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Welcome to Post-America, 2076 AD.
The United States Balkanized decades ago into the right-wing Christian American Federation in the northwest, the American Union in the east (theoretical successor of the United States), the (presently corporate occupied) Free State of California, and the Free City of Denver smack in the middle, divvied up like cold war Berlin. And in the wake of decades of resource wars and superstorms, all of these Americas are less important than the multinational megacorps warring over the corpse of the old America.

Our story concerns itself chiefly with the American Union and its corporate masters.

Axis Inc. is a massive international megacongolomerate majority owned by the aristocratic Smythe family. Initially a defense contractor (and still active in that sector, from small arms to aircraft), Axis has been responsible for most of the American Union's crucial infrastructure for many years. Prison privatization was nothing new by the 2050s, but by 2064 every prison in the American Union was officially Axis run and proud of it.

Elected by the peerless political influence of the Smythe Super-PAC, President Sara Wallace legalized private police forces in the same year. The civic experiment of privatizing the entire police force of the city of Detroit with Axis corporate security forces was quickly repeated in other cities, including Philadelphia, Washington DC, and the flooded ruins of New York.

Not every red-blooded American in the American Union was happy with the corporate kleptocracy seizing their nation. Spurred on by footage of gross corruption and police brutality, spontaneous riots broke out across cities across the AU, especially violent and hard to contain in cities where Axis was in the process of taking over the policing. Out of the chaos of these riots, two "domestic terrorist" organizations appeared seemingly from nowhere to take center stage in the public debate: the Chicago-based Patriots Against Corporate Tyranny (PACT), and the Philadelphia-based Sons of Liberty.

After years of insurgency waged against Axis Incorporated facilities, personnel, and infrastructure by P.A.C.T. and SoL cells, on November 8th, 2072, Aleister Smythe, board member and CIO of Axis Incorporated, was elected President of the American Union. Against still rising protests, in May of the following year, Axis Incorporated purchased the national debt of the American Union (much of it left over from the USA) from its creditors. For the first time ever, a major world nation (and former superpower) owed a debt of $33 trillion dollars not to its fellow nations but to a private corporate landlord.

The age of the corporate nation-state had begun.

The stage is set, don't forget to breathe...

Hadley Spencer Sinclair is a 17 year old girl with no choice but to be wise beyond her years, doing the best she can to survive in the small community of Market Street Underground, located somewhere in the subway tunnels, subterranean pedestrian walkways, concourses and sewers beneath Center City, Philadelphia. Her parents were members of P.A.C.T. and were allegedly shot by Axis security forces "while resisting arrest".

Sammy is a tough, streetwise 12 year old kid whose parents were killed or taken in a massive protest in Washington, DC: he followed the directions given to him, which lead him ultimately to Hadley, her too being an orphan. Since then she's taken care of him like a big sister.

It's April 18th, 2076. Congress is expected to vote on an Axis-backed, Axis-ordered motion to repeal the 22nd Amendment of the US Constitution (under which the UA still operates), removing the two-term limit on the UA Presidency. Everyone with suspicions about Axis or sympathies for the various anti-corporate movements throughout the country fears the same thing should this motion actually pass: Aleister Smythe as President for Life.

Hadley has stayed out of politics, having enough struggle and strife to deal with just keeping herself and Sammy alive. But the political has a way of becoming personal, as Hadley finds out, when Sammy sneaks out to attend a massive public demonstration held by the Sons of Liberty, and she has to follow him there. Without knowing it, she has taken her first steps to become a soldier in the New American Revolution.

(Yes, those were Shadowrun references in that first paragraph, good eye. And one Robocop reference in the second.)

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I just finished it and it was a nice experience. The graphics and mapping are good (Though the Window Skin looks a little weird), the dialog is ok although it can get a little confusing when they start talking about past events and using acronyms that you don't understand yet. The gameplay is different, with most of your attack options dealing a set amount damage and stats not mattering that much. And finally, the demo is short enough to give you a taste of how the full game would be.

Some issues tho: There were two copyrighted songs in the game that honestly, left me thinking "wut, really?" and got me out of the game. Apparently, these songs are there due to time constraints, so it's possible that they will be changed in the future. Another one is that weapons have a set chance to miss, but you can feel as if it isn't fully balanced when targets in the tutorial can survive your attacks with a little of HP left in what apparently must be a one-hit kill. Another issue is that at the end of the game, you'll receive a description of what your characters did after completing the mission, the problem is that it uses a green font with a map as a background, and sometimes it can be hard to read the text.

And finally, my biggest issue is that... I didn't "like" the game. I don't know how to explain it because the game isn't objectively bad, but I don't know, it didn't catch my full interest. Probably because of the convoluted backstory? Or the gameplay? I don't know, but I'm sure more people out there will find it more interesting, this is mostly a personal issue than anything else.
oh gosh my CSS is all fucked up

EDIT: phew, that's so much better, sorry for the double-post.

At first blush I thought your comment was just in white text on a white background to make it spoiler text. Well, actually, my VERY first thought was that your whole post was just the word "bad" in bold red italics and I thought "that's not very fair" lol.

So, first off, let me say thank you for playing and for your feedback.

The only change to the copyrighted music in this project will be that more will be present in future releases. So yes, really, super really, so really that it's been mentioned on my profile for a year. (You might want to think about all of the copyrighted music that you hear in RM games and just ignore because it is not music with lyrics by bands.)

What future releases WILL have is a pre-title screen show choice option that will let the player turn off the copyrighted music in case they are streaming and worried about DMCA strikes. This will then turn on a switch in the game which will cause all copyrighted music to be replaced by silence.

Just now I need to make some money and my non-creative outlets have dried up so yes that means rushing a saleable RM game w/ no stolen material in it to completion so I can sell it, but all of my free projects will continue to have whatever resources in them I want to put in them (though I'd never steal from a fellow indie dev). Information wants to be free.

Since your dislike of the game is so subjective (to the point where it seems like you yourself are having a little trouble pinpointing exactly why you didn't like it), I'd recommend you try the next demo, always assuming there is one, when it comes out. Simply because the characters in this teaser are not very likable, and you might find the games' real protagonists more engaging and/or relatable.
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