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Owl's Nest

"You only get to see the true world when you leave home."

Anake, Nish and their friends have lived on a small island with their caretaker since the day they were born. Having never seen anything beyond their home, everything changes when they're tasked with retrieving artifacts in hopes of aiding their sweet mother. Suddenly, they're faced with a strange world that seems fractured...

Owl's Nest is at heart a minimalistic dungeon crawler, where Anake, Nish and the friends they make along the way fend off twisted creatures, solve problems and unravel the mysteries of their weird world.
It's an exploration-focused game, allowing you to travel to different places, all drastically different in both narrative and gameplay mechanics. Speaking of which, environmental interaction is big, and all characters can interact within the dungeons in different ways.

As an exploration-based Dungeon Crawler, each character in Owl's Nest is befitted with an unique skillset both in battle and in the field. Using these skills to unlock secrets and items within the dungeons is a core part of the game's experience, as such the exploration of every corner of the world rewards the player with useful items, hints and pieces of lore that would be unobtainable in other ways.
While Anake and Nish are always around for the adventure, they may take along a single additional guest, whose abilities may be key for acessing different locations they couldn't otherwise.
We hope you enjoy both the battle and field mechanics!

The game is still in development, but there's already a demo ready for download!

v.0.1.2 is up! Fixed major bugs and removed redundant files from game folders.

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Hey this is that game Jo keeps posting vague pics on twitter about. Is this the same one with the beach and beanstalk.
Noice! Another dungeon crawler game. Can't wait for this to be finished! Subbed already. =D
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
A delayed response, but this game seems really awesome. Subscribed, but you know that already. :p
Looks like it will be a tight game with a small cast. And Jo is onboard.
I'll follow this, then.
Hihihi thanks for the hype y'all! Mehopes to be able to churn out some nice sidestuff like production videos and blogs too~
Indeed its the one with the beach and the beanstalk! Hopefully the beach will be available soon :D
Makin' this has been quite the ride, and Ive partnered up with someone whos very talented, that I hope will make this game the best it can be.

So please look forward to hearing more of it~

will this finally be the first non vaporware jogame? let's cross our fingers
This is dope. Working on a review now.
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