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(You Will Need Alpha 2.55 Zelda Classic to play this.)

You can find it Here: https://www.zeldaclassic.com/downloads/

This is a Revamping of an Old Zelda Classic Quest called 100 Years, but is now called (100 Years Later.) It is a major touch-up and overhaul of the original quest with some new items and enhancements and also a faster menu and some new surprises and obstacles: Re-Edited by me SkyLizardGirl from PureZC.
I am SkyBirdGirl here however.

^Download Quest Here Also:


This quest is made by a member who disappeared years ago and hasn't been heard from again since,
Called: tlseward On PureZC.

This is a re-imagining and extra enhanced version of his old quest, there are many things improved upon and different from the original 100 years quest.
Some or many people had complained in the past about the quests 'technical issues'. Many, many things have been fixed including 5th 6th 7th and 8th dungeon which had some major issues and breakage.


(Old INFO from the Original Creator of this Quest Below:)

This quest is called 100yrs. Made with Zelda Classic.
I took a lot of care to make scenes vertical as well as horizontal. That is to say, that you climb up hill passages often. It makes for an interesting play.
The hookshot is available earlier in the game, and is an important part of the quest.
If you enjoy classic zelda play, you'll enjoy this new quest in a ZQ pure tileset!

This is my first upload, but at least the 10th finished quest that I've done.
I'm sure you will like it. :-)

I have tested and tested this quest.
Every exit/entrance bug has been tested and fixed.
Scrolling bugs have been tested and fixed.
You should be able to find all of the items you need easily enough,
and many can be bought as well.
Only 10 hearts required for the Magic Sword!
ZQ Pure Tileset!
Some new tiles added as well.

Link comes back 100 yrs later. More bad guys to fight, more dungeons to explore.

Tips & Cheats
Only 10 hearts required for Magic sword!
Bomb Everything.
Take a piece of meat into every dungeon!

I do thank all at Pure ZC for allowing me to post.
I thank AG, and Zelda Classic for the programs to work with.

Storyline, editing, and new tiles, me!

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I have no clue how to start your game with the Zelda Classic...
Perhaps you can tell?
I have no clue how to start your game with the Zelda Classic...
Perhaps you can tell?

1. Download Alpha Zelda Classic - https://github.com/ZQuestClassic/ZQuestClassic/releases/download/2.55-alpha-118/2.55-alpha-118-windows-x64.zip

2. Make sure the .qst file is placed inside your C disc at least, before you start it up.

3. Create your player name, then after you do, 'click - Browse' to find the .qst file in your C disc.
(Notice: Refresh the C disc by clicking on another drive and back to it, if nothing is showing in the C disc drive.)

Once you tap Browse: 'highlight' on the .qst with your PC mouse, then press Ok and then press start to load a quest.

(Lastly, make sure the .OGG is always with the .qst file in the same exact location as it read this music file as it plays.)
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