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An easy old school RPG with a sideview battlesystem, lots of character development and a solid story.
Using the power of the RPGMaker VX Ace engine, parallax mapping, scripting and
all in eventing soup, which makes this game a true adventure.
A game to remember!

The story takes us to "Link Haven", the town where our hero grew up
and developed into a strong and helpful thief.
The arrival of 2 Obsidian Order members get the story rolling as the party needs to collect the Water Crystal from a nearby dungeon.
This is where the story and plot picks up quickly and our adventure
to save the world commences.
It will take you beautiful places and scary dungeons.
Even a world beneath the waves awaits you, or should I say: treasure awaits you.

Jake - Thief - Dual wielding knifes.
Born in Link Haven, raised to be very helpful.

Brenda - Archer - Bow or Boomerang.
On a mission from the Obsidian Order to collect the Water Crystal.

Nathalie - Mage - Staff.
Brenda's elder sister, white and black magic user.

Warren - Samurai - Katana.
A Samurai who is helping a friend to save her brother from his kidnapper.

I this game a added a lot of extra stuff, like a bard's game, trophies, statistics, battle voices, parallex mapping and a lot of eventing.
Bonus stats is a nice feature, also stat-leveling armor pieces.
And a huge amount of detail, like the buildings on the worldmap make almost a 100% image of the town.
Hard work? Yes, but couldn't leave it out.

The battle system isn't unique, it's sideview but it has a twist.
It's possible to gain Extra Attacks or an additional cast as you do battle.
Also using a skill a lot can lead to learning new skills.

Is it an easy game?
It's not a hard game and it's a game to be enjoyed.
Hope you may enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

Wallie signing out.

Demo is up. Just click the link below.

The full game can be downloaded on Itch.io: here for FREE.

Latest Blog

End game blog

Finally, the game is completed. It's really done.
The demo uploaded contains the final version.
This will give you a good feel of the game and it's story
And is playable for 1 1/2 hours.

Have fun and be sure to buy the game if you like it on Itch.io.
The first $50 go to #Teamseas.

Thank you.
  • Completed
  • Commercial
  • walldeaf
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure RPG
  • 03/07/2021 08:44 PM
  • 07/26/2022 03:49 PM
  • 11/18/2021
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I just finished the game. It was quite interesting..
These are just my silly observations, please don't take this as a review or anything and I hope u don't feel bad about any comments.. (I'm not trying to be rude or anything) :)

The white dialogue text was a bit hard to read sometimes.. Rest of the comments in Spoiler tags!

I wish the ending was more well planned like we just find out, out of the blue MC is a literal god at the final scene, I wish there more build up scenes suggesting he was a supernatural being

Fenna never got to reunite with her brother, actually she's missing out of the ending completly! I wasn't sure but did her brother die in the end??

Are we just supposed to ignore Syndicate Manley's evil actions. I thought he would be put into the SkyCity jail or something

That being said it was a pretty good game and u managed to pull off so much in just few months so I can't really complain.

Overall the game was nice and it was a good excuse to kill time. (Idk if i was extra bored but i finished the game in less than 10hrs) I hope u can make more games like this in the future. Thanks!! :)
Sorry for the multiple posts but my previous post was getting kind of long..
These are the bugs I came across:

1] In the mine cart maze, in one of the stops in the south of the dungeon where there are 2 chests on 2 different rails blocked by a pillar in the middle (the one where u can get the right side chest first)(I hope u understand which location of the maze i'm talking about, sorry I couldn't get a screenshot of the location) After getting the chest I hopped into the cart from the left side and this glitched the cart and the cart ended up not following the rails and my character was floating through the mines and it stopped at a point where I was just floating somewhere and I could not move at all and had to reset my save. Also when I played the maze for the first time for some reason I could not save. Pressing ESC didnt bring up the menu and that's why after I came across this bug I had to start the maze all over again. Although the ESC menu & save was working fine when I played the mine maze for the 2nd time

2] I got a popup error in SkyCity town, in the place(bar?) where all the Obsidian Order soldiers are. When u talk to the single soldier sitting at the counter(he's facing forward and u can't c his face), I got an error msg and the game crashed.
Img ss
(Idk if u can view this image...)

3] Also after the Fenna cutscene in the volcano dungeon, I went back after some time to get the remaining treasures and I noticed her sprite was still there. Nothing happened when I tried to interact with her though, she was just stuck there i guess.

4] This is more of a question than a bug: But where can I find a pancake for the pancake trophy? It says all towns but I couldn't find any shops selling pancakes in any of the towns.. Am I missing something? It was bugging me because it was the only trophy i couldn't get..
If I remember correctly, the pancake seller was in the first town in the upper left corner, but didn't appear right at the beginning of the game (only after completing the first dungeon, I believe).
If I remember correctly, the pancake seller was in the first town in the upper left corner, but didn't appear right at the beginning of the game (only after completing the first dungeon, I believe).

Oh, I checkecd all the towns but still can't seem to find the seller.. :/
Just talk to all NPCs (outside) in the starting town and you should find the pancake seller - or wait until walldeaf provides better help later. ;)
Just talk to all NPCs (outside) in the starting town and you should find the pancake seller - or wait until walldeaf provides better help later. ;)

@Spermidine >> Thanks a lot! I was able to find the pancake seller!!
If anyone wants to know the location...
It's the Lady dressed as a maid(next to the bard) in the northern part of the first town

Thanks again!!
Happy to read you enjoyed the game this much and good to
see you found the pancake lady.
the ending is the end, I'm noot a good story teller, I myself wish I was better
at it. I kinda focused more on mapping, gameplay and battle.
I have read about the bugs you encountered, but somehow I don't find them,
So it must be random, it's really strange.


PS: Thx Spermidine for your help.
extremely casual rpg. It's a pretty fun and decent length game, but I did run into random crashes throughout. No idea what causes them since they occur randomly at different points in the game. I like the concept of brenda's growth system that sets her apart from the others but in my play she fell far behind the other party members in power level and was basically dead weight in most fights, till i found she had an overpowered skill that i completely overlooked. But aside from the random crashes this was a pretty fun and simple game without much difficulty.
Nice to read you enjoyed the game. That's what it's for.
My apologies, It looked full screen on my screen.
Thank you for your playthrough of the beginning of the game.
Today the final Demo was released.
Game is about 90% finished.

Download it here.
The game is complete.

Spend some time fishing out the last few minor bugs, smallest details that needed tweaking,

and I'm very proud to say that it's done.

It's ready to be launched.

The date will be:

Thursday November 18th @17:00 hours CET on Itch.io

I'm so excited.

Hope to see you then.
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