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-Many classes to play
-Your characters have stats
-Customizable difficulty
-Save your game by speaking to angels
-There may or may not be a dragon
-Status effects can be applied to yourself and the enemy
-Intelligent basic actions allow you to fight expediently
-Have you ever considered questioning your belief in a higher power? I mean, have they ever given you a sign of their existence? Is it enough to accept that you may never know if they exist -- to accept the truth taught to you at its word? Perhaps this line of thought is folly. To question your beliefs is to question yourself, and who can afford that?
-Multiple battle themes

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In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Dagon Quest, huh? Had me going with the name for a sec, heh.
I kept reading Dragon Quest... lol
Anyway I am going to trythis, to kill some giant worms
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