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..:: GENERICA ::..

*** UPDATE ***

New v1.3
This game has been updated with content from its sequel, Generica: The Next Generation!


..:: OVERVIEW ::..

Welcome to Generica! An RM2k3 RPG that will be created in a week in time for RS! Day VI. Done in that classic NES style (as seen in Dragon Fantasy II and Hellion), Generica will follow the story of our heroes as they leave their remote mountain village to kill the evil Slayer King.

For 22 years the Slayer King has ruled Generica with an iron gauntlet. The general populace is cowed and broken, and the nobles, knights and armies are fighting wars in far off lands for the bloodthirsty and seemingly invincible Slayer King. Large tracks of land have been left fallow and overrun by the wilderness. Villages lay abandoned, and even cities seem like ghosttowns. Hopelessness rules the day.

Our heroes must find the Gladius Generica - the only weapon capable of felling the evil lord - before it is too late. Yet the only one who knows its location is the reclusive old coot known as the Fisher King...and he is clearly insane...

..:: NOTES ::..

Like Hellion, this game will borrow heavily from our collective work on the (now defunct) community project of the same name (Generica), but instead of the gameplay and systems, this game will borrow the most from the story and plot.

It is not a long game, but hopefully fun!

Latest Blog

Encounter at Farpoint

This game has been updated with content from its sequel, Generica: The Next Generation!

The update includes:
-a caterpillar system for your party
-a new font (please install FF6.fon from the Fonts folder!)
-DynRPG patch for Faster ATB (courtesy of PepsiOtaku)
-some balancing issues
-New Game+ to allow you to continue to Generica: TNG using the same party/levels/equipment/items
-the ability to use classes from Generica: TNG
-the ability to start the game directly in Generica: TNG

  • Completed
  • kentona
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 03/17/2009 03:15 PM
  • 08/30/2018 11:52 AM
  • 03/26/2009
  • 176614
  • 38
  • 4602


Whoa that's pretty cool. You should submit this as a Media item!

Sure, why not?
...how come no ones commented on my new vincent icon? ):(
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
I didn't see this!
A nice little write-up on Generica from KnightBlargh:

just found this game through the game jolt web site and noticed who made it and had to grab it and then came here and subbed it. I love stuff like this and also made by a favorite maker too.
Kentona can seem to make ANYTHING good (even if it's in ten days or less). ^^
Kentona *used* to make ANYTHING good

..that is in the past. I'm- I'm an old man now.
Kentona *used* to make ANYTHING good

..that is in the past. I'm- I'm an old man now.

bull****, no you are not an old man... and you do make good thingz.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Kentona, old warriors like myself do not know how to make great games with a computer.

Therefore you are not allowed to be an old person as we have all seen the kind of games you know how to instinctively make.

And besides, only good looking, young men can run a good campaign to drag gold out of the pockets of his fellow warriors and you also do that :)

Guess you need to get to work on another game :)
He's "trying" to make another game.

...Hence the word, "try".
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
Do INT boosts actually function in this game?
They should...

unless that weird bug is in place where DEF and INT labels are flipped in the editor's Conditions tab...
WARNING: This post contains (minor) spoilers. Do not read unless you have completed the game. I am essentially just complimenting the author of the game as effectively as I can by mentioning specific items and situations in the game.

I have played Dragon Quest 1-9, and beaten 1, 4, 5, and 8 each multiple times. I have beaten Mother 1, 2, and 3 each multiple times. I have beaten Chrono Trigger at least 25 times (not kidding).

Not one of those games has as satisfying game mechanics and balance as you have put into Generica.

Generica has its flaws, but it is an amazing game. I downloaded it this morning and spent 7 hours beating it with 3 soldiers and 1 druid. I killed the final boss on the second round using the Brawnbelt, Phaseblade, Spiked Shield, and Crown Of Swords combined with Impact, causing 12 giant hits to come from my first party member. I was able to set up a tricky build that essentially made my party invincible while still being super offensive. I did die once when I faced 3 warlocks who all decided to cast Litall in a row, but I learned from that and bought 1 Wall Cloak and that now reflects every AOE spell that's cast on my party. It's so satisfying to see items actually have a profound effect on the game. The story is really good, too. I was flabbergasted when the game asked me if I'd like to start a New Game+ with my current characters in the sequel. "I have the ENTIRE sequel content and it can just PUT these characters in it to continue playing!? HELL YEAH!!!" That seemed like a profound feat of elegant game design and engineering to me. I'd be stuck writing an essay if I continued praising Generica until I was done.

I'm still playing the sequel to Generica with my awesome party. It's satisfying blowing everything up with this party I crafted so carefully. Now I'm at a town that seems to finally have weapons that are similar in strength to what I'm already using, so I'm really excited to see what challenges the game presents me from here on.

It is mind-blowing that you made Generica in 10 days. If I was richer, I would be giving you money right now. I've discovered that you also made tons of other games. I feel like I've stumbled upon a treasure trove of wonderful adventure. Thank you for enriching my life.
Aww shucks. 'twerent nothing *kicks dust*

Thanks for the praise!
How do I put the game in windowed mode because I cant read the letters for fullscreen?

And thanks in advance :)
Alt+Enter iirc. Thanks for playing!

Oh! If the fonts are jumbled try installing the FF6.fon file included in the download (in the fonts folder iirc) right click on the fon file and select Install... in Windows 7/8
O.O This is the best edited classic type I've ever seen. Seriously up there with Paradise Blue as my all all time faves.

high praise indeed!
whats the difference between playing generica:tng on its own game and playing it on this version?