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Everything has an edge. You may not see it. You may not reach it. You may not even find it, but there is always an edge. There's always a point where if you keep going, you'll fall off. More than a century ago, a great war raged between the Technomancers and the Summoners. To drive out the Summoner's the Technomancers transformed their capital city of Elysium into a floating citadel, impervious to any attack except from the skies, which the Technomancers ruled with their airships.

100 years later, Virga has lost her father to a much more recent war, and her mother was crippled in a bombing attack. While her mother lives in hospice, Virga lives on the streets of Elysium with her only friend, Ava. As professional thieves, Virga and Ava survive on their wits, living day to day. It is the freest can be in a place like Elysium. As yet another war looms, Virga is going to find herself thrust against her will into events that will shape the fate of the entire world.

This is a Release the Dead entry.

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Yet another demo fix! Game breaking bug in last demo.

So, I watched Libby's stream of my game and decided I definitely needed to fix the demo. I included a game-breaking bug in the most recent version of the demo! That had to go! It was an autorun that I didn't trigger right in the sewer. I corrected the trigger, and just to be on the safe side, I made it a parallel process. I also increased the types of encounters the sewer and added a creature type. I then went through and fixed the text/character name errors I had caused throughout the game.

Also, some of the comments I got on the game have convinced me to continue working on it and not to abandon it because it's a fan game (my attitude on fan games has usually been to not make them when I could make a perfectly good original story.). I'm also getting rid of all the old demos except for the jam version of the demo.
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The TM is for Totally Magical.
At roughly the end of the Revive the Dead event.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Demo is out!
Well, I have mixed feelings about this game.

The story was interesting and left me wanting to know how it would continue. The graphics are nice and I appreciate when people try to be different and make the custom graphics by themselves! Though they looked a little rough around the edges it was a nice touch. Actually, that would be the best way to describe the demo: Rough around the edges.

The mapping could use some work though, and not in the sense of "add more doodads so it looks nicer" (Because it looks good already) but more like "Make more clear where you are and where do you need to go". I got a little lost in the city and some of the map transitions didn't help at all. (You exit the map through the left and appear at the bottom in the next map.) Nothing game-breaking though, except for a specific part. There's a section near the end of the game where you have to save someone fast, but once you are there, you'll find two doors, but neither of them opens up. I was stuck until I decided to open the project file and found out that you actually have to walk to the left in what looked like it was just another wall.

But probably, the biggest issue I had with the demo, was the first and only dungeon: The Sewer. It just felt like it was longer than necessary, like it was padded to make the demo longer. You have to go through a big map that forces you to go back and forth again and again while doing some relatively simple valve puzzles, but sometimes the game doesn't tell you what you just activated. There were a few NPCs in there, which make sense, but it feels weird that they don't tell you anything even though you are messing with all the valves in the sewer. And to make matters worse, there are random encounters, with the encounter rate being just a little too high. I just ran away from everything, as there wasn't much of a point in fighting them when they also level up with you.

Aside from that bad dungeon, I enjoyed the rest of the demo. I felt a little lost at times and the game has its quirks. But it kept me interested long enough to want to see the rest of the story.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Thank you!

I got a little lost in the city and some of the map transitions didn't help at all. (You exit the map through the left and appear at the bottom in the next map.)

Aside from the airship dock (which was a cutscene-only map that you could stay on until you decided to leave and was only accessible once), can you please tell me where this happened so that I can fix it? You told me about the hospital, which I will definitely make more clear. Other than that, the maps are built on a street system. I know how to fix the airship dock. Just remove those items and make it so you can't stay on the map at all. So, that's two maps.

Also, yeah, I could definitely have NPCs be a bit more informative throughout the sewers. And I could make the bridge activation puzzle clearer. I also worried about the encounter rate. I already had it set to 45 to 70 steps, but actually worried that 45 steps before the step counter started might a bit too high, but it didn't feel too high when I playtested the dungeon. Previously, I had it set to 35-60 steps and felt that that was definitely too high. I think I might try 80-100 steps.

I just ran away from everything, as there wasn't much of a point in fighting them when they also level up with you.

I must point out that only the Watchers level up with you. All other enemies have a level range. Levels 1 and 2 for the rats, levels 1-3 for the flans, level 6-10 for the Flan King, and level 1-3 for the bombs.

Also, I clearly didn't make the boss hard enough if you could run from all the battles and still make it out of the sewer. I know what to do about that: up his ATK and DEF. I thought his HP was high enough. I'll see how the ATK and DEF up goes, though.

Again, thank you!
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