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The demo is available in full in English!
Venture into the city of Listhère now!


News 01/13/2020

First Listhère demo in English AVAILABLE NOW !!
It lasts about 30 minutes.
This is a taste of the game.
If translations are missing, do not hesitate to send them!

The project is finished and those by the talent of Tine Schenck (And Phae for the title: Go ahead).
To Follow Tine Schenck: Twitter
Here are some titles that you will find in the next demo :

The project is still under development despite the bit of news that I post.
A new demo will be proposed for the end of February, date of Alex 2020.

Two new screens:

Listher's map with precise location of the player.

What does this door protect?


Demo 1.2

The demo in English is coming!



A discord group has been created especially for the production of our games.
The English version of the game is still in preparation, we are working hard!



Recruitment !

We are also looking for a composer to create the OST of the game!
In a dark atmosphere like the Silent Hill.


Demo informations

The current demo lasts about 30 minutes.
The one proposed today is in French.
However, an English translation is in progress!
At the same time, we are recruiting a translator for the future.
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