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Winter is a harsh season: short days, low temperatures, snow and scarce food. You're a magnificent deer trying to survive in these conditions. And the matter gets even worst when a local hunter wants to turn you into a hunt trophy. Your fine sense of smell will help you detect human threat but the tracks you inevitably leave in the snow could be fatal ...

Deer, You Are Being Hunted is a deer hunting simulator where you play a magnificent deer trying to survive the hunt. It features survival and stealth elements.

* F4 to toggle fullscreen on/off.
* Arrow keys to move
* Right Shift to sprint for a while
* Right Ctrl to smell and cancel
* Return to eat and confirm
The settings menu lets you fully remap the control keys.

This game depicts violence towards animal and is not intended for players with a weak heart.

The game is made for the Seasons of RMN IV event.

Deer, You Are Being Hunted runs on Windows and Linux. The game stores all its data in its archive decompression folder. It will not store data anywhere-else, not even in Windows registry.

Latest Blog

Snow !

The game page finally has the cool looking snow effect I wanted. I stacked an animated gif snow effect (16 frames) over the static deer trail.

Here is the CSS section that does it:

background-size:64px 64px,100% 100%;}

Big thanks to GreatRedSpirit for his example of stacked backgrounds. See his post if you want to try animated background on your game page.
  • Completed
  • Irog
  • Custom
  • Action Shooter Simulation
  • 02/12/2021 01:48 PM
  • 11/29/2023 10:03 PM
  • 02/24/2021
  • 15411
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Haha, this looks interesting x)
Guardian of the Description Thread
I love the pun in this title, would consider giving a "Best Game Title" nomination.

To continue the bad pun route, may I suggest...

This game depicts violence towards animals and is not intended for players with a weak hart heart.

...this edit to your description? XD
Thanks guys for the appreciation.

The pun is intentional, not the typo.
Uh oh. It keeps crashing on me a few minutes into the game :(
I noticed it happened whenever I would step off one terrain-type onto another. Obviously I was crossing terrains for the first few minutes without issue, but I just noticed that common denominator each time.

Is there a way to shake the hunter, or does he just perpetually follow my tracks so I have to keep a distance? :P
Game development was done in Linux so the Linux build has been thoroughly tested. The windows build not so much... I've noticed the issue you report and I'm working on it.

The new download now solves the issue.

You can shake off the hunter by running away and break his line of sight to you or your tracks as often as possible. Then you must stay still behind a patch of pine trees. The snow slowly covers your tracks so you must hide sufficiently far away from the hunter to give your tracks the time to disappear under the snow.
Then the hunter will resume his patrol, going from hunting spot to hunting spot. He visits the 4 hunting spots in a random order each time and they are located such that he covers most of the map while hunting.
If you get wounded, your ability to sprint is severely reduced so you won't be able to give your tracks the time to disappear under the snow and shake off the hunter.
I like the wintery art style a lot. Will have to try this game out.
Are you going to be releasing an updated version?
Winter tiles are made by spring.

I plan to listen to player feedbacks and release and updated version if needed.
Alright! I was able to survive a day. Life as a Deer is hard...

The best strategy I found was just to keep circling the map. The hunter would inevitably find and follow my tracks, so I just maintained a distance.
Congratulations! Yes, life as a deer is hard.

Should I make it easier shake off the hunter?

How often do you smell the hunter to locate him?
I only used the smell feature once to try it out. It took too much time imho, so it was better to just get some distance, eat grass, and keep an eye out. If I saw the hunter at all, I bailed to the far corner of the map. Rinse and repeat.
The smell feature now activates much faster.

What are your thoughts on the deer sprinting ability?
I liked it. You couldn't spam it and I'm guessing it recharged based on time + eating? It wasn't easy to abuse anyway. Just enough to get the hunter off-screen.
The sprinting ability is indeed designed to quickly get you out of danger. It recharged based on time and deer health. Thanks to your feedback, I've now added a recharge bonus when you eat a patch of grass.
This is a very pretty animated background!
(but you might want to do something about the comment field, the input text is white on a clear background that goes straight to the snow background)
The comment input text is now set back to the default black color.
Nice! Yeah that works well.

I also gave the game a spin and successfully gave the hunter the slip! Lots of running in circles and getting the hell outta dodge the instant I saw the hunter, with strategic hiding behind trees and seeing which way the hunter took and darting in the opposite direction.

The endgame came down to waiting in one corner of the map to lure the hunter away and going for the food still to be eaten. Dashing to get distance, trying for the quick bite. Sniffing to see where the hunter was when baiting.

Two comments: It'd be nice if there was something so you couldn't eat on an invalid tile, or some sort of more immediate feedback that you're eating snow. It takes a bit to get to hear that you're eating, and thinking "oh no what if I'm eating snow" and worrying about the hunter is... stressful!

My other commend is something to get out of the bind keys screen without going through the list. Like F1 or something and just back out of the screen basically. Nothing game breaking, but nice accessibility bits.
Thanks for your feedback ! You've developed the right deer surviving skills.

For eating:
I could make the deer automatically lift his head if there is noting to eat where the player tried eating.
Was the eating sound loud enough to tell you're eating grass ?

For the bind keys screen:
The intention of this screen is to let the player allocate ANY key to the deer actions. Setting a key to back out of the screen (like F1) would prevent the player to allocate that key. A workaround could be the rule "if the player press a key that he/she already allocated then exit the configuration screen". Do you think this rule is practical ?
I hear the munch sound fine, but it does take half a second or so for it to start (or when I start hearing it at least). I like that the deer lifts its head if there's nothing to eat, should be visually clear that it isn't at a place where it can eat and doesn't rely on audio cues either.

I think if you press the currently mapped key to exit, it would make it more difficult to skip the current step (like if I wanted to skip mapping Right direction, I'd just push right)

Maybe if the exit mapping button was based on if the user was holding Escape or so? If the user taps escape, it accepts escape as a mapping, but if they hold escape for a second+, it takes it as a user input for something besides mapping. It'd take some extra work though. Game accessibility is tricky!
The download has been updated. The deer now lifts his head if there is no food where the player searched.

Rethinking the key mapping leads to the following observation:
If the key "A" was configured for eating and the player sets "A" as "move right" then exits the menu, then the "A" key will trigger 2 actions : "eat" AND "move right".

So the key configuration screen has 2 requirements:
* Enable the player to set ANY key to a deer action
* Prevent the player to set a key to multiple deer actions

Most games use the mouse to build a convenient OK button at the bottom of the configurations screen but...

What would be a practical configuration screen for keyboard-only input ?
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