I continue to polish the battle.
Adding few skill sequence and trying to make a good use of the camera with the feedback I receive.
Now that how battle look like

I think actor command are more understandable like that.
That's all !
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