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New Enemy Reveal! (Wolf) and more development

Hey what's going on my lovely homies? Got a dose of game development for you all to check out.
Progress is still chugging along steadily for Shadow Seeker. I am a bit more than halfway done with
everything that Chapter 2 has to offer!

I also plan on releasing a finalized demo of the game that will span the first two chapters along with an
abundance of fixes and polish. <3

In the meantime, check out this test video of the Wolf enemy, along with some screenshots of what this chapter will have to offer :) thank you!


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Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Damn, this looks as amazing as always! Keep up the great work KoopaKush! I can't hope to make something even half as good as this.
Thank you very much for the continued support Ozzy, it really means a lot <3 I promise I won't let you down with this game! And I'm more than sure you can come up with really great stuff! No one is incapable :) all it takes is time and passion!
Dawg, that shit looks AMAZING! I can't even imagine the work it took to program those enemies out!
Thanks broseidon! Ha oh man, if you only knew! XD yeah, event pages get stacked and crazy. Not to mention that these enemies include interaction with your partner now too ha <3
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
I can't even attempt to pride myself on my eventing when I look at this. Man, they first go to you, and then depending on where you are they charge up a lunge attack, it's just, SO MUCH EVENTING AHHHH. You sire deserve an "Amazing eventing" Award.
Damn this is some real good stuff ngl I bet people would easily pay for it (me included).
Thank you very much guys, I really do appreciate the kind words. They're like fuel that powers me to keep working hard on this project ha XD

I did think about going commercial in fact with this game, but in the end I decided for it to be a free game <3 Maybe the next project down the line, I will make the full commitment ha
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