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Danny's Adventure is OLD, like really old. Though it was playable but not great, I decided to make an update of Danny's Adventure, now a 3rd part of the series. Though Danny has a new challenge in front of him. Vladimir Putin!! First it was Osama Bin Laden. Then Saddam. Now Vladimir Putin! And the gods and demons of AISSUR. Hmm. I wonder what that is backwards.


A better story nonetheless...
Unlike the other 'stories' of Danny's Adventure, Danny's Adventure 3 is going to be a bit more dynamic. Though after regaining consciousness in an Aissurian Prison, Danny and his girl Jenny soon face Vladimir Putin, also discovering that they are in Aissur. Though Vladimir keeps babbling something about his master. He's after the Heavenly elemental Emeralds of the world of Aissur -insert a joke about crystals here-, but what does he wish to achieve from doing that? And who is master? Many unknowns to Danny and his friends to a backwards world. Get ready for a big update of Danny's Adventure, now with a lot of new things in front of his belt:

-> Bosses that drop occasional items to boost stats - unique items that boost stats when applied to an ally.

-> Mini Optional bosses that you don't have to necessarily beat but may lead unto secrets and unlockable things in the game. And they ARE NOT EASY.

-> Spires in the world that house the Heavenly Elemental Emeralds. Though there are enemies after them as well...

-> By bosses, there are a LOTTA bosses in this one. Keep 'em comin' cap!

--> ITEM DEV that is ENGLISH and doesn't make you feel stupid on what they do. I dunno what goes on in the average games, but sometimes writing is just not english.

-> Rips into another dimension where it's not quite sure whether you're in the spiritual or somewhere else all together - quite mysterious in its' nature. It will be revealed in the story what the dimension is.

-> Angelic Statues that allow Danny and his teammates to learn new skills to their ability menus.

->21 playable party members, with some of their own unique skills. Yeesh. This is bound to change. Currently there is:

The main hero of the story. Very Alex in nature but somewhat more inquisitive, and wanting to learn things about the world around him. He is not really much of a pushover. His overzealousness sometimes gets in his way.

Jenny is Danny's girlfriend, and learned to heal through (as in the last games) the maelstrom's fluctuation. Ok? Not sure what they were going for there. Though she is the shining light of the party and she tends to be fair, optimistic, and good in her nature. She's very protective of Danny. She also now has some spear skills and light elemental skills unlike the last two games.

A ranger, and a very worldy character of Danny's Adventure 3, and seems to know a lot about the world of Aissur. He dual wields pistols, and uses thunder magic. He is trying to find his people in Aissur and has tagged along to help Danny in his adventure.

Kind of mysterious, and is a White Witch, though seems to know something that Danny does not about the world around him, including the Heavenly Emeralds. Is she an ally or is she not an ally? She joins after Danny defeats Zmey the Water Dragon. She tags along with Danny to help him along his way. She is both a healer and a Support Mage.

Is Ibrahim related to Xavier? Some unknowns about who Ibrahim is, though he is also another very worldly character of Danny's Adventure 3, as he's been around Aissur. He is very tough and distrustful of people, only because he has lost his way in Aissur, and is looking for his people as well. He is a sorcerer and he learns 'eastern' magic; wind, light, poison, earth, and other types of spells. His "Autoskill" Detonate blasts rocks upon the field when it is used.

Coming from the Valley of the Desert, he is found in front of his village almost being eaten by the Deathly Pixie, a demon fairy that feeds from humans in order to live. :< Though it doesn't work for Vladimir, it is a single entity that is individualistic. Xavier also happens to be a Merchant, though he is curious of what is happening to the world around him. He's very smart. He also has some unique skills called Pickpocket, Peep, and Escapist: Pickpocket allows Xavier to pickpocket citizens, though from doing that, your "SIN" may rise, causing your morality to increase. Peep lets Xavier reveal the enemy parties' weaknesses and strengths, and Escapist allows Xavier to escape from the battle singlehandedly, and returns after the battle. That was interesting to program, actually.


If you've noticed by now, the party seems Western, mostly because the last two games were set very western. I had other ideas for two other Danny's Aventure games - one set in Egypt fighting against Isis and then another fighting against Nero, but I'm doing this one instead.


-> Much newer spells and advanced spells that inflict status conditions including DUAL ELEMENTAL SPELLS - now 12 main elements; fire, ice, thunder, water, earth, wind, holy, darkness, poison, light, chaos, and aurora, along with enemy class elements.

