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Ultimate Edition Released!

As of today, the Ultimate Edition of One Night 2: The Beyond is online for your enjoyment. This new build is a much needed update in the vein of my recent Ultimate Edition updates for Legionwood and One Night.

It rewrites a good percentage of the game's text for clarity (as this game was written three years ago now and it was starting to feel a little "off" to me) and adds some oft-requested gameplay tweaks (such as key items being removed from your inventory when no longer needed) to the engine. In addition, there's also quite a large handful of new content to enjoy in the form of new enemies (two, to be exact), new scares, a bunch of new rooms and locations (a brand new Factory area underneath the mansion) and puzzles, which should entice veteran players to give the game another run-through.

The new rooms are based on some of the unused areas from One Night 1.5, the original (scrapped) One Night sequel, and these locations, along with a newly added Easter Egg (try examining the barrel in the 1F East Hallway 30 times) should provide a little bit of insight into what the game could have been. Personally, I'm always interested in such things (I have an obsession with Resident Evil 1.5, for one) and if you are too, then you'll probably appreciate the additions.

All in all, the Ultimate Edition of One Night 2 should take anywhere between 2 and 3 hours to complete (perhaps a little longer if you're aiming for the good endings).
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