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0.6 Is Here!

Hello everyone! I am glad to announce that Meteo Chronicles Beta 0.6 is now here! This update changes quite a few things, so here is the quite long changelog. Have a look!

Meteo Chronicles v0.6 Changelog

New Features
-Story content for chapter 4-3.
-A new town, West Graape.
-A new dungeon, Mt. Gaea.
-2 new bosses, Azari and Basan.
-1 new summon, Basan.

-Changed the default magickal attack to be single-target instead of
-Nerfed fist-type significantly so they no longer hit a million times. They
either hit 1 or 2 extra times, no more0.
-Changed the element of many fists from physical to slash.
-Made all weapons of the slash, smash, or strike elements have weaknesses.
(Outside of bows since they're long-ranged.)
-Completely overhauled the balance of the game. Player stats, enemy stats,
enemy exp and gold drops, equipment stats, item prices, item power, and skill
power have all been dramatically changed.
-Defeated Scions now give EXP, Bux, and SP upon defeat.
-The levels that gain you new arts have been drastically changed.
-All stores now sell different equipment and items.
-Healing items have now been completely overhauled. Instead of having ((Potion
< High Potion < X-Potion < Mega Potion) / (Ether > High Ether > Max Ether >
Mega Ether) > (Elixir > Megalixir)) the balance is now (Potion > Super Potion > Hyper Potion > Max Potion > Omega Potion) for HP and (Ether > Mega Ether > Elixir > Megalixir) for AP. AP restoration items have also been made much more rare.
-Changed Ari to be more consistent mapping-wise with the rest of the game.

-Fixed a game-breaking bug that allows you to re-do the Aria fight by stepping
on a certain tile in Aetheria Castle - Back, allowing you to skip an entire
dungeon. This has been fixed.
-Fixed a game-breaking glitch that made it impossible to progress due to a
certain variable after the Aria fight not being added upon. This has been
-Fixed the name of "En-Earth II"
-Made certain multi-target sacred magick spells actually multi-target.
-Fixed the "Arise" spell to actually be able to revive fallen party members.
-Fixed a glitch in the old man sidequest which teleported you on top of the
walls instead of next to the old man.
-Fixed the old man sidequest so that the music and graphics end correctly.
-Fixed game-breaking encryption error that made the game impossible to play.
-Fixed the description of the Elementium item.
-Fixed the text that showed when obtaining the "Teleport Key B" item where
it said it was Teleport Key A instead of being Teleport Key B.
-Fixed the text that appeared when you obtained a blood weapon from Jakob's

Thank you for playing Meteo Chronicles! Follow my game page on this website for more updates!