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Your are the commander of a company of soldiers who spent quite some time at the tavern. But it's now time to go back to the camp before the general notice your absence and impose any sanction. Prolong enjoyment at the tavern makes it difficult for soldiers to think straight. They can at least walk straight, but that's about it. You'll need to give them precises orders to guide them back to the camp. Unfortunately, for some "unknown" reason, your voice is a bit hoarse and thus you can only shout a limited number or orders.

Back From the Tavern is a puzzle action strategy game where you lead soldiers back from the tavern to their military camp. Soldiers move straight, die at lethal obstacles and bounce off non-lethal ones. You can re-direct them and assign them tools (that might be deadly to their comrades).

This game is an entry to the Boulevard of Broken 2k3 Dreams event in the "2k3 Funeral" category.

Screen resolution
The game has 5 display options for you to choose:
1) Windowed 320 by 240
2) Windowed 640 by 480 (the default)
3) Windowed 960 by 720
4) Windowed 1280 by 960
5) Fullscreen

Press F2 / F3 to decrease / increase screen resolution in windowed mode.
Press F4 to toggle fullscreen

Key configuration
You can configure all the keys used in the game in "Settings" from the title screen. Your configuration will be stored in the "Common" directory in the file "Settings.bin". Deleting this file restores the default settings.

Latest Blog

Tavern download update

The download has been updated with the following corrections:
1) Give more time to complete map 3.
2) The game over sequence shows only once per map. Subsequent loss skip the game over sequence for fast retrials.
3) Soldiers no longer accept direction orders that tells them to go in the direction they are already going. This prevents wasting direction orders and ease controlling soldiers that are close to each other.

Enjoy !
  • Production
  • Irog
  • Custom
  • Action Puzzle Tactics Strategy
  • 09/23/2023 11:29 AM
  • 11/04/2023 10:58 PM
  • 10/08/2023
  • 3537
  • 4
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This idea absolutely nails. Can't wait to guide them drunken soldiers back to their camp.
Subscribed! And looking forward to playing yours and everyone(?)'s entries soon ^_^ Yours seem to have unique gameplay so far, and I'm looking forward to it :D

EDIT: Okay, not sure whether I will be playing any more entries now that it's October 1st and there are things in my life that I need to put my attention toward T_T Going through heavy times today, so I may need to scrap everything else I wanted to do :'(

I always try to build interesting gameplay because my strongest skill is programming. Other aspects of my games tend to be weaker.

I always try to build interesting gameplay because my strongest skill is programming. Other aspects of my games tend to be weaker.

Oh? More managery... but with little better maopping than that game.
What you used this time?
My mapping skills improved a bit since MinST. I'm glad you look forward to play my game.

This time, I also program the game in the C programming language and use the SDL2 library. As a gain experience with this library, I use more for the functions it provides to build better experience for the players.
Yeah. it look promise.

Oh yeah, that game was my mind ;) .
MinST is turn-based; while this one is real-time !
MinST is turn-based; while this one is real-time !

I talking at mapping (still), nothing else. Attila sorry for missundesating.
@ kiyasu
Take care of the important things in your live first; games comes after. I hope everything will turn out ok for you.
@ kiyasu
Take care of the important things in your live first; games comes after. I hope everything will turn out ok for you.

Good and strong health is good news. Others not wanna hear.
Hope that yours, Irog at are strong and good!
How Game?
Game's getting close to a release but it'll lack some features I had planned.
I couldn't get the game to run even under several different compatibility modes, I'm on Windows 11 D:
The game was compiled on WindowsXP 32-bits and ran there but I don't know how to compile it for other versions.

However, I learned that Windows 10 and 11 can run Linux apps using WSL. The Linux version of the game was compiled for Ubuntu. WSL comes with Ubuntu by default, so you can give it a try. Let me know how it goes.
(I forgot to reply but I'm definitely gonna try the linux on windows solution when I get back to your game! thanks!)
Could you run a quick test for me ? I would like to know if the issue depends on the additional libraries I used. Simply try to play
1) Pong10H
2) Rome Protector
Which ones run ? What error messages do you get ?

What was the error message you got when trying Back From the Tavern ?
Unfortunately, the game doesn't start for me. Instead, it spawns a thousands of errors. No compatibility mode is working for me like recommended in the ReadMe file.

Hi Tw0Face,

What operating system do you use?

The error messages you reported indicate that the game can't load any of the files located in the folder named "Common".

Once you've decompress the zip archive, the game folder structure should look like:

Tavern/Common/ 39 files
Tavern/Linux/ 8 files
Tavern/Windows/ 10 files

What game folder structure do you have?
Ok, nevermind. It was my bad. I totally missed out the "Common" folder. With that folder included, appearantly, everything works just fine. Thanks for the heads up.
What operating system?

I have Windows 10 and that said I assumed it was enough to just unzip the folder with the name "Windows" and ignore all the rest. So I haven't had the Common folder which caused me all the errors.
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