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~~~~~ SUMMARY ~~~~~

This is a short and simple game that was created in a few weeks for the Seasons of RMN event. It is a short story based on Legends Of Illarion and Legends Of Illarion 2.

~~~~~ STORY ~~~~~

This is a tale of a simple man who has lived his entire life in a small village, with his friends and loving wife. He is happy and content with his life, and is always grateful to the gods for his good fortune. One day, a fateful encounter with a familiar looking stranger leads him to question the reality of all that he has ever known. Why has the village been enshrouded in a ceaseless winter all his life? Does he truly have the free will to leave and see the outside world?

The answers lie within a mysterious forbidden tower, where the truth silently sleeps...

~~~~~ GAMEPLAY ~~~~~

-Approximately 30 minutes of playing time
-Main gameplay consists of a gauntlet of battles, with minimal exploration
-Choose 1 of 3 treasures after each battle to build and upgrade your character
-No exp points, no levels, no buying extra items. No turning back. Save in different slots!

~~~~~ CREDITS ~~~~~

Created by Dyluck
Created using RPG Maker VX Ace by Enterbrain

Graphics (Including but not limited to):
-Enterbrain/Degica (Various)
-Square Enix (Monster Battlers/Animations)
-Mack and Blue (Tilesets)
-Looseleaf Generator (Characters)
-Celianna (Tilesets)
-Mr Bubble (Animations)
-Toasty (Animations)
-Rinmaru (Faces)
-Princeofredroses (Faces)
-Various other resources from the internet

Audio (Including but not limited to):
-Enterbrain/Degica (Various)
-Square Enix (FF11 - Tower of Heaven, Recollection, Despair)
(Dissidia 012 - Crystal Cave)
(Octopath Traveller - Battle Theme, Boss Theme, Sunshade Sands)
-Nintendo (Fire Emblem Echoes - Ark of Dawn, Heroes of Arcadia)
-Konami (Suikoden 3 - Complex Thoughts)

Scripts (Including but not limited to):
-Yanfly Engine Ace and associated scripts
-Mithran Text Cache
-LoneWolf Custom Font Junk Symbol Fix
-Karin's Soulkeeper Map as Battle Background
-Syvkal Menu Bars
-Modern Algebra ATS
-Various Moghunter scripts

Frozen Slumber and the Legends Of Illarion series are non-profit / non-commercial games created for personal use only. I do not own any of the resources (including graphics and audio) used in these games unless otherwise specified. All rights and resources belong to their respective owners and no copyright infringement is intended.


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