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More Sorceress!

Hello y'all!
A new gamepage is now up for the sequel "Sorceress as Teacher". It follows one particular ending and puts our dear Sorceress into a school. Due to the gammak event it was created under/in, there will be many sudden endings, but the core idea remains the same. It is a simple continuation, and one of many possible ones.

Eventually more could be created like this, but I am not sure yet. Feel free to leave suggestion to where our Sorceress might wind up at in the future, though! (regardless of whether you played the game or not, I know it's a small text one).

Cheers and have a nice day~



It is here!

After the long years of being a non-game creator, it feels vaguely strange to actively put anything up this site - to even have made anything from scratch in game-form. Even more so since I have been absent for over a year. Life became really busy, but I hope to come back here for a change of pace and the occasional review. I may also write more games like this in the future. If there are other engines like Twine out there, feel free to pass them on!

There may be a number of typos still and a lot of branches ended up being cut,
but in the end I did end up making something! I had a lot of fun writing this, so I hope it puts a smile on at least one person! (and the others can tell me all about how they did not enjoy it)

Cheers and blessings to all!
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