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Version 0.9 is here!

We're almost there! I've nearly completed Meteo Chronicles, by far my most ambitious project so far. I've come a long way, and you only have to wait until version 0.10 to release for you to be able to experience the full story. But wait, there's more! Meteo Chronicles doesn't just end with the final boss, it has a whole load of optional content to complete, which I will be adding upon in future updates until all optional content is complete (outside of the 2 expansions) and I can full-heartily say that Meteo Chronicles is fully complete. As for 0.9, here is all the features it adds. I could have gotten this update out a lot sooner, but I was working on a detailed ability system which took up most of my time. Sorry for the wait.

Meteo Chronicles v0.9.0.1 Changelog

New Features
-Story content for Chapter 8.
-A new dungeon, Castle Naughtmare.
-The final party member.
-4 new minibosses, Mecha Genbu, Mecha Shinryu, Mecha Suzaku, and Mecha
-1 new boss, Lady Battlewinner.
-6 new enemies.

-Dragon Arts have been rebalanced.
-Elemental amplification from weapons has been lowered.
-Venin weapons no longer grant element amplification.
-The negative HP regen caused by certain weapons has been reduced.
-Poison effects now only effect you while in battle, not when on the field.
-Lifesteal for weapons has been reduced.
-Renamed the blue magick arts "Kobold Flame," "Kobold Frost," and "Kobold
Thunder" to "Gobo Flame," "Gobo Frost," and "Gobo Thunder" so they would
make more sense when other enemies use them.
-Renamed area terminology for areas with multiple floors to F/BF(number) to
-The skill stat has been re-named to the luck stat.
-Elemental staves change your basic attack to an elemental spell, even if
don't have the spell equipped or are even able to use said spell.

-All "ancient" weapons now give elemental amplification, not just the
ancient sword.
-The term "aeon" has been corrected to the term "scion" in some item
-Corrected the description of the weapon "Aymr" which used outdated terms.
-Fixed the pricing of some weapons.
-Fixed the description of the "Swimsuit" armor.
-Fixed the "Dark Rage" art, which was currently completely broken.
-Fixed various "dark arts" to do the correct element of damage.
=You now get actual armor and weapons for the fight against the Mecha Jailer,
which was previously glitched.
-Fixed in bug in Ozma Keep where the chef would not change to generic
dialogue after all conversations have been exhausted.
-Fixed bug where characters would still mention Baron Ozma even after he was
-Fixed spelling a grammar errors.
-Fixed glitch that caused all encounters to play the boss music instead of
the normal battle music after fighting ThiefMaster26.

Once again, thank you for playing meteo chronicles, and I'll see you in the next update. Peace!