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Almari is a black comedy surreal horror JRPG inspired by Yume Nikki, OFF, Mother/EarthBound, Undertale, The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past, and Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. It's been in development since 2013.

The game follows Almari, a hollow objecthead who lacks any emotions. He wakes up in an unknown location and is told by a being known as Hama that he must travel through several worlds created by various human emotions known as the Worlds of Mind and defeat the Emotion Holders of the worlds to gain their emotions for himself. The game focuses on dungeon crawling, puzzle solving, and turn based combat as the meat of its experience.

Almari is equipped with a writing utensil and various kinds of stationery to write words that will be used as his attacks. However, Almari does not learn these attacks by leveling up, and instead must find them throughout the Emotion Worlds.

The game is difficult by nature. Exploration, along with tactical experimentation and resource management, will be a double edged sword, but necessary for progression.


Almari: The protagonist, also known as TV Head. He seeks emotions to become whole.

Hama: The entity of the voice which leads Almari. Why is it so insistent on him becoming whole anyway?

Old Man Television:A world traveling television who sports access to the sacred Memory and Health Channels.

Galvin: A merchant who travels the worlds with Old Man Television . He sells Almari useful goods in exchange for Channels.

Thoughtforms: The main inhabitants of the Worlds of Mind. Much like Humans, Thoughtforms vary in intelligence and personalities. Their only constant traits are their general appearance and their tendency to call Almari “TV Head”.

Juno: A spunky objecthead that Almari meets in his travels. She too seeks emotions to become whole, but seems less eager to blindly follow Hama’s instructions.

Bethera: A servant of Hama. She exists in several places at once.

Demo Trailer

Main Dev Blog


Music/Other Game Videos

Latest Blog

Fortress Update, New Character, New Song

So I decided to scale back down the graphics for the Bravery Fortress rebuild because they were just too advanced looking for that point in the game. I want the early parts to look rough and gradually become cleaner as the player progresses through the worlds and the characters themselves become more complex with the emotions they gather. Additionally having the fortress look like that clashed with basically everything else in the world and I don’t want to rebuild the entire thing since it still functions as intended.

The new tiles likely won’t go entirely unused because I did like how they came out. Perhaps they’ll return again in a later or deeper world.

With that aside, I have a new character to reveal!

Bethera: A servant of Hama. She exists in several places at once.

Bethera is voiced by Ghost who beta tested the demo!

Lastly here’s a new song composed by POST ELVIS! It’s one of the many boss themes found within the game. In my opinion, you can never have enough killer boss themes, and this one is no exception!

Give it a listen!

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  • DemonClaus
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • Puzzle RPG
  • 05/19/2018 08:18 PM
  • 01/22/2020 01:14 AM
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I played a little bit and I like it so far!! Stylish and strange!
Love the style! Seeing that SMT influence really gets me hype. I'll be sure to check out the demo when I get the chance!
I think i played some 2 hours or so of the game. Played through most part of the "bed realm" (i hope) and i'll share some opinions of what i thought.

First, kind of a minor thing, but i noticed the random encounters sound a bit off. Sometimes i give two steps and i'm already into another fight. After some time i started to run of some battles due to that. Another thing that relates to that is that i think facing four enemies at the beginning is kind of slow and takes time (although just the scribbles are fine, stan and "frog" and another two randoms take quite some time to beat). Putting more enemies to battle would work better if Almari had another member in his party and i don't know if you want to do that so soon. Also, i don't know if you want the player to grind,if it is the intention, it's fine as it is.

Almari seems to be a silent protagonist. If that's the case, putting a partner that interacts with him is a good choice. The npcs doesn't really have interesting dialogues in this beginning and a talkative character would both be good for comedy and for the player to grasp better the changes in Almari in comparison to him.

In the other bed part where there's a lot of bed with dialogues, i decided to check each one of them and, instead of a interesting dialogue about the world of the game or anything that would get me interested, i got a death as a punishment instead of a reward for exploring. I had climbed the stairs first instead of going to the left and i thought i would get a heal. When i got the game over after i have explored most of the cavern and i haven't came back to the old man to save in quite some time, i closed the game and just came back to play today. Be cautious of punishing the player for exploring when exploration is a key in the game.

To sum up, the fights are a bit slow when we face 3 or more enemies and sometimes the random encounters happen a lot. The npcs have kind of vague dialogues and is not too interesting in general. As you said you take inspiration in OFF i would recommend you think the following: In OFF, the batter speaks, but not that much, most the purification thing (that's what i remember, at least). So, to compensate that, the world has a really interesting development, the elements and stuff. In Almari, you have a silent protagonist and didn't develop the world besides that there's thoughtforms and emotion holders.

I know it may seem i didn't liked the game, but that's not the case. The beginning of the game is really important since that's the part where you have to make the player keep at your game. After that, you have to keep consistent and interesting. So, in my opinion, you should put some more efforts at the beginning so the game doesn't seem too plain. I know that almari doesn't have any feelings at the beginning and because of that he isn't that useful of a protagonist right now, but i'm pretty sure you can think of something to make that first part better.

When i get to play more of it i may give you more opinions. For now, i think that's all i can think of.


My apologies for the misleading description on exploration being a key factor. I've updated the description to try to be more accurate of the game. I wasn't sure on the best way to describe it but I hope this change will be helpful for future players. Sorry the beds killed you. :(

Thank you for the criticism. I only really took visual aesthetic and some puzzle inspiration from OFF but I see your point about the interesting world building that OFF had.
Oh man, how'd I ever miss this??? I loved seeing this on Starmen, I adore how you accomplished the art style
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