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It is June 19th, 2019.
The Monochrome Museum has prepared a special exhibit of the most dazzling of gemstones in celebration of Pride Month, but it has mysteriously gone missing.

Enter Jack Stallion: A secret agent charming to both men and woman alike. He is joined in his work by Angela Rind and Daniel Danilo: a feisty widow with a quick wit and a laid-back old friend, respectively.
While usually impeccably smooth, there are always certain things that can break Jack's cool composure. A lost favorite hat, a meeting with an intimately close friend, to name a few.

Regardless, he and his partners are going to find that Rainbow Diamond and whoever is behind this heist. Will they uncover the secrets hiding in plain sight?


Like the first game, character advancement is achieved by item enhancement instead of leveling, so you will have to use what you already have to make it in battle.
Also returning is the unique battle dialogue, so every battle will have something worth looking forward to.
There will also be field puzzles to be solved on occasion. You will have to figure out how to solve them to progress forward!

--Other Info--

This game was made for A the Rainbow of Positivity event by Lavendersiren, Pianotm, and Corfaisus.

  • General Eventing, original scenario, and custom asset detail: Lavvy
  • Writer: Piano
  • Playtesting and puzzlesmithing: Corf

It is also the sequel to The Vindicators, made for the Swap Together With Two event. It is not entirely necessary to play the previous game in the series, but it will increase overall enjoyment of this game if played first.

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Whoa, I totally missed this submission. Good to see you two working together again!
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