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In One Night 2: The Beyond, each of the two playable characters has both a "good" and "bad" ending which you can achieve based on your playing skill during the game.

What determines which ending you get is how well you played the game. The game will determine your playing skill and only the best players will get the good endings.

Here's how you can achieve your character's "good" ending in One Night 2:

1. Complete the game using less than 4 saves, 3 being the maximum.
2. Complete the game having used less than 3 first aid kits, 2 being the maximum.
3. You must have found the Shadow Pendant before completing the game.

* You can use any number of absinthe bottles.


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Thats what it takes to get a good ending?
Well.. The bad ending suits them better LOL nice game!
The bad endings are the canon ones, as revealed by Full Circle, anyway :)
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