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Version 0.10 is now here!

Hello everyone! Version 0.10 is finally here, and the ending and main plot of Meteo Chronicles has finally been completed! "But why is it version 0.10 and not version 1.0? Well, that's easy. Meteo Chronicles has a host of sidequests, but I have only completed a mere fraction of them. Even worse, they aren't even logged in any way and are nearly impossible to figure out on your own! That's why in version 1.0, the final version of the base game, I will add in both the quest log and achievements, two new towns, three new bonus dungeons, and 8 new sidequests! After that version 1.1 will add in the bonus dungeon Babel Underground which will include 8 new bosses including an alternate final boss and ending. 1.2 will add in a secret golden/joke route exclusive to New Game+ along with 4 new bosses including a new secret final boss. It will also add the Scholar job, also exclusive to New Game+ which allows you to learn enemy skills. Finally, 1.3 will add in the outrealm isles, and with it a new set of areas to explore. Previously only a single map only used to house the scion Jormungondr, it now contains many attractions like the terrifying Reverse Tower, a mineshaft with random loot that resets every real-life day, a island full of creatures one may find familiar, and more! Now, for the changelog!

Meteo Chronicles v0.10.0.1 Changelog

New Features
-Story content for the final chapter.
-The final boss and ending.
-A bad ending
-Three new minibosses, Dracula, Deinos Sarous, and ThiefMaster27.
-A new scion, Wukong.
-The final dungeon, the Tower of Babel.
-A quest system has been added, but there aren't any quests yet.
-Achivements have been added, but there aren't any achivements yet.

-The text has been changed to a more stylish font.
-The spells Brave, Brave II, Protect, Protect II, Faith, Faith II, Shell, Shell II, Haste, Haste II, Weak, Weak II, Break, Break II, Fear, Fear II, Curse, Curse II, Slow, and Slow II have been
changed no now act as buff and debuffs instead of inflicting a state. This allows them to be stacked, which wasn't possible before.

-Certain bosses now have a proper boss death animation rather than a generic normal enemy one.
-The game no longer softlocks when re-entering Paar after escaping it for the first time.
-Characters can once again learn their unique arts.
-Fixed a glitch in Ari Caverns that caused you to face the wrong direction when using the raft right by the boss door.
-Fixed mapping so that walls do not appear on the back of areas in indoor areas.
-Fixed glitch where the Mecha Jailer would transform into ThiefMaster24, Garnet, or Aria when using their special form moves instead of transforming into R-Mode, G-Mode, or B-Mode.
-Fixed glitch where Lady Battlewinner would spam Koros' "fire dragon" attack instead of dark bane when using the blue magick ebony rage.
-Various mapping errors have been fixed.
-Fixed glitch in Castle Naughtmare that didn't allow you to progress.
-Fixed glitch in Castle Naughtmare that had the puzzle not warp you to the entrance of the room if you failed.
-Fixed the sprites of some on-map encounters.
-Fixed a glitch in the Accused Well where trying to get a treasure would result in you falling down to the bottom floor even if you took the correct path.

Thank you for playing Meteo Chronicles!