AUTOSKILLS like in Epic Elf
->"Autoskills" that either kick in during battle, or can be used out in the open, like blowing up rocks, cutting down trees, or a full heal that activates when Jenny's HP is around the 20% rage "Survive" - inspired by Epic Elf, thanks Spirit Young!

-> Use of a wider range of enemy graphics and resources from VIRPG Material Storage which is a really excellent website, PS1 RPG Maker resources, and more. MP3's of the VXA Soundtracks are being used instead of RPG Maker 2000's midi's which are really bad. There's only like a couple songs that are even bearable.


This is a giant update and perhaps it will see the light of day. Danny 1 and 2 were just the beginning. People want an adventure, so I shall give you an adventure.

Danny's Adventure 1-2 by Mysterious Ages/Diabolical Vengeance/ (??) Danny's Adventure 3 Unto the Darkness CC thedarkdreamer/zenware 2022

Latest Blog

More Progress, much to report. :O

Programming THE HOLE and DJINNI
Still continuing progress on "THE HOLE" and then I had another idea for a sidequest that would take Danny through a place called THE CITADEL OF THE DEAD. I also added a 29th character, Hector the Specter. Yeah yeah, I know.

The Hole I also added a unique icon that shows up, where a Genie named DJINNI helps you out at points in the hole - she acts as a save, item shop, weapon shop, armor shop. There's gonna be lots of angel statues around here, maybe another dimension skip - revealing another character, Danny's sister Cassidy, using the VIIRPG material base. I also had ideas where there would be faux elemental forms of Cassidy as fights, and the last 'form' would be a Dark Cassidy. Kinda like Nega Danny but wackier. :O The puns are onyx-ceptable ok. Though he will join you shortly after traveling through the Withered Forest.

I also added a particular scriplet, well, "eventing" to the Withered Forest battles where when shadows pass by in the forest, shadows ultimately affect the enemy group or the party, though it's random chance by the party having a 30% chance of being effected or the enemies being effected by a 70% chance - the 'variable' is random 1 through 100 and then conditional branches take over, and if a 0, then nothing happens. In the next elemental tower, the Earth Spire, to each battle, I also added a 'scriplet' where the tower shakes in the beginning of each battle - the screen shakes during battle, causing the enemies or your party to quake - like getting knocked down in dragon quest but you're 'knocked down' for two turns straight and then the state abates. Trying to add more nuance to the battles and make the game more 'inventive' - I guess I'm really trying to break the walls here in terms of making a decent game. It's kinda like zones in Alter Aila Genesis but I wouldn't really call it a zone. Things that make the game more interesting. Last night, I also animated two other summons, the ABYSSAL DEVIL which deals 200+MND dark damage and inflicts shadow upon the enemies, and the HAVOCK WIZARD which deals 100+MND dark and chaos damage, I think that causes the havock status. That too - not just making a FF summon but a summon that makes sense for the game's atmosphere and feel, FF summons just seem to be copy paste into people's games. :/

I also added a skill unto spirits where spirits will merge into a larger spirit - the skill knocks out the enemies and then reveals a hidden enemy so they aren't quite 'merging' but its' still a neat idea. Dunno how I would affect just 2 into 1, I can't figure out how to do that since RPG Maker is picky.

New Summons, States, Skills close to 1000
A new summon, is also the Queen of Hearts Army, where four Cards run onto the screen and deal 100+ damage that ignores the enemy groups DEF. Don't want to make something too overpowered. Though there's no casting for summons in Danny 3, there's item use as they are hidden inside of gemstones or rubies. I'm getting close to 1000 skills so far. :O Writing. I have also done a couple new statuses - Entropy, Doom, Stop, Bane, and Bleeding - Entropy is like confusion but half DEF and AGI, Bane is a form of being cursed where an allies' MP depletes overtime since I'm trying to write against using "Drain" or similarly written things.

More Unique Music, could use some help.
One thing I also want for the game is a couple unique tracks since the game uses RPG Maker 2000 music, XP music, VXA music, and RPG Maker SNES tracks. I wish I could get SNES sound effects too - dunno if I want to rip myself or if they even exist on rpgmaker.net. Like I'd like there to be a unique track for certain boss fights like The Queen of Hearts possessed by Lieutenant Darkness. I was looking into RPG Maker Playstation 2 music but where are MP3's??? Any pointers would be cool.
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